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To get my DH to do this...

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classof2005 · 08/01/2024 00:57

I'm having a bit of a mental health crisis and I think my job has triggered it. It's the day before I'm due to go in and I'm quite literally vomiting and having a panic attack, I'm shaking uncontrollably.
I don't need the job money wise... my DH knows the boss. Aibu to get him to go and have a word and say I won't be in as I'm having a MH crisis? I'm going to ring the crisis team and get to get help

OP posts:
Goatymum · 08/01/2024 10:59

Years ago my husband called work as I wasn’t in a state to mentally and I there was no issue.
i hope you’re being looked after now.

Fionaville · 08/01/2024 11:05

Hope you are OK now. No job is worth making you feel like this. You'll feel so much better once you hand in your resignation.

Gettingcolder · 08/01/2024 11:14

I am an employer. To all the pp's saying you need to call in yourself, that is absolute rubbish! If you were physically injured and unable to call (e.g. unconcious or similar), then a relative calling is absolutely fine and it is the same if your mental health puts you in a similar position of being unable to make the call. They can't expect everyone who is unable to work to be fit to call in.

No job is worth this, just resign and don't go back. You can resign by email and then stay off sick for the duration of your notice (with a doctor's note).

Mynewnameis · 08/01/2024 12:15

Op. My dh had a work related breakdown and I took up all the communication with his employer.
Do what you need x

ManchesterLu · 08/01/2024 12:49

Nttttt · 08/01/2024 01:02

I think it would be unreasonable. Most people don’t have the luxury of hubby knowing the boss and would have to contact themselves (as is usually protocol.)

Also as a business owner I would want to hear from a team member, not from their partner but even a text or email if the didn’t want to talk would be fine by me. I’d also want to keep that communication open so I could help out in anyway and also be kept in the loop for cover etc.

I hope you’re able to get some help OP, January is a horrible time and can really mess your MH up x

Well there are lots of things that SOME people have that others don't. That doesn't mean she shouldn't make things as easy as she possibly can on herself. What a stupid thing to say.

diefledermaus · 09/01/2024 14:21

@classof2005 how are you feeling now? Hope you are ok and that work have shown empathy to your situation.

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