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What does a fat person wear for yoga and gym classes

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Whowouldgoallthatwayforarobbieconcert · 16/10/2022 21:46

I need to lose around 3 stone 😫used to be a gym bunny back in the day, with a great figure and wide range of workout clothes.
I want to get back to yoga etc, but how can I wear leggings? 🤷🏻‍♀️That’s all I see people wearing to do it. They won’t suit me, without a long t shirt over, which will probably look ridiculous and I don’t see others wearing. What do I wear? Can u wear jogging pants for yoga? I don’t see others wearing them. Really want to get fitter and lose this weight , but embarrassed of my body, don’t want to give up because of it, before I’ve even begun/began?

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Am I being unreasonable?

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Whowouldgoallthatwayforarobbieconcert · 16/10/2022 21:47

Didn’t mean to write ‘Can u’ as though I’m doing some crap old persons texting from years ago 🙈 Can *You

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HermioneWeasley · 16/10/2022 21:49

I’m a size 16 and wear leggings and vest tops to the gym. Nobody has fainted at the sight of me.

Dacadactyl · 16/10/2022 21:49

I think youre overthinking it.

Leggings and top of any length is fine. There are women of all shapes and sizes in the classes i do and they are all wearing similar stuff whether they are thin and toned or on the bigger side.

OatFox · 16/10/2022 21:50

High waisted leggings with a tank top tucked in to the waistband is my go to. Or even an oversized T-shirt tucked in for more inverted poses.

Isittrueornot · 16/10/2022 21:50

Wear gym wear. Or leggings and a T-shirt. Most people just wear gym clothes though.

ypur over thinking it. People don’t look at fat people in the gym, there mostly admired actually, especially after time when you see the results happening. People care too much about themselves at the gym to be looking at anyone else.
Just do it, you will be fine.

Fastandlupine · 16/10/2022 21:50

Why does anything need to suit you, and who's to say what suits anyone, just wear what is easy to move in, t shirt and leggings, crop top and shorts, whatever you fancy

Fifthtimelucky · 16/10/2022 21:50

I'm at least 3 stone overweight and I wear leggings to classes, including yoga.

Obviously I don't look as good as the slimmer younger women, but I don't care.

dementedpixie · 16/10/2022 21:51

Well I'm about 15 ½ stone and wear cropped leggings and a longer length top to do classes. Most people at my classes wear a similar set of clothing although some wear vest tops whereas I like a short sleeve to hide my flabby upper arms

MendaciousMabel · 16/10/2022 21:52

Honestly for yoga it’s what is comfortable for you. If it’s leggings and a baggy long top then that’s fine.

BryceQuinlanTheFirst · 16/10/2022 21:54

Honestly you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. I do lots of yoga and no-one cares what others are wearing most important is how you feel.

Namealreadyinuse1 · 16/10/2022 21:54

I think the most important thing is to feel comfortable. You can wear joggers but you may get too hot. We have a mix of clothing in my class, some shorts, some leggings and I wear Sweaty Betty Gary Yoga Pants-a mix between a jogger and leggings. It’s about getting your top right though. You don’t want something that’s going to keep riding up! If you wanted to wear a T-shirt but didn’t want a fitted one then I would wear a fitted vest underneath. And most people are trying to focus on their coordination and balance so I really wouldn’t worry! 😂Hope you enjoy!

Whowouldgoallthatwayforarobbieconcert · 16/10/2022 21:55

I could no way do a cropped top or short vest top with leggings as my stomach is so huge, pregnancy size. I can’t have anything tight in that area. I’d be comfortable in jogging pants and t shirt but don’t see anyone in them at all

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Changechangychange · 16/10/2022 21:56

I am overweight and carry my weight on my thighs and bum. I wear leggings, and everyone else I see in gym classes and pilates classes wears leggings - they are just the practical thing to wear. Same as I wear a swimming costume to swim in, despite looking wobbly in it.

You are overthinking this, just buy some leggings in the appropriate size and wear them.

notprincehamlet · 16/10/2022 21:57

Sweaty Betty do really nice yoga pants that are sort of shaped like jogging bottoms but in a finer material. If you go for a baggy top maybe put a grippy longline vest underneath so that you don't have to worry about any unintentional flashing when you're doing downward dog.

Whowouldgoallthatwayforarobbieconcert · 16/10/2022 21:57

Can anyone post any ideas of clothes to wear (from websites etc) all I’ve seen in the pictures in the online classes is tight leggings and tight vest tops…on all sizes, which is great as they actually all look good…I just don’t!

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Changechangychange · 16/10/2022 21:57

Jogging pants are too hot if you are actually doing some exercise. Maybe for outdoor winter running, but you’ll get chub rub (or at least I definitely would).

Whowouldgoallthatwayforarobbieconcert · 16/10/2022 21:58

@Changechangychange But what top to wear with them? I honestly cannot do a normal, short type top with them

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Eudaimonia5 · 16/10/2022 21:58

I think you should wear whatever gym clothes you want, you have as much right to wear gym clothes as slimmer people. You're there to work out, "it's not a fashion show" as my mother would have said. I'm sure you probably look fine.

But it's very easy for me to say wear anything that fits and sod everyone else. I'm not you. If you really don't feel comfortable, could you maybe leave the workouts for a short while and focus on your diet until you've lost around half a stone? I'm suggesting half a stone because that's when you tend to notice a difference in how your clothes fit. It might give you the boost you need and make you feel a bit less crap.

Cw112 · 16/10/2022 21:59

I'm size 18 and I wear leggings to yoga/gym provided they aren't see through and stay up well. I tend to wear a good sports bra and a longline vest top and a sweater/hoodie for after. I honestly couldn't give a toss and I've never felt like anyone cared. You can get wide leg jersey yoga pants which are super comfy but I always worried about tripping over my own feet in those plus I'm tall so they never were quite long enough. High waisted leggings for me are the best in terms of stretch and flexibility plus they wick away sweat whereas anything else I'd be conscious of having sweatmarks in. I think you are worrying much more than you need to to be honest, people go to the gym in all sorts so you won't look out of place at all.

canfor · 16/10/2022 21:59

Thai Fisherman's trousers? Google them, could be more flattering than leggings and suited to yoga.

Whowouldgoallthatwayforarobbieconcert · 16/10/2022 21:59

I'd actually feel more comfortable in shorts I think, it’s the tight leggings thing. Would sports shorts and a normal t-shirt be ok? 🤷🏻‍♀️I don’t see people wearing this to do yoga though? Maybe to work out

OP posts:
redbigbananafeet · 16/10/2022 22:02

For yoga I'd recommend a too long enough to tuck in to your leggings as the often end up around your ears. I know it's easy to say but honestly no one will be looking at you or what you're wearing. I have been to yoga and Zumba both weekly and I couldn't even tell you what the lady I pick up and drive to the classes had on, never mind anyone else x

Whowouldgoallthatwayforarobbieconcert · 16/10/2022 22:02

@canfor They look comfy but seem like they’re too fussy and too much going on to easily workout and do yoga in 🤷🏻‍♀️

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SheWoreYellow · 16/10/2022 22:02

I have a nice two layered top from tkmaxx which works really well. M&S did one a while ago too. Like this. So the bottom layer is tighter and stays in place when you do a downward dog and the top layered is looser.

SheWoreYellow · 16/10/2022 22:03

Forgot the pic.

What does a fat person wear for yoga and gym classes
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