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To think this is a really warm October ?

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TheLostNights · 12/10/2022 18:56

Well, in London and South East?
Temps have been up to 19C and look to be that way well into the end of the month. I remember past years when it was really cold in October. Now it only seems to be in the morning and later evenings.

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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ChardonnaysBeastlyCat · 27/10/2022 14:02

I’ve only had to have the heating on once, for an hour.

it kicked in once as well, I have the thermostat set at 17 degrees, so I switched it off.


GasPanic · 27/10/2022 14:03

I'm going to take a random guess that this will be one of the warmest Octobers on record.

People are right about March/October though.

Wiki says daily mean temp in Brum (BHX) is :

March 6.1
April 7.8
May 11.0
October 10.0
November 6.5

So March is generally much colder than October, and October not really much worse than May.


Ilovechinese · 27/10/2022 14:03

Yes just the other day I was out walking around 10 o clock at night in just a hoodie, no coat or gloves and I said how nice the weather was for this time of year as I remember in previous years taking my kids trick or treating and being in a coat and gloves and still being cold yet the other night it wasn't cold just nice and cool


ilovepixie · 27/10/2022 14:03

I'm always warm. I'm walking the dog in a vest top and leggings!


Somatronic · 27/10/2022 14:06

It's definitely warmer than usual. It's happening all over western Europe due to warm air coming up from Africa.


Justkidding55 · 27/10/2022 14:12

Yes. A very ominous sign of our planet screaming out in distress


BHRK · 27/10/2022 14:15

Yes. Climate change


lannistunut · 27/10/2022 14:16

Yes, it is climate change, the pattern is to warmer winters and more extreme weather events.


Cherrytree77 · 27/10/2022 14:33

Yep, really warm. Been to work in just a top and a thin cardie rather than a coat, sat outside a cafe in just a t shirt. Window open at night because too hot otherwise.
We were paranoid our heating had come on overnight!


Lakeyloo · 27/10/2022 14:37

SicParvisMagna · 12/10/2022 19:34

I'm on the Essex coast. I still have tomatoes on vines in the garden, had the back door open for a couple of hours on Monday to let the freshly mopped floors dry. We still have our summer duvet on the beds and the heating has not gone on yet. However, I sometimes need a jumper in our north-facing living room during the day and a fluffy blanket in the evening, but it's still very mild. Worrying really, isn't it?
I remember about 10 years ago it was hot enough at the beginning of October to take the kids down the beach; that was unheard of then.

@SicParvisMagna We are still picking tomatoes too. I have a foxglove out in full bloom and my arum lily is throwing up more flowers. So mild overnight (windows open and summer duvet has gone back on) Our heating is usually on early Oct (I'm a cold person normally) I remember going to bonfire nights in big coats, gloves and scarves.... being able to see your breath. We'll be going in shorts and T shirts next week at this rate ! (Sussex coast)


AlicesAttic · 27/10/2022 14:40

It's been very mild here in London. I can't remember another October when I genuinely haven't needed to put the heating on at all.


VegMam · 27/10/2022 14:57

Yes it’s warm, and it’s probably the coldest October for the rest of your life.

The UN warns prioritise climate or face catastrophe

When are people going to wake up to the potential disaster we’re sleepwalking into?


AnyFucker · 27/10/2022 16:13

Went to the park in jeans and a t shirt today 🤔


RoseBucket · 27/10/2022 16:22

Also took the dog out in jeans and TShirt today


MarshaBradyo · 27/10/2022 16:24

Yeh it’s really warm, tshirt weather

It was very mild all through November / Dec 2019. I remember as the roses kept blooming and it felt strange


awaynboilyurheid · 27/10/2022 16:30

Yes my daughter said it was warm in London this week, got a shock when she came back to Scotland though! No global warming here big winter coats are on!


awaynboilyurheid · 27/10/2022 16:31

Oh and the heating is on at night now too, envious that all those down south will have lower heating bills than us though.


TheLostNights · 27/10/2022 16:32

I miss autumn's of past. I know it helps with heating bills etc but feels very odd to be this warm in what is practically November. I only remember it being like this about 12 years ago or so. I know everyone will be jumping on me for saying it but I don't like it. Feels like this year has been a never ending summer.

OP posts:

fitflopqueen · 27/10/2022 16:33

North Derbyshire, sat outside now in sweatshirt, got too hot when walking earlier


berksandbeyond · 27/10/2022 16:35

Just been for a walk, 20 degrees and sunny here in the SE


Burgoo · 27/10/2022 16:35

Even if you think its cold, I am unsure whether having either opinion is "unreasonable". Its just an opinion.


SmokedHaddockChowder · 27/10/2022 16:37

South Wales here and it's very mild.


CaronPoivre · 27/10/2022 16:39

Sat on deck swimming and sunbathing today. BAY OF Biscay and 26 degrees. Lovely.


Notanothernobhead · 27/10/2022 16:39

outer London. Still Have strawberries and tomatoes in the garden and fresh roses blooming . Needing the heating on for an hour at night around shower time that’s all .


awaynboilyurheid · 27/10/2022 16:41

I think the unreasonable part is to think it’s the same thought the UK because it’s not

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