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To charge my sibling rent?

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Inheritanceconfusion · 08/10/2022 21:01

My sibling and I inherited a property from our parents, when they died.

My sibling has been living there for about 18 months since probate was granted. The intention was to buy my share but that has been delayed for various reasons.

My sibling has not been paying anything for living there and I’ve recently discovered that they and their spouse are saving around £2k per month.

With costs of living and our own mortgage rising, I am considering asking them to pay me some rent on the property.

Would that be unreasonable? I think they would think so.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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You are being unreasonable
You are NOT being unreasonable
PrincessButtercupToo · 08/10/2022 22:56

If you aren’t comfortable having the conversation then just start using the house. Sleep in whichever bed you fancy, throw a party, park in the garage. It’s yours as much as it is theirs.

goldfinchonthelawn · 08/10/2022 22:56

incognitopurple · 08/10/2022 21:06

Think it is a little petty to be honest. If you’re lucky enough to have your own house in addition to this, great for them if they can save and better their life. It would seem formal and uncomfortable to ask for rent I think.

Except that OP can't access what has been left to her in the will because her sister has control of it. I think she needs to put a time frame on them buying her out at the market value of the house at the point it was passed down to her otherwise they could stay until there's a crash and then give her half of what it is worth at its lowest point.

If they need a mortgage, can they get one on the half they owe you?

Aconitum · 08/10/2022 22:58

Oh and if she starts to get arsey about it you tell her that she also owes you rent for the last 18 months and you could take her to court to get it if you wanted to.

Vegay · 08/10/2022 23:03

Either she moves out and you both sell the property, or she pays you half of the equivalent commanding rent in that area. Surely that is fair, especially if it is long-term. I can only imagine this situation, but, if I was living in my parent's house after they had died, I'd insist on giving my sister half of what the potential rent would be. If it was the other way round, I wouldn't want any money off my sister, but that is down to personal circumstances and choice.

saraclara · 08/10/2022 23:14

There is absolutely no incentive for your sister to start the process of buying you out. She's living in the house for free, so why would she risk to get a mortgage on your half?

You have to set a deadline, at the very least. It's entirely reasonable for you to be able to benefit from your inheritance by now, so your sister needs a kick up the bum.

Vegay · 08/10/2022 23:14

Very important point raised earlier by a pp about house prices decreasing. Never thought of that. In this instance I'd have a very frank conversation about if house prices dip below the amount it was worth when your parents died, you would no longer consider selling to her and you'd be happy to buy her out, or you'd both have to share the profits on the potential rent you could get until house prices increased again.

What a messy situation. Put your foot down OP. You would not be being unreasonable.

saraclara · 08/10/2022 23:14

Risk= rush

been and done it. · 08/10/2022 23:42

Ship · 08/10/2022 21:17

This! And I love your mothers quote

I've heard that quote before and it's a great response.

Selttan · 09/10/2022 03:45

I'd approach your sister and say because this is taking so long for you to be bought out you are paying extra interest on your mortgage that you would've used the money from the house to pay down (not sure if that's your plans for the money or not).

Realityloom · 09/10/2022 03:48

Inheritanceconfusion · 08/10/2022 21:15

Us owning a home already is down to life choices. I’m not being petty when I say that. The option would have been available to my sibling earlier in life.

True but it makes you greedy also. You have a house and some where to live. How can you want to charge your own sister rent?

Do you both get along?

mrsbyers · 09/10/2022 03:53

Of course they’re not on any hurry to buy you out they’re saving a fortune in rent / mortgage plus the associated legal fees of buying ! As others have said give a clear deadline for the house to be sold on if they don’t resolve

AlwaysLatte · 09/10/2022 04:01

Can you come to some arrangement whereby they do some maintenance/repairs on the house while they are living in it?
Not the same situation but my sibling lives in a house I own and pays half the market rent (it's an investment for my children so I can't afford it to be rent free) and they are very handy so they do the occasional repair/upkeep.

Zonder · 09/10/2022 04:24

Seriously? People saying don't charge because the sister owns it... You know how shared ownership schemes work, right? Someone buys maybe half a house and then pays rent on the other half.

That's how this needs to work - sister owns half the house, OP owns the other half. Sister needs to pay rent on half the house to OP. Or buy her out. Or sell up and split it.

Justasec321 · 09/10/2022 04:40


Justasec321 · 09/10/2022 04:43

I mean ignore the < makes you greedy post>.

It does not.

Your sister is not being fair so put your foot down.

ittakes2 · 09/10/2022 04:50

I would say to them they have had the house for x months and have been able to save and you would like a turn to do the same while renting your house out to cover mortgage. I am guessing you don’t have any to in theory but it shows them there is a problem and you would not be unreasonable wanting the same they have just had. They may offer rent to avoid this scenario.
i don’t think you ever left you the house would want you to fall out with each other over it

AgentJohnson · 09/10/2022 05:13

There isn’t any financial incentive for her buying you out if she’s currently living there rent free, especially with rising interest rates. If you are happy to accept rent then get an agreement drawn up, if not, give her a deadline to either buy you out out or put it on the market.

Given the CF that has been going on, i think a clean break would be better for your mh.

Weenurse · 09/10/2022 06:10

Explain to sibling that you can’t afford to keep going as things are, they either need to buy you out or pay some compensation for living rent free.
Look at rental properties in the area, pick the cheapest comparable and ask for half of that. Set a deadline for sale as well, if they can’t get a mortgage by that date, you sell and split the proceeds

custardbear · 09/10/2022 06:16

Tell them you need the money so you're going to have to sell. I agree there needs to be something happening soon as they could live there a year or two down the line and that's unfair

RFPO77 · 09/10/2022 06:19

What about repairs and maintenance, who pays for that. They're making money off the back of your inheritance. They need to pay you or move, he may be family but is taking you for a ride.

Ivyonafence · 09/10/2022 06:22


I can't believe the answers saying you are.

It's your asset. Tell her you want to rent it out to a stranger and split the rent- so that you are equally benefiting from the property- or she can pay you 50% of market rent. That is what is fair.

You are subsidising her and not seeing any benefit from your own inheritance.

She should have offered you rent, she is absolutely taking the piss.

Or bring forward the sale and split your inheritances from each other.

MRex · 09/10/2022 06:26

Their purchase from you should take maximum 6 weeks; she owns half so it's purely mortgage on half. That suggests their "purchase" simply can't happen for whatever reason, or they are the ones delaying it because not having a mortgage suits them better. You need to acknowledge that fact to decide your next steps, they CANNOT or WILL NOT buy you out. I think what's best is to have a solicitor set out your intention to still the property; they have 8 weeks to buy your share at Y cost and otherwise it needs to go on the market at Z cost. Don't debate rent; you need it sold within 3 months so that's that unfortunately.


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Billybagpuss · 09/10/2022 06:28

Have you actually had the conversation with her yet? You need to sooner rather than later.

this might help,

MRex · 09/10/2022 06:28

By the way, I think she absolutely should have been paying you 50% rent, but resolving that will cause as much angst as pushing the property sale and will drag on into other problems. So push the property sale, quick and clean.

OnTheBrinkOfChange · 09/10/2022 06:32

I would resent the fact that your sister and her spouse are living rent free in what's basically half your property. Why can't you just demand it's put up for sale?

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