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Moving Theatre Seats

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Sorrythatsjustmybrain · 29/09/2022 22:38

Okay I'm prepared to be flamed but otherwise I'm going to be thinking about for the rest of time, so I need some opinions!

Went to the theatre the other day, and noticed the seats were really squashed together (not my specific AIBU but a good topic itself!).

I sat next to a lady and we were immediately touching. There were quite a few empty seats as it was not a well known show. The lady seemed friendly enough and I said if no one sat next to us on the other side, we'd move up to give the two couples more room. She agreed and laughed - all fine!

During the interval I realised that next to that couple were 4 empty seats, whereas on the other side of us all seats were full and again my DP was sat basically on top of the poor woman next to him. The lady went to the toilets and I asked her husband if he would move up a couple of seats so we could spread out and all have a bit more room. He point blank refused. I asked him why and he said "because I don't want to"... I explained that if they just moved up at least one seat it would mean his wife would also have more space so it would benefit them. He started shouting at me that he wasn't moving, so I said I'm not sure why you're so entitled about a seat and left him to it.
His wife then came back and also started shouting at me that if I wasn't happy I should move. I said I am happy, I just thought it would be nice for us all to spread out and it would benefit her. She then started physically elbowing me at which point I shouted at her to stop. The pair of them then both started laughing at me saying I should move and that they can't believe I even asked etc. The wife said her husband was tall so couldn't move up, but by that logic he should have been in the back row?! I also didn't understand why she had agreed we would move to then come back and shout because her husband told her I had asked them to move up one. I just asked them to please stop as it's embarrassing.

In the end the show came back on so they stopped talking about me (loud enough to make it obvious) but she kept elbowing me periodically through the rest. Afterwards I just said to my DP let's go because I really couldn't be arsed to argue more with the couple when all I'd done was ask them to move up one. I could see that they started a conversation with the man sat in front of them so now I'm wondering if it was me being the arsehole. There were a few people still sat in their seats through the interval but no one said anything.

AIBU in thinking they could have easily moved up and it wouldn't have caused anyone an issue?!

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Paq · 30/09/2022 17:05

I get it OP. You were trying to do something that would benefit everyone. It backfired because the people were weird. Honestly, don't sweat it.

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