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Bum prints “bumpkins” unnecessary and a little creepy?

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SNWannabe · 29/09/2022 20:31

This is a new thing apparently and being offered at ceramic painting places. I think it’s undignified for babies and the detail in the prints are pretty clear and I find it weird and a bit creepy anyone would want to display their child’s bottom in this way.

Bum prints “bumpkins” unnecessary and a little creepy?
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bombombo · 29/09/2022 20:33

YANBU that's very strange 😂 can't we stick with cute little hand and foot prints?!

mackthepony · 29/09/2022 20:33

Bit weird yeah

Bella37 · 29/09/2022 20:34


SlashBeef · 29/09/2022 20:35


ShaneTwane · 29/09/2022 20:35

Yeah ive seen these advertised the last couple of years and they are weird af 🤣

Chloefairydust · 29/09/2022 20:36

I didn’t even know that was a thing … How odd and kind of creepy

RagzRebooted · 29/09/2022 20:37

Doesn't even look like a bum unless you know what it is. Not cute like hands and feet. Totally pointless and yeah, a bit weird.

jetadore · 29/09/2022 20:45

Late stage capitalism at its finest, depending on your viewpoint it’s ‘innovative’ in finding an untapped market, or yet more crap on the trashheap of pointless consumerism.

MrsTerryPratchett · 29/09/2022 20:46

Fucking weird.

Lucyshavingaparty · 29/09/2022 20:47


70billionthnamechange · 29/09/2022 20:48

Hands and feet yes, bums ... HELL NO

TooMuchToDoTooLittleInclination · 29/09/2022 20:48

Let's hope they don't want to keep comparing 'to current' to see how much they've grown!

Boomboom22 · 29/09/2022 20:50

I can't decide if this is worse than the bread you can buy with the crusts already cut off, or not.

Blessedbethefruitz · 29/09/2022 20:50

My local pottery painting cafe place does this. I can't work out if this means they're stripping babies down in front of everyone?! I go there with my little ones occasionally for normal pottery painting. I've not seen bumpkins anywhere before this year though.

SavingsThreads · 29/09/2022 20:51

Too close to the word blumpkin for my taste!

Sunflower987 · 29/09/2022 20:53

That's so weird.
What a terrible idea.

AbsoluteYawns · 29/09/2022 20:53

Oh goodness, that's just horrible and creepy. I cannot imagine why anyone would think it's a good idea to do that to their baby! 🙁

Whichwhatnow · 29/09/2022 20:54

Grim. Not helped by the fact I've recently seen diarrhoea nearly that exact colour all over my niece's bum during a nappy change 🤢

IglesiasPiggl · 29/09/2022 20:54

Why, just why?

Primroseprimula · 29/09/2022 20:54

Just imagine being a grown adult, and your parents still have, pride of place on the wall, a ceramic plate with a print of your arse on it.

No. Just no.

Animallover87 · 29/09/2022 20:56

Yeah, it's a bit weird.

Nowhere near as bad as the psychopaths who pierce babies ears though...

SarahAndQuack · 29/09/2022 20:59

Very weird.

TBH I don't get the foot/handprint thing either. Until DD was born I'd only ever heard of this in the context of making a memento of a baby who'd been stillborn. I can absolutely see why you would do that, but I find it hard not to think of that association.

TwoLeftSocksWithHoles · 29/09/2022 21:11

SavingsThreads · 29/09/2022 20:51

Too close to the word blumpkin for my taste!

Had to Google 'blumpkin',

  • well, what a sheltered life I've led... 😵
Cowhen · 29/09/2022 21:15

TwoLeftSocksWithHoles · 29/09/2022 21:11

Had to Google 'blumpkin',

  • well, what a sheltered life I've led... 😵

I guess I'm sheltered too! Can't unlearn that!

GoodVibesHere · 29/09/2022 21:17

Whatever next.... 'Little Dickies' maybe?!! It's gross!

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