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Nottingham or Bristol to live - moving away from London

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HomerDancing · 29/09/2022 14:47


My partner and I will be moving away from London with the next two or so years. We have family in and around both Nottingham and Bristol. We like both cities.

Does anyone have any idea on where the job market is better ? I work in HR and my partner in construction. I'm keeping a look out on LinkedIn for suitable jobs for me just to get an idea of the market for both. I'm so used to London and there being so many adverts posted daily, whereas that's not the case for either cities.

I basically want an idea of the job market in both and any opinions of which is better for our careers.

We have a list of other pros and cons for both cities in other aspects.


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HomerDancing · 29/09/2022 14:49

And also salaries. From suitable job adverts I have looked at so far, the salaries seem to be pretty similar in Nottingham and Bristol.

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Cuppasoupmonster · 29/09/2022 14:49

Bristol is much more expensive but worth the money. Nottingham is very blah, dull and grey.

Mercurial123 · 29/09/2022 14:53

The East Midlands generally pays low salaries. University of Nottingham may be worth a look. House prices have been increasing a lot over the last few years though still cheaper than Bristol.

Sciurus83 · 29/09/2022 14:58

I would 100% choose Bristol over Nottingham

BeanyBops · 29/09/2022 14:58

AFAIK Bristols employment rate has always tracked a bit higher than the average, but cost of living wise you'd be a lot more comfortable in Nottingham. If I didn't desperately want to be in Bristol I wouldn't think rent/housing prices especial, were worth it.

HomerDancing · 29/09/2022 15:02

Thanks all so far.

Bristol isn't much cheaper housing wise than London. Whereas, Nottingham is much cheaper.

From what I have seen the salaries in Bristol are much lower than London . But between both cities of notts and Bristol the salaries aren't much different.

We like both cities. So just purely looking at the job market aspect atm.

OP posts:
HomerDancing · 29/09/2022 15:04

We would also look at surrounding towns/cities for work too i.e Derby, Bath etc.

OP posts:
DarkMatternix · 29/09/2022 15:12

I work for a company based in Bristol but live in Nottingham (wfh obviously). I'm not really a city person but both cities are nice enough imo, although the homeless problem in Bristol seems far more evident.

Housing costs are just so much cheaper in Nottingham that it makes a huge difference to our standard of living.

DarkMatternix · 29/09/2022 15:14

Job market wise I would say that salaries are probably not all that different but might be slightly more opportunities in Bristol. But then depending on where you're based in Nottingham you potentially have Derby, Leicester, Sheffield, Chesterfield etc.

muchprefersummer · 29/09/2022 15:18

I would say job opportunities are better in Nottingham as there's loads of other cities nearby, far more than Bristol has. Both cities are near beautiful scenery, but cost of living is much better in Nottingham. Bristol is more expensive.

HomerDancing · 29/09/2022 15:19

Thanks all !

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Carriemac · 29/09/2022 15:25

Nottingham/ Nottinghamshire is lovely , great villages around the city and the schools and heath are great

Toddlerteaplease · 29/09/2022 15:34

Cuppasoupmonster · 29/09/2022 14:49

Bristol is much more expensive but worth the money. Nottingham is very blah, dull and grey.

I live in Nottingham and completely agree!

HomerDancing · 29/09/2022 16:00

Yes definitely lots of nice villages in Notts!

OP posts:
pimlicoanna · 29/09/2022 18:38

I'd definitely go for Bristol out of the two

devildeepbluesea · 29/09/2022 18:41

It’d be Bristol for me for quality of life, proximity to the coast, things to do and general buzz.

But if housing costs are important then Nottingham is the better option.

Lcb123 · 29/09/2022 20:19

I love Bristol, no idea about jobs or houses but it’s such a fun city and near the sea/access to the south west and South Wales

HomerDancing · 30/09/2022 07:28

Thanks all

It's the job market I'm interested in.

OP posts:
AloysiusBear · 30/09/2022 07:32

Bristol is more expensive. I don't love Nottingham but if you are looking to escape high prices dont go to bristol.

AloysiusBear · 30/09/2022 07:33

The job market will depend hugely on what you do for a living. There is no one job market

gogohmm · 30/09/2022 07:39

Nottingham is quite a lot smaller, pay is generally lower in the midlands, but there are other cities close by increasing your options and the cost of living is lower.

I used to live near Nottingham now live near Bristol. Bristol is lovely but £££

gogohmm · 30/09/2022 07:42

The job market in Bristol is buoyant but depends what you do - you can walk into a job in hospitality today but other jobs will take more to get. I live 10 miles from Bristol, it's cheaper here

ChangedNameAgain99 · 30/09/2022 07:44

Bristol over Nottingham for quality of life. Contact a HR recruiter in both locations and ask them about salaries and roles. They can give you an idea of the market.

FurAndFeathers · 30/09/2022 07:49

AloysiusBear · 30/09/2022 07:33

The job market will depend hugely on what you do for a living. There is no one job market

I wonder if that’s why the OP clearly stated what she and her partner do when asking the question 🤔

HomerDancing · 30/09/2022 08:08

@FurAndFeathers thanks !!

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