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Nottingham or Bristol to live - moving away from London

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HomerDancing · 29/09/2022 14:47


My partner and I will be moving away from London with the next two or so years. We have family in and around both Nottingham and Bristol. We like both cities.

Does anyone have any idea on where the job market is better ? I work in HR and my partner in construction. I'm keeping a look out on LinkedIn for suitable jobs for me just to get an idea of the market for both. I'm so used to London and there being so many adverts posted daily, whereas that's not the case for either cities.

I basically want an idea of the job market in both and any opinions of which is better for our careers.

We have a list of other pros and cons for both cities in other aspects.


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HomerDancing · 01/10/2022 11:16

Thanks so much to everyone that has given their opinions and answered my question 😊

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