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AIBU to think there is more to this than identifying as Transgender

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DuvetHugger · 23/09/2022 15:47

A transgender teacher in Ontario is clearly trying to sexualise themselves to classes of teenage boys?

It's disgusting and infuriating. Why is this person allowed to wear those huge fake boobs with nipples on show?

Accuse me of being transphobic, I do not care. This behaviour is filthy and these men are dangerous.

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?

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You are NOT being unreasonable
KangarooKenny · 23/09/2022 16:38

Wouldloveanother · 23/09/2022 16:22

Are they strap on boobs or an awful boob job?

Strap on.

nauticant · 23/09/2022 16:39

There are been many attempts to dismiss this as a hoax, including on this thread. Here's the school having their word on this:

diddl · 23/09/2022 16:41

So this man wants to live as & be thought of as a woman?

Yet he's wearing unrealistic, oversized breasts & taking the piss!

nauticant · 23/09/2022 16:41

Since this matter has been discussed at length in a thread elsewhere on MN, don't be surprised if this thread is deleted OP.

RinklyRomaine · 23/09/2022 16:42

It's not a hoax. Not remotely. The school board have given statements of support to the teacher and I've seen comments from parents figuring out how to make their kids more accepting. Really.

This is the problem with the whole acceptance without exception ethos. Changing sex is not possible, gender presentation is and should be irrelevant to any legislation, safeguarding or guidelines, sex matters. Allowing any men special privileges based on feelings or so called identity opens the door to any and all fetishists to basically do what they like. How can the school spend so much time forcing diversity and inclusion on kids and teachers and then backtrack and say 'except this presentation'?. They can't.

MummBRaaarrrTheEverLeaking · 23/09/2022 16:42

Say, about 10 years ago, this individual would have been pulled into the heads office and given the old heave ho on day 1. It would have been seen as the fetish it clearly is.

Now it's seen as wonderful and affirming, and they have the full support of the school. Where have all the adults gone?

OlympicProcrastinator · 23/09/2022 16:47

Stunning and brave …. innt

Helleofabore · 23/09/2022 16:49

Sadly, this is one of the extreme edge of the wedge examples of what happens with acceptance without exception.

Choconut · 23/09/2022 16:50


AgathaMystery · 23/09/2022 16:50

Stunning and brave

user1745 · 23/09/2022 16:52

Clearly there's more to it than wanting to be a woman because women don't have or want breasts like that.

It's a fetish.

fatandfurious2022 · 23/09/2022 16:58

If a female teacher, with large breasts, dressed similar there would be uproar. This is another instance where everyone knows it's not okay but worries that they'll upset a protected minority!

This is sexual, in school, in a position of power. Trans or not, it's perverse

ArabellaScott · 23/09/2022 17:05
DuvetHugger · 23/09/2022 17:05

Since this matter has been discussed at length in a thread elsewhere on MN, don't be surprised if this thread is deleted OP

Apologies, I did do a quick search but found nothing.

OP posts:
smelters · 23/09/2022 17:06

My child would not be attending that school.

nauticant · 23/09/2022 17:07

My post wasn't supposed to be a telling off DuvetHugger, I think it's important for this to be discussed on MN in places not just in the "naughty corner". I think it also being discussed in AIBU is useful.

ArabellaScott · 23/09/2022 17:09

The only reason this is in the news is because of the size of the teacher's false breasts. Ordinarily, a male teacher wearing those clothes, fake breasts, and a wig would not be reported on.

SpinCityBlue · 23/09/2022 17:10

So it's defintely not a hoax then? Wow. It's like a whole new level of kinkgrift.

54isanopendoor · 23/09/2022 17:11

DingDongDenny · 23/09/2022 16:09

It is clearly a sexual fetish, only appropriate behind closed doors and between consenting adults. One of the issues of allowing people to publically indulge in a fetish like this is it erodes normal and health boundaries which puts children and women at risk

Surely it is a hoax though?
Or a person with massive issues who needs therapy not this coverage?

BitossiBlues · 23/09/2022 17:13

It would be rather unfortunate if that teacher's appendages got caught in that circular saw. Surely, this is a health and safety concern.

Canada's lawmakers are so liberal minded that their brains have fallen out. Not to mention that their policies are deeply misogynist, homophobic, racist and insulting to indigenous populations (these same liberals, who would no doubt bleat about cultural appropriation in other circumstances, don't mind if Canadians of European descent claim "two spirit" identities).

The UK will go the same way if we do not keep pushing back against this nonsense. We all need to ensure that our children's schools are not pushing gender and kink ideology through sex ed and personal development lessons. External providers - most school buy in teaching materials is provided by unregulated outsourcing bodies who could literally be pushing anything - have been trying to use spurious contractual clauses and data protection laws to prevent teachers giving access to parents who want to know what their children are being taught. There was some pushback against this in Parliament before Boris Johnson was deposed. I hope the new equalities and education ministers take up the mantel.

The same goes for bodies like Girl Guides, who have been thoroughly "Stonewalled". It's only parent pressure that's stopping people like the individual in this OP holding positions of power within the organisation (see the controversy over an individual called Monica earlier in the year).

nauticant · 23/09/2022 17:14

If it's a hoax, then the school are in on it:

not this coverage - so we should all avert our gaze from a fetish like this being performed in a school?

TheMousePipes · 23/09/2022 17:14

They look very uncomfortable. Why on earth would you decide that was school attire? If I rocked up to work at school with my nipples on display like that my SLT would definitely have something to say to me!

Jackiebrambles · 23/09/2022 17:19

Every time I see that image I'm concerned by the saw! Mind you I guess as they are fake he wouldn't be hurt if he got them caught.

Anyway, Canada has gone mad. I'd be pulling my kid straight out.

Butitsnotfunnyisititsserious · 23/09/2022 17:40

My kid would be straight out. It's absolutely disgusting that some people are forcing their perverted ways onto children. If that makes me a transphobe, I'm gonna be proud to have that label

ParentallyUnprepared · 23/09/2022 17:50

Oh good god.

I haven't heard about this.

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