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Is this a bit neglectful (pets)

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Pleaseaddcaffine · 19/09/2022 19:44

Friend, has housecats and they done go out. He adores them. But...
Two females ages 2 to 3 form kittens, never vet registered and not netured or wormed or fleaded regularly.
Live in living room only which isn't that big, no scratch posts, beds or toys realy and place is very messy.
Fed 2 pouches between them a day and busicuits... If he can afford it often no biscuits end of month. Litter tray is frankly grim.. Can smell it and viably full of poo very often.
Is this neglect? I think it's borderline but he clearly cares about them. They got poorly and I pointed out needed worming and fleaing then got better.

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Beamur · 19/09/2022 19:48

If they never go out, they probably don't need flea and worm treatment. Not neutering is risky in case they do get out.
Food and living conditions leave a bit to be desired though. They are probably bored and under exercised.

HairyMothballs · 19/09/2022 19:49

It's not neglectful, it's actually animal abuse. The cats are not being fed anywhere near enough, they aren't treated regularly for fleas and worms, and have no stimulation or exercise (toys/outside access), and are expected to use a filthy, stinking litter tray between them?

What makes you say "he clearly cares about them"? It sounds far from caring about them. People like that sicken me. I'd be giving him a really good talking-to, and I'd ring RSPCA as well.

Grandeur · 19/09/2022 19:51

I hate when people don't allow their cats to go outdoors. Cats are natural roamers.

No scratch posts or toys means they're not getting any stimulation. And an inadequate diet on top Sad Poor cats.

NotJustAnybody · 19/09/2022 19:52

Yeah, that's outright neglect. Someone ought to report him to the RSPCA but I guess that would come back on you as assume no one else knows he's got them so no 'anonymous' neighbours to blame. You could gently suggest he gets them rehomed as he can't afford the basic care/food for them. I'd personally have no respect for someone who treated animals like that.

Maytodecember · 19/09/2022 19:56

House cats need a lot —- scratch posts, things to climb on, toys, hunting for food ( treats hidden in puzzle balls, dry food scattered so they search it out) places to hide and constantly cleaned litter trays. An outside enclosed space or even an enclosed balcony also adds stimuli for them.
Their food sounds inadequate. Litter trays should never be left dirty, as well as cats hating using dirty trays they’re a health hazard. There should be a minimum of two trays for two cats if they are left all day.
Inform RSPCA.

Pleaseaddcaffine · 19/09/2022 20:01

They wee everywhere as not neturtered

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Wolfiefan · 19/09/2022 20:03

More likely they wee everywhere as they’re stressed and unhappy.

AllBlocChain · 19/09/2022 20:05

Cats in the house 🤢

NancyVicious · 19/09/2022 20:05

The wee issue is probably because of stress and they haven't got a clean litter tray rather than being in neutered. Also, if the area they previously wee'ed on isn't mega cleaned they will be able to smell it and continue to go there

NancyVicious · 19/09/2022 20:06

*not neutered

cawfeee · 19/09/2022 20:09

It sounds like he can't really afford to feed them, or provide cat litter for toileting.
Is there a reason why he keeps them as house pets in one room.

ChampagneLassie · 19/09/2022 20:09

Yeah this is neglect. Whether he thinks he really cares for them he is not meeting basic needs, please report him

Pleaseaddcaffine · 19/09/2022 20:12

One room due to weeing issues.
It's a 2 bed flat so kitchen and living room together and that's it. Not in bedrooms due to weeing issues

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Beamur · 19/09/2022 20:12

They wee everywhere because their litter tray is too filthy to use. Cats are naturally very clean animals. Stress also makes them toilet inappropriately.
It's not a good existence for these poor animals. That's not enough food either, but they're probably not getting to burn off many calories if they are cooped up in a room.

xogossipgirlxo · 19/09/2022 20:13

It is neglectful. Not enough food, space, no health checks, no spay/neuter procedures done. Smelly litter tray is a nightmare for cat.

Pleaseaddcaffine · 19/09/2022 20:14

I have spoken to him about it several times, he seems to genuinly belive he cleans the litter tray every 4 days. No way he does. It mings. I mean takes your breath away mings

OP posts:
AmeliaLila · 19/09/2022 20:14

Sounds like neglect to me. Housecats are cruel anyway, my cats can go out and are well cared for. It’s abusive not to let animals exhibit natural behaviours which cats can’t do in a house.

KingCharlespen · 19/09/2022 20:19

The situation can be easily improved by introducing toys, another litter tray and some more food. Cat food has really increased in price but assuming you're in the UK, Tesco dried food is only £2.60 for 2kgs and should be adequate alongside pouches.
Cat litter is well priced if bought in quantity. Could the cats be allowed access to other rooms as that may relieve some stress.

INeverSawAPurpleCow · 19/09/2022 20:20

Pleaseaddcaffine · 19/09/2022 20:01

They wee everywhere as not neturtered

They wee everywhere because their litter tray is filthy, they have to share, and the way they are kept is stressful.

Orangesare · 19/09/2022 20:20

I don’t think the worming and flea treatment is an issue because if they don’t go anywhere they won’t catch them. I only worn the old cat a couple of times a year and she’s outside. The youngster has never been wormed as it just arrived and we can’t catch it.
the food is an issue as is the litter tray.

Pleaseaddcaffine · 19/09/2022 20:21

How to approach? I want to talk to him and say its neglectful but tactfully.
I did over worming/fleas as other pets in building and fleas travel hence they got sick.
I've just got a kitten hence why I'm more aware there are serious issues. My kitten is already insured, vaccines booked, netauring booked and health check booked.

OP posts:
Pleaseaddcaffine · 19/09/2022 20:23

I've suggested another tray and toys, I even bought some for them when I got my kitten.
But they disappeared

OP posts:

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mumboss1984 · 19/09/2022 20:24

Some cats shouldn’t be outdoors. The breed we have is not known for being savvy outdoors so would likely get hit by a car very easily. We are having a catio built for her so she has outside access. She hates other cats anyway.

Sideorderofchips · 19/09/2022 20:25

Fuck sake having housecats is not cruel. I hve three who have the run of the house, plenty of toys and beds and are happy with no desire to go outside.

It's more cruel for them to go outside at risk of being hit by a car round by me because of idiot drivers. The vet agreed with me.

The problem here is the fact they are not being fed properly, not stimulted and are pissing everywhere because their litter tray is rank.for two cats it should be at least 2 trays, preferably 3.

Poppyseed14 · 19/09/2022 20:27

Cleaning a litter tray every 4 days is not keeping a litter tray clean. I have 2 indoor cats who share a tray and I use clumping litter and scoop it daily. You should see the amount of stuff that I scoop daily. Think a full baby nappy sack. 4 days of not being cleaned and 2 cats could mean 8 poos never mind wees. I wouldn't want to wee in there either if I were the poor cats.

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