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Why are people so desperate to 'be a part' of history right now?

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CuteAsDucks · 11/09/2022 15:39

I understand we're living through a significant moment, but I don't really get the lengths people are going to to 'be a part' of said history.

I'm watching the news and the amount of people outside Buckingham Palace saying they've travelled for hours because they just HAD to be a part of this, I'm finding it quite mind boggling.

I can't imagine travelling across the country just to simply 'be there', or waiting for hours in huge crowds to see a glimpse of a hearse go by, or even camping out for DAYS to walk past a coffin lying in state as some people have said they will be doing.

If they were all dedicated royalists I would understand 100%, but I doubt all the grinning, laughing, selfie takers outside Buckingham Palace fit that description. I think it's rather odd and distasteful that people are using someones death to have a 'fun' day out. Do they think the history books are going to care that David from Bristol was there in person?

Surely we're all a part of history right now just by living in the same timeline? No need for all the crass selfies outside the palace or ghoulish desire to stare at a coffin containing a dead woman we didn't even know.

We look back now at Princess Dianas death and cringe at how the public acted, I can't help but wonder if we'll be doing the same thing in the future regarding The Queens death.

OP posts:
Divebar2021 · 12/09/2022 18:51

So you think the hysteria at Princess Dianas funeral was normal? Right

What specifically are you defining as “hysteria?” Princess Diana’s death was an extraordinary event but we didn’t all respond in the same way. I didn’t go and lay flowers or line the route but I was shocked and exceptionally sad. Was that hysterical or abnormal? I find the language being used so judgemental and unnecessary to describe the range of human responses to a significant death.

ElusiveWhale · 12/09/2022 20:16

CuteAsDucks · 12/09/2022 17:40

@Divebar2021 So you think the hysteria at Princess Dianas funeral was normal? Right.

Well, if enough people do the same thing, it becomes 'normal'.

Who is anyone to say what's normal or the right thing to do? So much sneering and judgment at what other people chose to do.

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