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To think a lot of people assume everyone is tall?

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SleepDreamThinkHuge · 11/09/2022 08:23

I have noticed that people seem to think everyone is tall. In their definition they see "tall" as 6 foot or over for men and over 5 foot 7 for women. But in reality, that is not the case. In the UK, someone who is 6 foot (man) is

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midsomermurderess · 03/03/2023 17:49

I’m 5’11 and rarely find it a problem getting long enough trousers. In fact in the last 6 months or so, I bought a couple of pairs trousers, from Kin I think, that were meant to be cropped but are in fact full length, on me.


Bollocks989 · 03/03/2023 21:32

I'm tall.

I think everyone's short! 😂

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