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Builder nightmare ....aibu?

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wardrobess · 01/09/2022 11:16

I'm having work done to my house,I rent through housing association.
It's been one thing after the other.
I've been getting new bathroom /kitchen /rewire and windows.
First of all she didn't tell me I could get my things put into storage.
Friday they were meant to turn up and didn't and nobody told me.
Yesterday was full re as you can imagine holes everywhere.
Today plasterers were meant to be here to sort holes out.
3 turned up at 8 am and 2 left saying
I'm allergic to cats
The other one left with headache
The 1 remaining said he can't do it all by himself and will do 1 room.
He said they can't come back till next Friday as other houses to do.
So have left me for a week in this state.
I have kids and cats and exposed wires ,holes in ceiling /walls etc
Aibu to be annoyed?

OP posts:

ZeroFuchsGiven · 02/09/2022 10:30

ThePumpkinPatch · 01/09/2022 20:15

@ZeroFuchsGiven What you wouldnt give to be in a situation like mine??? Are you for real? How dare you???
Just because you own a property now, does NOT give you ANY right to look down on people like OP or myself. Tory voter by any chance?!

What on earth are you talking about? Like I said I am really sorry what you have been through but you are reading things that just are not there! I am not judging ANYONE for where they live! How many more times can I say this? HA, private rent, council or owned makes no difference to the thread, the point is building work especially when different trades are coming together to complete a big job will most definately always have snags and problems!


ZeroFuchsGiven · 02/09/2022 10:35

wardrobess · 01/09/2022 15:58

The people saying it's one if those things ...
If you paid a plasterer and they said it was going to take 1 day
2 bugger off with a crap excuse and tell you they won't be back for over a week ...
You would be like
Yeah that's fine come back whenever...

Honestly? If I was left with no running water, electric, no front door or no windows for 8 days yes I would not be happy and expect it to be sorted asap.

But plastering? Its cosmetic, it does not make a difference really.

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