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Help! I've got Covid and I'm stuck in a hotel

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medusawashere · 22/12/2021 11:26

I travelled to Plymouth for Christmas and did all the right stuff. I'm double jabbed, booster booked for early Jan and have been doing lateral flow tests every day to stay safe and protect others.

This morning, I woke up coughing, sneezing and with chest pains and my LF is positive.

I'm stuck in a hotel with no way of getting home! I live in Bournemouth and my fiance (who was going to meet me Christmas Eve) has also tested positive.

Does anyone have any bright ideas or am I stuck in a hotel room for ten days? I'm devastated. I just want to go home :(

OP posts:
Whitegrenache · 22/12/2021 11:27

Go home - mask up and go home

PurpleDaisies · 22/12/2021 11:28

Did you drive or go by public transport?

LividLaVidaLoca · 22/12/2021 11:28


Go home - mask up and go home

You have no idea if she travelled on public transport? Don’t be ridiculous.
medusawashere · 22/12/2021 11:30

I'm sorry, I forgot to confirm.

I came by train :(

OP posts:
Tricked2003 · 22/12/2021 11:30

Will the hotel even allow you to stay?

thevassal · 22/12/2021 11:31

Can your fiance drive? Can they come and pick you up and take you to theirs/home?

alienbaby · 22/12/2021 11:32

Get your fiance to come and pick you up and have Christmas at home together why would you stay at the hotel Confused

Leonberger · 22/12/2021 11:32

Can your partner drive?

If he is well enough I would get collected and go home. If he stays in the car he isn’t going to infect anyone else.

logsonlogsoff · 22/12/2021 11:32

No-one can collect you? You should go home ASAP.

Overthebow · 22/12/2021 11:33

Can anyone come and get you? Have you told the hotel you’re positive?

logsonlogsoff · 22/12/2021 11:33

Get him to borrow or hire a car if he doesn’t have one. Worst case scenario I would mask up and get the train back.

Huy456 · 22/12/2021 11:33

Do you know anyone who has just recovered? They could pick you up?

Porcupineintherough · 22/12/2021 11:33

Where is your fiance and how are they feeling? Do they drive? If they do and feel well enough, could they come get you?

RNBrie · 22/12/2021 11:33

Mask up and go home. Keep as far away from people as possible even if that means moving seats on the train. Or can you go straight to your boyfriend's and isolate there? If he drives, can he come and collect you so you can isolate together?

medusawashere · 22/12/2021 11:34

Oh I have every intention of getting out of here. I don't want to put anyone at risk.

OP posts:
Huy456 · 22/12/2021 11:34

Do not get on a train

medusawashere · 22/12/2021 11:34

Fiance is unwell and has to work from home. He is refusing to drive here

OP posts:
PurpleDaisies · 22/12/2021 11:35

You are allowed to leave self isolation to move to another place to self isolate if it becomes impractical to stay there.

I would be trying to find a safe way home. Has anyone you know recently had covid and fully recovered? I would be willing to drive a good friend home wearing masks and opening windows if I was at low risk of catching it again. Or could someone drop a car to you and they travel home on public transport?

Help! I've got Covid and I'm stuck in a hotel
alienbaby · 22/12/2021 11:35

How fucking selfish are people? Of course you cant get on a train

Porcupineintherough · 22/12/2021 11:36

Trains are packed at the moment. If you dont want to put people at risk then you are better off where you are, or finding someone to drive you home.

alienbaby · 22/12/2021 11:36

I would expect my fiance to come and pick me up irrespective of feeling unwell given the circumstances

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 22/12/2021 11:37


Do not get on a train

Frankly, this may be her only option.
PriamFarrl · 22/12/2021 11:38


Fiance is unwell and has to work from home. He is refusing to drive here

If he’s well enough to work then he’s well enough to drive.
BluebellsGreenbells · 22/12/2021 11:38

Where is he? Is it far?

AntiHop · 22/12/2021 11:38

Please don't go on public transport.

Who were you visiting there? Does your fiance have a driving licence?

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