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AIBU to want a quiet washing machine that doesn't take days to finish a wash?

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1WayOrAnother2 · 12/07/2021 16:03

My (loud and annoying) washer is on its way out. After a tough life fighting sin and stains from animals, children, sportsmen and soldiers, it now struggles to get dirt or soap out of anything.

I'm searching for a quiet washer that will do a normal wash and get things clean in a reasonably short time.

Is this not the definition of the hot-potato of the washing-machine world? I thought there would be queues of me looking for this very item but research so far suggests that I am alone and unreasonable.

-I can look for price (surprisingly varied)
-I can look for colour
-I can search for sound ratings (72dec is good apparently) but not on all machines.
-There does not seem to be any kind of fair rating on how long a wash takes though. (Some sneakily offer an amazing 15 min wash ... but for a dolls-house-load and they avoid mentioning that it takes 5 hours for a normal one.)

Am I unreasonable to seek such a wondermachine and, more importantly, has anyone found one?


This thread is quite old now so some of the suggestions may be out of date, but if you’ve landed here looking for recommendations, we’ve recently updated our best washing machine page with lots of great options loved by Mumsnet users. We hope you find it useful. Flowers

OP posts:
Aroundtheworldin80moves · 12/07/2021 16:05

Weve got an LG washer dryer with Direct Drive. Its really quiet. There is a 30min wash option.
(And my favourite...the wash dry cycle which is useful for overnight school uniform washes)

warmfluffytowels · 12/07/2021 16:06

We have a Candy washer-dryer that fulfils those criteria. I can get a load washed and dried in less than two hours. A quick wash takes 14 minutes at 30 degrees.

Bagelsandbrie · 12/07/2021 16:06

Can’t link but we have a large family with 2 disabled people who produce a lot of washing and the best machine by far we’ve ever had has been an Indesit innex 10kg one. Has a rapid 30 min wash that actually gets things clean and a 1600 spin which you can use on its own for 10 mins at the end of a rapid wash. Plus all the usual 30/40/60 longer programmes. Was relatively cheap from AO compared to many others. Had it 4 years now and no issues, 3 loads everyday.

We had an expensive Samsung eco bubble before and it broke down nearly every week! Awful machine!

Bagelsandbrie · 12/07/2021 16:08
FoofOfTheWalkingDead · 12/07/2021 16:12

I am with you OP. Our Bosch is on its last legs. It literally skitters across the floor on the spin cycle and sounds like a herd of elephants for 3 hours. Not to mention the incessant beeping when the load is finished.

We were recently at a self-catering cottage on holiday that had a HotPoint washing machine. It had a digital display with options for the length of cycle, temperature and spin speed. It was also very quiet. I don't know what model it was, unfortunately, but I liked it.

pigsDOfly · 12/07/2021 16:14

This is exactly what I would look for.

My washing machine has become quite noisy recently and I'm thinking I might want to change it.

My DD has had a number of washing machines (they seem to break quite frequently) and her current one takes 2.5 hours to do a regular 40 degree wash, whereas my washing machine does the same wash in 1.5 hours.

She's got a large family so the washing machine is on more or less all day, every day.

EenyMeenyMinyNo · 12/07/2021 16:20

I've had a Hisense 9kg washing machine for a few years, it is without doubt the best and quietest machine I've ever had. The noisiest part is the water feeding in & the spin is pretty much silent. Has a 15 min quick wash, a normal load takes about 47 mins and a large load about 1hr 15. I was so impressed I went with hisense for fridge freezer and love that too!

Beamur · 12/07/2021 16:20

I recently bought a Haier and it's pretty decent.
They do very quiet models and they come with additional sound baffling materials you can put underneath if you're in a flat or open plan.
The really eco friendly programmes use long soaking periods, so take ages.
This one has an eco programme which takes about 2.5 hours, but also has a quick wash of about an hour (which I use plus an additional spin which takes 7 minutes) and an express 15 minute wash for very lightly soiled items.

BuddhaAtSea · 12/07/2021 16:21

I have a Miele, twindos.
My gym gear goes in daily, 20 min cycle.
Bedding once a week 4h on a bedding cycle, that includes drying it.
Cottons I have 2 options, the one I used most is 1h and I can program it to dry as well, another hour or so, depending on what the load is, so about 2h in total.

I have a program for...everything, including denim, pillows, trainers etc.
I use those detergent bottles you plug in the bottom of the machine, it takes whatever it needs, I just press the button.

The beeping at the end does my head in though!

BuddhaAtSea · 12/07/2021 16:23

Oh, I have an open plan kitchen/living room, it’s really quiet:)

MissConductUS · 12/07/2021 16:31

I love my Miele. It runs quietly, has a 30-minute quick wash cycle that cleans really well and you can turn off the beeping at the end of a cycle.

They're not cheap but they are really well engineered and built.

1WayOrAnother2 · 12/07/2021 16:45

These are really helpful!

OP posts:
ItWasAgathaAllAlong · 12/07/2021 16:49

Love my Samsung 'Add-wash' washing machine with its little drawer to add in the stray sock you've missed.

It's not necessarily 'quiet', but it does have a quick 'daily wash' programme of 1 hour 2 mins that runs up to a 60C wash (although I usually use the 30 or 40C).

I haven't got time to wait for washing programmes that take 3 hours on a good day Grin.

I've also got the Samsung tumble dryer too - you can plumb the condenser version into your mains drains, so no need to even empty the water reservoir!

The only downside? They both play Schubert's 'The Trout' tune when they finish their cycles. Only once in 4 years have I got them to finish at the same time and play it simultaneously Grin. Often they're 'just' out of time, which is really hard on the ears... yes, I know I could turn off the tunes, but I need to know when they've finished doing their thing to get the next load on. (The downside of living with 4 males!).

LoveManyTrustfewAlwaysPaddle · 12/07/2021 16:52

I have a Miele that is twenty years old and still very quiet, it is in little room off the kitchen and I frequently have to go back to check I have turned it on.

LadyPoison · 12/07/2021 16:52

LG here,

Nice and quiet. My standard wash takes usually 1hr 10 mins for a full 8kg load.

NHSmummy84 · 12/07/2021 16:55

I have an LG. It’s quiet due to the direct drive. Had it 6 years and it’s never let me down, it’s on at least once a day. Cannot fault it.

HarebrightCedarmoon · 12/07/2021 16:57

Bosch Titan range is very good. There are five of us plus pets, and there is a lot of washing.

BuddhaAtSea · 12/07/2021 17:01

@MissConductUS HOW do you turn off the darn beeping? It does my head in!

1WayOrAnother2 · 12/07/2021 17:02

@Beamur which model do you have? The 1 hour programme sounds useful (and 2.5 isn't bad if you have time for soaking).

OP posts:
woodhill · 12/07/2021 17:03

My LG is excellent and the cotton cycle takes up to 1 hr 20 or there is a 39 min turbo cycle

BlackeyedSusan · 12/07/2021 17:04

bosch washing machine lets you stop the program, unlock the door and throw in a stray sock. it is quite old though and I am worried it is a bit noisier than I would like.

does a quick wash in 15 minutes with a 12 minute spin (1200) does a middling wash in 1.03 or 53 on quicker version
does a prewash and wash in 2 hours or 1.30 on the quicker version.

Ooodlesofboodles · 12/07/2021 17:07

We have a miele which does everything you want. Lots of wash options, some very quick, some long including soaking etc if you need it. It is super quiet and very well made. I actually love it.
Get a which subscription and compare the options. They normally offer a £1 trial which you can cancel after a month.

SwedishEdith · 12/07/2021 17:11

Like my Siemens one. The default timings are 2.3 hours plus but there's a button you can press that halves that. Plus the 15 minute cycle.

ILoveFlumps · 12/07/2021 17:15

Miele Twindos. Very very quiet. Has 20 min cycles and standard cotton 40 degree wash is just under 1.5 hours. Fantastic machine.

thecapitalsunited · 12/07/2021 17:17

If you read the manuals a lot of the quick washes are for smaller loads so even if people are saying that their machine does it, it’s probably not recommended by the manufacturer. Quick washes often just remove rinses too which isn’t exactly ideal.

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