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to be angry at finding a piccy of a womans rear on DH mobile phone

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ChampagneAndFlowers · 18/11/2007 17:10

Namechanged for this as I am a bit embarrassed to say the least.

I found a piccy of a womans ass on his phone. When I asked him about it he said when he and the lads were out on Friday night there was a group of girls on a hen night dressed as nurses. As they walked passed them in the street one of the guys (the blokes DH was with) shouted out "nice ass" & this one woman lifted her dress up and flashed her harris for all to see - so DH takes a piccy.

This is the 2nd time I have found a piccy of a womans rear on his phone (he has a thing about a nice ass)and always catch him looking at womens bots but taking a photo is a bit bloody different don't you think? Would you be annoyed too or am I taking life too seriously DH reckons I am?

I am so annoyed with him I stayed at mums with the kids yesturday but back today after he told me it was only for a laugh and I was totally unreasonable. Do you think I overeacted?

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CodDickinson · 18/11/2007 17:12



moondog · 18/11/2007 17:15

It seems to me that most men indulge in similalry foolish activities.

Why only last night having dinner at a friend's place,the most mild mannered man in the world wanted to show me a picture of Charlotte Church topless on his phone. A few months ago,the taxi driver who takes me to/from Manchester airport to see dh abroad started raving about wild and loose young women and then in the next breath asked me if i wanted to see a short film of the manageress of the llanberis chip shop 'pleasuring' herself.

I demurred politely on both ocasions.


Hekete · 18/11/2007 17:15


However, since it is not a problem, since it is his opinion that these things are just a laugh and nothing to get mad about, I do think that you ought to take pics of random blokes arses and use them as your pc screen saver and your mobile (is it called wallpaper?)

Sauce for the goose and all that...


bohemianbint · 18/11/2007 17:15

Nope, I would be far from impressed...


ChampagneAndFlowers · 18/11/2007 17:17

Sounds like it's a man thing.

Dh's mate had something a lot worse on his phone which I really don't want to say on here. Although after reading the porn thread thats been going on nothing shocks me anymore.

OP posts:

ChampagneAndFlowers · 18/11/2007 17:18

Good idea about the wallpaper and mobile .

OP posts:

bookofthedeadmum · 18/11/2007 17:18

I'd do what Hekate says. Bet he soon deletes it....


Hekete · 18/11/2007 17:55

Indeed, you should thank him for leading the way. You now feel free to check out any passing man that takes your fancy. He has shown you what a good, healthy, fun thing this is to...phwoooorrr, did you see the packet on that guy, don't get many of them to the pound, where's me camera?...


tissy · 18/11/2007 18:03

moondog, I'm shocked! Do you have "I'm broad-minded" tattooed on your forehead? No-one has ever offered to show me films of people wanking!


lulumama · 18/11/2007 18:05

nothing to add, cannot get the image of moondog' demurring politely' the video of the chip shop lady pleasuring herself !


lucyellensmum · 18/11/2007 18:33

I do think that you slightly overeacted, but it must have been quick wrist action on your DH's behalf to take the piccy, i have an all singing all dancing camera on my mobile and it takes ages to focus etc. Hey ho.

I would have been fucking livid though, i would have probably considered stamping on the phone to be honest. I dont think it is acceptable for DH to be so openly appreciative of a nice ass - it shows a lack of respect.

Tell him that you were not unreasonable, that this has upset you and that you thought more highly of him and do NOT expect to see anything of that ilk on his phone again.


lucyellensmum · 18/11/2007 18:34

moondog, what exactly do you talk about to this taxi driver??? You don't know the woman from the chippy do you?


MuthaHubbard · 18/11/2007 19:00

I'd be a bit peed off and would go down the route the others have said re getting some pics of nice guys on your pc/mobile to drool over when DH is in the vicinity.

I've been shown some quite shocking footage by several guys at work who are in the 'techinically older and should know better category'. But they don't!!


ChampagneAndFlowers · 18/11/2007 19:27

lucyellensmum I agree about him taking the pic so quick I wondered that to. He must of asked her twice to flash her harris.

Off topic but were you the one on the porn thread that said you find porn ok to watch and don't find it degrading? If so, just wondering why you find this more offensive?

OP posts:

MamaG · 18/11/2007 19:31

someone once offered to show me a mobile film of a woman being, um, licked. By a dog. there

Like moondog, I politely declined


MamaG · 18/11/2007 19:32

(and YANBU)


ChampagneAndFlowers · 18/11/2007 19:35

hey mamaG, there really is some nasty shit out there isn't there and to think it is so easy to get it onto a mobile phone ewwwwwwwww!

OP posts:

NKF · 18/11/2007 19:41

Blimey MamaG. Why would someone think you wanted to see that? Shudder.


MamaG · 18/11/2007 19:42

I know NKF, thats what bothered me most


NKF · 18/11/2007 20:35

Next time, tell him you've got a great video of a crocodile chewing a man's testicles. Would he like to see it? The man is really into it.


ChampagneAndFlowers · 18/11/2007 20:38

NFK - a bit sadistic aint it? .

OP posts:

moondog · 18/11/2007 21:00

I am a respectable matron (or so I thought).
As for the taxi driver,I know him really really weel and we talk about all sort...mostly town gossip,which,on reflection probably does encompass woman from the Llanberis chippy indulging in a little DIY.


ChampagneAndFlowers · 18/11/2007 21:09

eh? What you on about?

OP posts:

glaskham · 18/11/2007 21:22

this morning my DH was asleep in bed and i was flicking through his phone as he'd taken pics of the kids on a day out last week that i hadn't seen- only to find that the first thing that came up was some dodgy porn......i wokehim to ask him (pretty angrily) and he said its funny and you have to watch it....'trust me, just watch it'...i refused and deleted it, he was a bit upset that i did because he said he wanted to show 'the lads' tonight at footy but i was more bothered that one of our dc would be messing with his phone (as they do ALL the time) and it would come up!!!

i dont think you over-reacted though i'd be the same if my dh had pics like that that he'd actually taken himself- any that he ever has like that are what a mate sends him and none are ever taken in the flesh, all internet downloaded!!!


DeathBySnooSnoo · 18/11/2007 21:37

i think thats the worst thing about it-he actually took the pic himself and saw that womans bum in RL.

different if its just a pic sent by a mate or downloaded,but to take it himself?!

should we all send you photos of men's bottoms so you can choose the one you like best for your wallpaper?

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