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to be angry at finding a piccy of a womans rear on DH mobile phone

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ChampagneAndFlowers · 18/11/2007 17:10

Namechanged for this as I am a bit embarrassed to say the least.

I found a piccy of a womans ass on his phone. When I asked him about it he said when he and the lads were out on Friday night there was a group of girls on a hen night dressed as nurses. As they walked passed them in the street one of the guys (the blokes DH was with) shouted out "nice ass" & this one woman lifted her dress up and flashed her harris for all to see - so DH takes a piccy.

This is the 2nd time I have found a piccy of a womans rear on his phone (he has a thing about a nice ass)and always catch him looking at womens bots but taking a photo is a bit bloody different don't you think? Would you be annoyed too or am I taking life too seriously DH reckons I am?

I am so annoyed with him I stayed at mums with the kids yesturday but back today after he told me it was only for a laugh and I was totally unreasonable. Do you think I overeacted?

OP posts:
ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands · 18/11/2007 21:40

Yes very "typical bloke" thing.. and yes it would piss me off/upset me too.

handlemecarefully · 18/11/2007 21:40

I would lynch him by his testicles

handlemecarefully · 18/11/2007 21:42

Moondog, I am particularly prudish tis true, but personally I would have to change my cab driver

moondog · 18/11/2007 21:43

Yeah,it is a bit off but I really like him.

Santasmissyontheside · 18/11/2007 21:47

Now i'm a fairly jealous person and a tad bit firery so i would have blown my top.

If i were you take a pic of your bum and save it as his screen saver. Remind him who's bum he should be eyeing.

Sidge · 18/11/2007 22:00

I think that's really disrespectful.

Maybe try and get a collection of pictures on your phone of assorted mens knobs and show him?

See how he likes it

MrsSlocomb · 18/11/2007 22:24

If it matters to you then it matters. He should respect that whether he agrees with you or not.

ChampagneAndFlowers · 18/11/2007 22:36

I don't think he respects me tbh. His life revolves around work, alcohol, and porn. I have to admit he doesn't go out much but when he does he takes piccys of womens bums (well he has on 2 occasions).

Sometimes I wish I was on my own, a free woman with my 2 DC's, but unfortunately I cannot afford it so I guess for now I will have to stick with him.

OP posts:
handlemecarefully · 18/11/2007 22:46
ChampagneAndFlowers · 18/11/2007 22:49

I haven't got any other choice handlemecarefully (I wish I did).

OP posts:
handlemecarefully · 18/11/2007 22:57

I'm sure.....not judging you, just expressing empathy...

Walnutshell · 19/11/2007 08:49

Oh Champers, that was a sad post.

Regarding your OP - if you find it unreasonable, then it is. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks because it happened in the context of your relationship. If you want to play games, I suppose you could obtain a photo of a man's rear on your own phone - or perhaps simply ask dh whether he would find it acceptable if the tables were turned and you had been out with the girls and bumped into a stag night... But I guess this photo isn't really the main issue.

glaskham · 19/11/2007 09:21

it is a little wierd how he's been out on 2 occasions and on 2 occasions a woman has happened to flash her bum!!....i'd definatley be livid the second time!!!its not as if she'd flash her bum for 5mins while he had time to get his phone out and take a piccy..... (especially not in THIS weather!!!!)

I'd defo have words- surely you can really feel the way you say in your last posts??.....thats really upsetting if it is...... this is the man you fell in love with, married and have had kids with, surely you can talk to him and sort things out- would it change things if you told him what you said on here??

helenhismadwife · 19/11/2007 09:51

I would not be pleased at all, but put it in context of a lads night out to much to drink and possibly trying to look like jack the lad to his mates probably more him being a tit than anything else.

moondog your taxi driver sounds like the person to know if you want to find out all the gossip hope the chippy woman keeps away from fryer when playing

DeathBySnooSnoo · 19/11/2007 17:42

you always have a choice,honestly,no woman has to stay with a man she doesnt want to be with in this day and age(not in this country,anyway).

Wisteria · 19/11/2007 17:52

One of the guys from somewhere I used to work took a video with his mobile of his gf doing something to him (involving being on her knees, you can work it out ) and then forwarded it round the factory - now that is a lack of respect!

I had a real problem talking to her at the Christmas do that year...........and just felt sooo sorry for her. I hope she never found out or if she did that she chopped the offending articles off first!

I don't think I'd get too hung up about that to be honest but your other post is very sad. I understand why you feel you can't leave though.

PixieDixie · 19/11/2007 17:58

I would be mighty pissed off OP.

Wisteria - I would have told the woman what her scumbag DH did.

Friends of DH (a married couple) had great pleasure in showing us a pic of the same thing you described I mean WTF why do I want to see that?

Wisteria · 19/11/2007 18:05

to the married couple eeeww....

I wanted to tell her as she seemed lovely but can you imagine how she'd have felt right then in the middle of a works do?

I didn't even know whether she knew about the vid and it could have backfired terribly.....

fireflyfairy2 · 19/11/2007 18:11

I am jealous & have trust issues... I wouldn't have spoken to dh for months if he came home with that on his phone. In fact if it happened I wouldn't be sure that we wouldn't split.

But as I said, I am very hot headed, quick tempered & extremely jealous.

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