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To ask if your doctors call even if blood tests are normal

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User442992286 · 14/05/2021 21:32

Just out of interest

OP posts:

Hadjab · 14/05/2021 21:34

My doctor is shit - they tell you take a blood test, they tell you to call back in 7 days, you call back and they tell you they have no knowledge of you having had a blood test 🙄


Cuntryhouse · 14/05/2021 21:35

No, but it doesn't have to be anything horrendous either. Need iron tablets etc.


Madcats · 14/05/2021 21:39

Nope. Test results don't get onto the fancy apps, either, despite being told they will.


saraclara · 14/05/2021 21:46

Nope. I can access test results via the online service, or phone at certain times of day. But no call.

Occasionally I've had a letter asking me to call/make an appointment to discuss the results, but that's only if there's something to discuss.


christyt114 · 14/05/2021 22:06

Yes. Our doctors are brilliant.


Hankunamatata · 14/05/2021 22:06

No which is an enormous pain in the butt as usually they are investigating something and need to talk to doctor about next steps. So then have to go through ringing at 8.30 (while doing school run) multiple times to try and get through and get another phone appointment


RickiTarr · 14/05/2021 22:09

Honestly, you’ve had really good answers on your other thread, which said you’d been asked to make an appointment to discuss the results.

They won’t book an appointment to discuss normal bloods. They’re too busy.

Do you suffer from health anxiety?


sbhydrogen · 14/05/2021 22:09

I phoned the doctors once to ask for my blood test results (the automated phone response says "press 4 for test results"). Got through to a person, who then proceeds to tell me that she isn't qualified to give the results over the phone. However, she did tell me that she could print out the results for me, but that would cost 50p per sheet. What a joke! I never did find out if I was fine or not.


RickiTarr · 14/05/2021 22:12


Nope. I can access test results via the online service, or phone at certain times of day. But no call.

Occasionally I've had a letter asking me to call/make an appointment to discuss the results, but that's only if there's something to discuss.

That’s what has happened.

Link to prevent everyone wasting their time and effort duplicating answers;

PhatPhanny · 14/05/2021 22:44

My doctors only call if its urgent, sent letter for non urgent and do not contact for no issues found.


FuriousFemale · 14/05/2021 22:49

Depends. My doctors sometimes don't and you have to call up. Last time though I got called in. All my blood tests were absolutely fine but because of my symptoms she wanted to do a physical exam


peboh · 14/05/2021 23:21

My doctor always calls with blood test results, if normal they let me know over the phone. If abnormal it's usually a face to face appointment so we can go over a plan (I'm anaemic so usually my bloods aren't great and I'm off and on meds for it)


Rewis · 14/05/2021 23:24

They don't call with results if everything is normal (unless otherwise discussed). Usually they tell me this, if there is no call then everything is fine etc. However the results come into the online health care system that I can check myself and request a call if I HAVE questions.


MIC2689 · 14/05/2021 23:40

Mine don't even call if they're not normal. I get the joy of calling and being told they're all okay, or need to book an appointment if they're off.


KrisAkabusi · 15/05/2021 00:14

No. I get a call if there's something wrong, but not if they're normal.


PastMyBestBeforeDate · 15/05/2021 00:18

No. They'd be forever ringing me. When something is out of line the receptionist rings to ask me to book an appointment. When something was very wrong, the receptionist rang to ask if I'd like the GP to call later that day. I don't hear a thing if it's all normal.


BlueVelvetStars · 15/05/2021 02:03

Yes our health centre gives you results either way.


Scramblerr · 15/05/2021 10:41

Depends on the GP. Some would, some wouldn't. Most wouldn't call even if your blood test shows you're dying. Usual procedure is that they say they'll call in around five days, after around eight days you phone them and they say they have no record of a blood test.


Thatisnotwhatisaid · 15/05/2021 10:44

No and I’ve had to chase up results in the past that haven’t been great too.


ThatIsMyPotato · 15/05/2021 10:46



MishMashMummy · 15/05/2021 10:47

No, only if there’s something to discuss


EllaPaella · 15/05/2021 13:27

Yes mine do, I had a call just yesterday to tell me some bloods I had done were normal but the doctor wanted to book a telephone appointment with me to discuss, presumably to see how I am getting on.


Meme69 · 15/05/2021 13:46

My old doctors didn't tell me that I had dangerously low B12 levels. I went back 15 months later as I thought I had early onset dementia and he asked me if the injections hadn't helped? Cue me asking what injections. Apparently I should have had an urgent course of B12 over 7 days and then follow ups every 3 months. Nope. Not a thing.

Funnily enough the CQC shut them down a few weeks later.... I also changed doctors.


LongTimeMammaBear · 15/05/2021 21:22

At my GP surgery, it is the patient who needs to call for results. Think it puts more on GP and/or surgery to keep trying patients to give them results.


Bubblemonkey · 15/05/2021 21:50

I check my own on Airmid 😬

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