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To think sleeping like this is strange?

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WineGetsMeThroughIt · 12/05/2021 01:45

I'm up late working on a presentation. I'm sat in bed with my laptop. Husband fast asleep next to me.... head completely covered with the blanket. Nose smooshed into pillow. He sleeps on his stomach and often times lays down completely face first into the pillow. He looks dead.

I just do not understand a) how this can be comfortable and b) how he does not suffocate by the morning

I'm so baffled that he does this, and the thought of me having to sleep like that makes my skin crawl. I want to take the covers off him myself just to ease my anxiety lol

OP posts:
SimonJT · 12/05/2021 06:21


My husband sleeps flat on his back with a tiny pillow and stays like a plank all night. I often think he's not in the bed next to me he's that still.

This is mine, but he does this really weird ballerina pose with his right leg. I know hes definitely there though as he snores like a beast.
FoxyTheFox · 12/05/2021 07:27

@motherrunner my youngest DS sleeps the same way.

I have to have one of my hands touching my face to sleep so I sleep on my side with one hand, palm up, tucked under my face. I have to flip my pillow because I can't sleep on the same side of it that I slept on the night before and I have one foot hooked up on top of the duvet with the rest of me under it.

Voomster953 · 12/05/2021 07:43


My husband sleeps flat on his back with a tiny pillow and stays like a plank all night. I often think he's not in the bed next to me he's that still.

I would love that, your so lucky

I wouldn’t. He sounds like a vampire. 😳
Binkybix · 12/05/2021 08:24

I also do the ballerina leg thing

luxurychocolate · 12/05/2021 08:46

I think it's more weird that you'd take the laptop to bed and work!

Prakty · 12/05/2021 08:56

I sleep face down into the pillow and heavy duvet right over my head!
If he has sleep apnea though he really needs to get a sleep assessment.

NeedCoffeeToSurvive · 12/05/2021 09:03

My partner sleeps with his knees up, essentially making a tent with the duvet, sometimes one leg is elevated and resting on his other knee, I don't know how he can sleep like that, it drives me mad and I regularly have to swoop a foot under his ankles so his legs drop down.
He also sometimes sleeps with a pillow and the duvet over his face and I wonder how on earth he can breathe, I start hyperventilating if my head is under the duvet for even a few seconds.

timegoesbysoslowly · 12/05/2021 10:20

I sleep like a vampire apparently. I know I like to cuddle myself so sleep cross armed and I don't move or make much noise. Must be alarming when I'm asleep on my back with crossed arms.

On the other hand my dp is a fidget monster, moving his legs, arms about. He does have sleep apnea and now sleeps with a machine, makes a hum but much better than his snoring.

But seriously if he does hold his breath when asleep please get it checked out, especially if tired in daytime or overweight. The holding his breath means his brain is always alert so not getting a full deep sleep. Sleep apnea can cause serious issues.

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