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Not lost anything in 2 weeks, 800 calories

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Nahna · 11/05/2021 21:37

Hi everyone!
I've been doing 800 calories 5 days a week, with 2 rest days (1800 calories) for 1 month now. I'm exercising 40 mins a day 7 days a week. I'm very overweight, starting weight was 17 stone. In 2 weeks I lost 1 stone but in the last 2 weeks I've not lost even 1 pound! I religiously weigh and calorie count everything so I am absolutely certain I'm not exceeding 800 calories 5 days a week. Will I continue to lose weight? I just feel so despondent and shocked that in 2 weeks on so few calories, that I've not lost anything at all when I'm so fat. I eat at normal times, never later than 8pm. Only drink water. Help!

YABU - You should have lost weight
YANBU - Don't panic, this is normal, stick at it and you will lose weight


OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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DorisLessingsCat · 11/05/2021 21:39

Don't panic! 1 stone in 2 weeks is amazing!


NoMontaguesOrCapulets · 11/05/2021 21:42

Is it possible that you're not getting enough calories and your body has gone into panic mode so is clinging on to the weight?


Nahna · 11/05/2021 21:43

Thank you!

And I have no idea! I didn't think that happened, I just thought eat a lot less and lose weight.. !

OP posts:

Palavah · 11/05/2021 21:44

So you've lost a stone in 4 weeks? What's wrong with that?

Scales pointless anyway - on a vlc diet you'll lose loads of water in the first week when what you want to lose is fat.


SnoogyWoo · 11/05/2021 21:45

You must be counting your calories wrong, if you are consuming 800 a day then the weight will be dropping off.


Shinesun14 · 11/05/2021 21:46

Water water water! Drink at least 2 litres a day as you're body will be holding on to the water weight due to the exercise!


Marty13 · 11/05/2021 21:46

Stick at it. Recount everything. Make sure to include liquid calories. Also possibly water retention.


cardibach · 11/05/2021 21:47

A stone in 2 weeks is insane and unhealthy. You should lose 1-2lbs a week. Your diet is not sensible. It’s too low (you would probs lose the 1-2lbs on 1800 cals a day if you have as much to lose as you say. Look up a TDEE calculator and drop 500 cals a day from what that say.


AreTurnipsReal · 11/05/2021 21:49

Your plans sounds bonkers. 800 calories??? Dont torture your body like that. Well done for the commitment to gettng healthy though!!


EarringsandLipstick · 11/05/2021 21:49

These threads are ridiculous. 800 calories is way too little. It's not sustainable & without doubt you are depriving your body of needed nutrients.

You will lose weight as the calorie intake is so low. But I suspect you may be compensating on your 'rest days' (bizarre idea).

Ultimately, you won't be able to keep it up. It's not healthy.

There are many effective diet & exercise plans out there - choose one & follow it.


Nahna · 11/05/2021 21:51

Thanks everyone. The diet is fine, it's all in consultation with medical professionals and is needed for health reasons. To the person who said I'm counting wrong, I am not. Everything is weighed, measured and checked and logged. Only drinking water. The 1 stone in the first 2 weeks was expected but I had expected further weightloss in the next 2 weeks but nothing! This is a 12 week plan, not a permanent diet.

OP posts:

Twinkie01 · 11/05/2021 21:51

If you only eat 800 calories a day you'll reset your BMR and have to count calories for life. At that weight just watch portion size and stop eating processed foods continue exercising and you'll lose it slowly and not put all the weight back on when you reach your goal weight and star rating more.


MintMatchmaker · 11/05/2021 21:52

My menstrual cycle plays a part in my lack of weight loss when dieting. I lose weight between period and ovulation, but lose virtually nothing between ovulation and my period. I just stick with it and know I will see a loss eventually.


Nahna · 11/05/2021 21:54

I'm sure no one would suggest doing this for longer than 12 weeks. I'm not questioning the plan, I trust the hospital and consultant, it was more about venting my frustration at not losing 1 pound in 2 weeks despite VLC consumption.

OP posts:

lostlife · 11/05/2021 21:54

So 5 X 800 plus 2x1800 = 7600?

Just do a sensible 1200 a day and you will loose weight


Squaddielife · 11/05/2021 21:55

800 calories Shock

Waaaaaay too low. You need to be on the right amount of calories but 7 days a week.

Your body is confused. Its not sustainable as you're doing it now.

I second the drinking more water. At least 4 pts a day.

Check out Team RH. They have heaps of videos explaining exactly what you're doing wrong on so few calories. They can also (if you choose) give you a calorie and fitness goal to work towards.

I joined. I was 9 st 10 so not huge but had put on 10lb and wanted to change my habits.

They put me on 1500 calories a day (with specific macros eg high protein) weight bearing exercise 3 times a week. 10000 steps a days and 4 pts water. Lost 10lb in about 4 months. It simply works.


Nahna · 11/05/2021 21:55

Thanks Mint, maybe that's the answer!

OP posts:

Nahna · 11/05/2021 21:56

Thanks, I will have a look! And up water, I am supposed to drink 2 litres a day, which I do but maybe need more.

OP posts:

PurpleDaisies · 11/05/2021 21:57

Weight loss isn’t linear. A stone in four weeks is a lot.

If you’re being overseen by medical professionals, can’t you ask for advice?


Ethelfromnumber73 · 11/05/2021 21:58

It sounds like you are doing the diet plan to reverse type 2 diabetes? If so, that's brilliant OP, it's not easy but it will be so good for your health in the long term. We'll done for your amazing results so far and stick at it - you'll get there Thanks


Nahna · 11/05/2021 21:59

Thanks Ethel!

OP posts:

Capricornandproud · 11/05/2021 21:59

Well done OP!! Keep going. You will lose weight and I second monitoring other things... constipation, menstrual cycle, water retention... muscle gain. Maybe measure inches as well to see if you’re shrinking in size?


LettyLoman · 11/05/2021 22:00

I would try splitting your 40 mins exercise into 2 lots of 20. If you want to do more I’d double what your doing and fast alternative days to keep energy levels up.


Nahna · 11/05/2021 22:00

Thanks purple, of course, I can talk it over at my next appointment.

OP posts:

JustHereWithPopcorn · 11/05/2021 22:01

When this happened to me... turned out I was pregnant! Grin

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