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to think theres a snobbishness over video gaming?

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PasstheBucket89 · 18/04/2021 10:38

obviously moderation is key, things like sleep can be badly effected, safeguarding is important in terms of private chats and stuff like that.
But i do think for some people i. e people on the spectrum being able to talk through a headset and play a game without having to navigate body language and eye contact is actually quite beneficial sometimes.
People get heated and rage quit, but people get heated and ragey in football too, all competitive sports.
it can be beneficial in terms of problem solving skills, better than being zoned out in front of the tv.
My dyslexic soon actually came on in terms of reading because he was reading all the time without struggling to read a book making him anxious.
am i alone in thinking that in moderation it can be a force for good especially in a pandemic. x

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XenoBitch · 18/04/2021 18:58

I game, but multiplayer online can be toxic and I avoid it now. I have read of women gamers being hounded on and "groped" (it is possible in VR), and told to go kill themselves. That is not normal.

AccidentallyOnPurpose · 18/04/2021 18:59


Yes snobbery

However I do worry that social skills are learnt and even if my DC are not natural social people, gaming will mean less time actually being forced to practice person to person, maybe it will get better as a young adult?

Funnily gaming and online activity was the only option most children and adults have had for any kind of socialisation for most of this past year.

Every time someone complained they/their children were lonely,struggling etc "go on zoom ", "facetime" , "play games online" , "have an online party" was thrown at them.
Laufeythejust · 18/04/2021 19:06

I don’t get the judging of it either. Me and my DP love gaming. We have two TVs in the living room so we can both play or so one of us can play whilst the other watches TV or something. We like RPGs which are just big stories where your actions tend to influence how the stories end. People judge us for it but then they are the same people that binge watch Netflix... surely it’s the same thing, escapism?

StardewMelons · 18/04/2021 23:03

@Laufeythejust I love Rpgs (All types of games actually) too and have people who binge TV/netflix or the soaps etc tell me gaming is a waste of time. Makes no sense to me. 3 hours watching the "Crown" or whatever on netflix, or 3 hours of escape to an exciting world you make choices in, be stratigic, read, keep your brain active, enjoy a story at same time. No brainer to me Smile

evilharpy · 18/04/2021 23:13

I met my husband through a mutual enjoyment of gaming, although I don't play much these days. He still plays a lot. My daughter is 6 and the two of them play together, everything from Minecraft to random little puzzle games, and it's really lovely to see them enjoying themselves together.

During the first lockdown my daughter played on the Switch quite a lot as we were both working. Animal Crossing really helped with her reading and maths. The Mario games helped with problem solving. She's a great kid and her behaviour doesn't suffer at all from being allowed to play games. We also go outside and play frisbee and football and go for long walks and find bugs to examine. She likes drawing and anything crafty, swimming and ballet, and playing with her friends in real life, so I'm fairly sure that gaming isn't turning her into some sort of antisocial monster.

I see people commenting on mumsnet quite often that they would never date/marry/reproduce with a gamer and really can't understand it. Gamer does not equal dickhead or cocklodger at all. Those people would be dickheads or cocklodgers with or without the games.

phodopus · 18/04/2021 23:21

I think it has a lot of the same cognitive, and in the case of multiplayer games, social benefits of sports but because it doesn't wear you out physically it's much easier to spend too much time gaming. You don't hear of people playing football for 16 hours a day. But not all gamers are addicts and in moderation, it's fine.

PasstheBucket89 · 18/04/2021 23:53

im pleasantly suprised at the majority of the comments here.

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Captpike · 19/04/2021 18:46


im pleasantly suprised at the majority of the comments here.

Just wait till devlesko and her ilk come along.
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