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Never ever again!!

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Hobbitjar · 13/04/2021 07:59

I let my daughter have a sleepover and never ever again!! She is 8, didn’t sleep at all. I told them lights out at 10 and they were in bed or do it seemed ok it’s a bit later but because she usually goes to bed at 8.30 -9 and is up at 8. -9 and it’s holidays plus the girls mom said she her daughter slept late so was fine. I didn’t expect this one. Il
Exhausted woke up at 1 after hearing them whisper loudly and bang around then again at 2.30 then finally slept I think but have no idea and heard them again at 7.30 wide awake.
Am I being unreasonable to say never again until she is a teenager? Sorry but my daughter would normally sleep a good 10-11 hrs and sleeps well and needs her sleep. This is a joke and never expected them not to barely sleep

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Am I being unreasonable?


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SummerSazz · 13/04/2021 08:18

When my daughter had sleepovers she'd start off in the lounge with them and then head off to bed in her own room when she'd had enough of them keeping her awake Grin

TheChosenTwo · 13/04/2021 08:19

And yes - some dc have only been here once for a sleepover! I don’t mind some noise but there have been a few over the years who actively screech into the night, slam doors at 4am, came and asked if they could go on the trampoline at 1am (at least she asked I suppose), and then they are making breakfast at 6am.
Those ones don’t come again!

Mindymomo · 13/04/2021 08:22

My son’s first sleepover was when he was 10 and it was a birthday party on a school night. My son was used to going to bed late, but not eating chocolate cake through the night and for breakfast. The mother dropped them off to school and I got a phone call at around 11 am to say he had a headache and needed collecting.

Sunshineandflipflops · 13/04/2021 08:39

I said the same after my eldest's first sleepover at a similar age! No sleep happened for anyone!

After that I limited it to one friend only and at least that way they are at least quieter with their no sleeping!

UhtredRagnarson · 13/04/2021 08:43


Theunamedcat · 13/04/2021 08:47

We froze my friends bra because she was the first to fall asleep totally forgot about it until her parents were defrosting the freezer months later then we had some explaining to do 🤣

Sarahandco · 13/04/2021 08:51

Oh, come on! have you never heard of a midnight feast?

Figgygal · 13/04/2021 08:53

Yup that’s why we’re not having them in our house
Can’t be Faffed with that

Butchyrestingface · 13/04/2021 08:54

Unclench, FFS. Sounds totally normal.

Just wake until you find the empty sweet and cake wrappers...

gingerbiscuits · 13/04/2021 09:09

Firstly, predictably, I have to ask why you're allowing a sleepover under current Covid rules?

Secondly, it sounds like every sleepover I've ever experienced - it's a bit of fun that doesn't happen very often for the very reason that the kids get understandably over excited & don't actually sleep! If it's in the holidays & they didn't keep you up half the night then I seriously don't get your problem?!

Nith · 13/04/2021 09:46

She's had five hours sleep, it's the holidays, it really won't hurt her.

thebillyotea · 13/04/2021 09:59

Are you always so uptight? What exactly bothers you if your child did not sleep much for 1 night? Confused

Don't you ever take your kids to parties, to weddings, go out on holiday?

Did your child have fun?
Did anyone got hurt or sick?

If the answers are yes and no in order, the sleepover was a success. What is the problem?

thebillyotea · 13/04/2021 10:01

Are we allowed to have sleepovers yet?

even if we aren't, most people are having them this Easter.
It might be for birthday parties, to finally meet finally, no one is respecting the guidelines anymore. Time to unclench.

Just call it a "support bubble" sleepover if it makes you feel better.

Wizzbangfizz · 13/04/2021 10:03

They are horrendous - I thought I might be a cool parent who would like hosting them - I am not!

InvincibleInvisibility · 13/04/2021 10:12

My 6 year old has done 2 recently (called "pyjama party" where we live). Both times he slept 8-9 hours and caught up the next night.

My 9 year old sleeps 5-8 hours depending on who the parents are (some are stricter than others) and catches up the next night with a mega 13 hour sleep.

We prefer just having 1 friend over (did have 3 for his 9th birthday). And we try to do it the Friday night so they're tired from the school week and haven't yet been allowed to stay up til stupid o'clock by the parents.

Only once did they snack during the night (they looked for the sweets but id hidden them so they made do with biscuits). I also hide the remote controls and games consoles once they're in bed

InvincibleInvisibility · 13/04/2021 10:13

I actually like them. The DC absolutely love them so we're popular. Its relatively little effort. Keeps them occupied. And they get a return invitation Grin

thebillyotea · 13/04/2021 10:18

It's actually quite depressing that a child would reach the age of 8 and never had an opportunity to boast to school friends about being "awake all night".

Teen parties wrecking the house are not something anyone wants, but 2 kids chatting and giggling at night? Come on... Hmm

Neonprint · 13/04/2021 10:22

Does it matter that much if she didn't sleep? If its the holidays then she can just be tired and maybe have a nap.

itsgettingwierd · 13/04/2021 10:24

Sleep overs never actually involve the sleep part Grin

Always plan them for when you have a day to recover afterwards!

JustSleepAlready · 13/04/2021 10:28

This is what sleepovers are always like. Welcome to the club!

cathcath2 · 13/04/2021 10:28

Hahaha - I call them awakeovers!

IEat · 13/04/2021 10:29

Had one and only one. Year 3 kid OMFG she complained about everything, the tv being in (she didn’t have a tv at her home), the pizza and chips (she never ate pizza) worse than that she HAD to go to bed at 6.30, that my DD was annoying her by talking! Never ever again ever . If friends what my DD to stay over at theirs that’s fine but god it’s a bloody awful

Inastatus · 13/04/2021 10:31

@gingerbiscuits - OP has already said it’s allowed where she is!
My children used to love ‘pulling all nighters’ as they called it. Huge fun for them.

thebillyotea · 13/04/2021 10:31

worse than that she HAD to go to bed at 6.30, that my DD was annoying her by talking!

you should send her to the OP, sounds like her idea of perfect guest Grin

Cam2020 · 13/04/2021 10:32

What do you think will change when she's a teeanger and do you think that will be better?!

Sorry, but I think you were pretty naive to think they'd sleep. Not unreasonable to say never again, though!

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