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Easter holiday term dates? Ours are ridiculous

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harpygoducky · 09/04/2021 11:23

Our Easter holidays are ridiculously long. I know other private schools have shortened theirs given the amount of school kids have missed. Could I do a quick poll of dates? Ours are Thursday 25th March-Wednesday 21st April. I think school should take them back a week earlier. When do your kids go back?

OP posts:

pepsicolagirl · 09/04/2021 11:25

That's almost a month!!! Why?!
Ours broke up 26/3 and go back 12/4


ghostyslovesheets · 09/04/2021 11:25

good old state education - two where off 2nd to the 12th and one off the 2nd to the 19th - all for free !


harpygoducky · 09/04/2021 11:27

I was prepared for longer holidays in private but this feels mad

OP posts:

catsandchaos · 09/04/2021 11:27

I think 2 weeks for Easter for any school is too long. Why so long for yours OP?


DonGray · 09/04/2021 11:28

Private primary - 3 weeks off here - no changes made due to lockdown
Another local private has 4 weeks off!


Pepper54 · 09/04/2021 11:31

23 nights at home, no change to term dates. Love them being home. One is reading a lot and the other is exercising a lot (on a training programme for their sport). Personally I think the school have it about right, they have very long full days when at school and needed a proper break.


flumposie · 09/04/2021 11:31

2 weeks is perfect for Easter. It's when teachers such as myself have time to mark coursework for exam classes plus assessments but also have a break.


Happycat1212 · 09/04/2021 11:31

I didn’t realise it was two weeks off at Easter, mine have been at school for ages so I should have known but I was surprised when I realised it was 2 weeks, surely one is enough?! I’ve had mine off for 3 as they had to self isolate the week before school ended. I get 2 weeks at Christmas but I don’t see why it’s needed for Easter


vickibee · 09/04/2021 11:31

Two weeks here, does back on Monday, state 2ndry

Let’s hope the summer term runs to the end of term


Glitterblue · 09/04/2021 11:31

Broke up on the 26th of March and back on the 12th for us but that's a state school.


Glitterblue · 09/04/2021 11:32

I think 2 weeks is perfect, I don't know why people think it's too long!


itsgettingwierd · 09/04/2021 11:36

2 weeks here but we broke up 1/4 so had good Friday as an extra.

Go back 19/4


spanieleyes · 09/04/2021 11:37

Two weeks at the end of each term and one week for half term is surely pretty standard, three weeks a bonus or private school!


LatteLoverLovesLattes · 09/04/2021 11:37


Fri 26th March
Tue 20th April

3 weeks 1 day.

They have worked hard at home and in school this past half term. Brilliant provision of online teaching.

They looked at it, but decided that with where all the kids are at (where they should be), they'd benefit from the holiday more.

No need to lose a weeks holiday.

This half term is 6 weeks, it's going to feel like a very long half term until Exeat and that's only 1 week. Then another 5 weeks until summer term ends.



WellWoman · 09/04/2021 11:38

Our independent school broke up for Easter on Friday 26th March and starts back on Monday 19th April. The one change they made was to make the Friday a full day when normally they finish at lunchtime on last day of each term.
I think three weeks is about right for Easter. In the big exam years they can have a few days or a week of proper break, family time or (in non Covid Days) a trip away for fresh air or skiing, and still have a good chunk of time to do decent revision to get started on the run-in to exams.
Four weeks does sound like a very long break.


LatteLoverLovesLattes · 09/04/2021 11:38

Maybe they should do adult catch up?! It's only 4 weeks between Exeat & end of summer term.

Bigger yayyyy!!!


Dithercats · 09/04/2021 11:41

Private....ours used to be 3 weeks, but after parent vote went down to 2 to add an extra week to October half term 🙄.
Lots of parents then take that entire half term off so October - Jan stay abroad to go home to family....we have a v high pop of over seas students.
I don't mind the 2 weeks in October and prefer 2 week in Easter to 3 I think 🤔...


edwinbear · 09/04/2021 11:44


Broke up lunchtime Fri 26th March
Back Tues 20th April

So only 2 days shorter than yours. I think it's fine but DC have always been private so I suppose I'm just used to it. They can't really just knock a week off the holidays because of the pandemic. Teachers have contracts and I know many families looking to go away next week when things open up again.

School have done a fantastic job over lockdown with full days of live lessons, so mine really haven't fallen behind. They are enjoying going to the park with friends, DS has his much loved rugby camp next week and he's missed so much training this year. I'm pleased they have a good 3 weeks off.


SwedishEdith · 09/04/2021 11:44

Why are people "surprised" at two weeks off for Easter? When was it ever different?


skirk64 · 09/04/2021 11:45

Four weeks is pretty long for Easter holidays. Given it's a private school though there is probably less need for catch up lessons, people who can afford private school are more likely to have access to online resources and more likely to ensure their children attend virtual classes.

The catch-up in state school is more aimed at getting the lowest-achievers up to a minimum standard than getting higher-achievers to an even higher one. Most (all?) private schools have entrance examinations and children need to regularly pass exams during their time there to keep their place, so you are not dealing with illiterate teens in the same way you get in state schools.


Happycat1212 · 09/04/2021 11:46

Like I said I forgot it was two weeks so I thought it was only one. Sorry for not being perfect, it’s been a difficult year Hmm


MyDcAreMarvel · 09/04/2021 11:46

@Happycat1212 but I don’t see why it’s needed for Easter children to have down time and family time. Why would holiday have to be “needed” surely you would want the time with your children.


snowcobra · 09/04/2021 11:46

Holidays are 26th March - 19th April.

I think 3 weeks is perfect, DD appreciates the longer break


Aroundtheworldin80moves · 09/04/2021 11:48

We are just in the process of moving. If they could start their new schools on time, they would have had 10 days off due to the difference in holidays. As it is, they've yet to be allocated schools in New area.

The new LA has fixed holidays, including 2 weeks at October, Christmas and Easter, 1 week February and May, and five in the summer.


PolarnOPirate · 09/04/2021 11:48

Not a private school but still thought it was excessive - 1st to 19th April.

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