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Can we have a thread where we share unlikely but true stories?

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letsgowiththat · 08/04/2021 12:27

I'll start.

My (non English speaking) DGF received an email (in English) from the solicitor of a man who claimed to be the son of a long lost relative from Africa claiming he was basically of princely status and there was an inheritance waiting for my DGF and his siblings.
So basically like the Nigerian prince scam.

Except it was all true and it was a relative who escaped my DGFs home country as he did not want to be drafted into the war and ended up never contacting anyone again and building a small empire in Africa, getting married (multiple times) and having DCs. He willed a small part of his accounts to my DGFs by then deceased mother who was his cousin and then it got passed down and split between my DGF and his siblings by default. Not life changing money but one of our favourite stories to tell!

The majority of the emails was done through google translate as well Grin

Does anyone have any "sounds like a lie but is true" stories they'd like to share?

OP posts:

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies · 08/04/2021 12:35

My dsis spent a lot of time on a transplant ward. One of her fellow patients had a very far from straightforward transplant. But she was eventually able to try for a baby. She got pregnant, but sadly miscarried. Then she got pregnant again, this time with twins. The pregnancy went well, and she eventually gave birth to healthy twins. The date? 01.01.00. If that’s not a story fit for Holby City, I don’t know what is.

The staff on the ward were absolutely bursting with pride about “their” millennial twins.


AllTheWayFromLondonDAMN · 08/04/2021 12:37

A cousin of my mums was engaged to what turned out to be her own half brother (via her father). The father (so my mums uncle) knew there was a chance that his daughter’s fiancé could also be his son, but let it get almost to the alter before he decided to put the wheels in motion to check!


Confusedmeanderings · 09/04/2021 02:03

I had to defer the exams for one of my degree units for two years. It was Medieval French and I had not touched the subject during those two years. I was OK with the literature part of the exam, but for part of it I also had to translate a text into English. The night before, I panicked, went to the uni library, selected a book in Medieval French at random from the shelves, opened it at random and translated a page. Then I thought sod it and went off to the bar. When I got into the exam the next day and looked at the text, it was the exact passage I had translated the night before.


Lesssaideasymended · 09/04/2021 02:47

My mum, brother & I were all struck by lightening - huddling together and the current passed through us all. Apart from strange bruising on the entry & exit points (where we were touching) of the current and shock (no pun intended) we were completely fine. I don’t understand how it happened but to this day no one believes us 🤦🏼‍♀️


LorelaiVictoriaGilmore · 09/04/2021 04:26

When I was in my mid-20s, my mother told me that I had an older half sister. My mum had given birth as a teenager and her daughter had been adopted. She was adopted by a titled family and grew up in a stately home. Her mother was a wealthy American who brought significant money into an increasingly impoverished aristocratic family and, after the birth of a biological son, insisted on adopting a second child - my half sister.


rosegoldivy · 09/04/2021 04:46

Placemarking this thread in hope there is LOTS of replies. Love a thread like this


TheHoneyFactory · 09/04/2021 04:56

they did this as a segment on the radio the other day.... lady called in and retold story about how she was bitten on the stomach by a spider - but hadn't realized it was a spider bite at the time, just was a large sore boil/bite on her stomach.

Doctor lanced the lump....lump was full of alive baby spiders... so gross...
she ended up with infections and was very ill for months (recovered now)
spiders never bothered me until now (we are in Australia)....


whinetime89 · 09/04/2021 04:59

I did a contiki when I was 18. A girl from my home state met a guy there and they got together on contiki and are now married. His parents coincidently met on contiki, got married and had kids.


Amdone123 · 09/04/2021 05:00

My mum died suddenly and quite young, mid 50s. We were all so shocked, devastated, but as sisters, we are so close and got support from each other. At her funeral, I read a passage from the bible.
A few months later, my sister was taken to hospital and needed a procedure, only minor but unpleasant and without anaesthetic. She was so scared and I comforted her as she lay on the hospital bed, crying for my mum.
We were both at that nervous, anxious stage between tears and laughter, and I picked up a bible on the side and said, calm down, I'll read to you ! I opened the bible at random to the exact passage I'd read at my mum's funeral.
The procedure was still horrible for her !!


MyOtherProfile · 09/04/2021 05:04

Love this thread and am really frustrated that I can't think of anything to add!


Eminybob · 09/04/2021 05:11

Someone I know had a lump on her cheek and it turned out to be a parasite of some description. Instead of cutting into her cheek to remove it and leave an unsightly scar, they peeled her face off, Face/Off style and then sewed it back on so the scar runs along her jaw line.

My SIL has 2 cousins who are married to each other, kids and everything. And they are not even long lost cousins, they grew up together as cousins.

My friend has a cousin with the surname “Tracy” and his wife is called Tracy so when they married she became Tracy Tracy and kept it and goes by that name!


Merriwicks · 09/04/2021 05:13

I know a child who has autism and was non verbal at 6. When his grandmother died, he looked at the front door of his house and said very clearly bye bye. His mother didn't know his grandmother had passed at this stage (she died in hospital) it was only later she realised it was at the same time she passed that he said bye bye


custardbear · 09/04/2021 05:17

When my gran died in 1980 there was a big storm and our house was struck by lightening, only tiny damage and my mum always said it was her mum saying goodbye, my mum then said, for years, she'd make it thunder when she died to say goodbye to me. June 28 20012 my mum died. There was a MASSIVE supercell thunderstorm across the UK which started over my house about 20 minutes after she died (she was in Australia and I was UK with a newborn so couldn't be with her)- I never believed up til then that there was anything after death


daisychain01 · 09/04/2021 05:19

I'm mistrusting of threads like this. Call me cynical but it's just a collection of far-fetched story ideas for someone to harvest and turn into new scams.


EggscellentEggplant · 09/04/2021 05:20

These are brilliant!


garlictwist · 09/04/2021 05:20

I don't get the millennium twin one?


Frownette · 09/04/2021 05:26

@LorelaiVictoriaGilmore did you ever meet your sister?


User22222222221 · 09/04/2021 07:11

My husband is good friends with a famous rapper. I found it really strange at first, they are complete opposites. They met when DH did some work for him years and years ago and they just hit it off.

They speak regularly over message and telephone and meet up when he's here etc...

No one believes me until I show them because honestly you would just not put them together at all.


custardbear · 09/04/2021 07:17

@User22222222221 - but like Paul Whitehouse and Johnny Depp 😆


custardbear · 09/04/2021 07:18

Bit *
🙄 iPhone


ButIcantsitonleather · 09/04/2021 07:18


I'm mistrusting of threads like this. Call me cynical but it's just a collection of far-fetched story ideas for someone to harvest and turn into new scams.


TheOnlyPurpleLlama · 09/04/2021 07:24

I’m adopted, and have two children.

When I read the papers about my adoption, I discovered two siblings - who have the same birthdays as my children.

I also have a third sibling who was also adopted out - but is near-impossible to find.


Apple1971 · 09/04/2021 07:33

I was involved in a major train crash in America when I was 21 (in 1993). I was very lucky to escape unharmed (apart from a few bruises and cuts etc) as 1/3 of the people on the train didn’t survive.

I’d been working on a summer camp and we were travelling afterwards when it happened.


Cuntryhouse · 09/04/2021 07:37


I immediately thought Jay-Z or Snoop?? That would be so strange/cool.


ErniesGhostlyGoldTops · 09/04/2021 07:41

I have discovered the name and family of the American GI that fathered my half brother in 1944. My half brother is thrilled as finally he knows who he is. The Americans not so much.

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