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To be really upset with asda?

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ThankYouAsda · 02/04/2021 16:28

I'm a very lone parent of two children, 6 year old is a blue badge holder due to her disabilities and her 3 year old sister is autistic.

We receive the FSM vouchers for both children as I can't work due to DD1's needs. The only place you can use the vouchers online is Asda.

About 2 weeks ago I placed a click and collect order for Asda today, to pick up 11am. Used £30 worth of vouchers (the second week comes next week) and paid the additional.

Somehow the store had no knowledge of the order. I literally havd no food in the house apart from a punnet of blueberries and several boxes of cereal. I asked if there was no way they could do it today and I collect later, he shrugged his shoulders and told me to go and get it myself. I genuinely can not take both children in the store on my own, hence click and collect.

So then I rang customer services who told me to rebook whilst they processed the refund, I could possibly receive the refund tomorrow but most likely after the weekend. There are also no click and collect slots available until Tuesday. I would have been happy if they could have given us a slot tomorrow. I also need the voucher refunded before I can do the order, although worst case scenario I could have done a split order and ordered the voucher stuff for in the week and the urgent essentials using cash.

To order the cash side of the order would be using the fuel costs for the week until the refund is processed so its tricky but food is essential.

Sorry have ended up in a ramble.

AIBU to think they could have done something to help me get a food slot either this evening or tomorrow considering it was their error?

I can't get a slot at any supermarket until Monday so I'm completely stuck. The money side is hugely inconvenient considering we have the lowest income but the lack of being able to get a slot has really upset me.

I'm prepared to be told I'm being unreasonable, I've had 2 hours sleep!

OP posts:
IceCreamAndCandyfloss · 02/04/2021 17:01

FSM vouchers in the school hols are very new so are extra funds than usual so can’t you just use the ways you would have bought food before they were a thing.

It’s always wise to have some staples in especially in these times in case of self isolating, being ill etc.

ThankYouAsda · 02/04/2021 17:04

Thank you. The order seems to have fallen into a black hole, customer service definitely had it on their system but confirmed it wasn't on the store's system. I fully appreciate these things happen but was hoping they would have been more helpful. The slot availability is the biggest issue.

They do both get DLA and we get by generally financially but in a way that means every penny is accounted and budgeted for.

I think my neighbour is going grab us a few bits when she goes tomorrow.

Will try twitter!

OP posts:
HoHumAlex · 02/04/2021 17:04

Where abouts are you? I'd be happy to go to the shops for you if you're local. I'm sorry this has happened, it's rubbish!

DoubleTweenQueen · 02/04/2021 17:05

@ThankYouAsda Is there anyone you can ask to get some shopping for you, meanwhile?

DoubleTweenQueen · 02/04/2021 17:07

@ThankYouAsda I was going to say the same as HoHumAlex

Happycat1212 · 02/04/2021 17:07

Do you have deliveroo near you? mine have Sainsbury’s Morrison’s and coop on as well as corner shops

caramac04 · 02/04/2021 17:09

Not read the full thread but if you’re anywhere in Leicester area, message me

RaspberryCoulis · 02/04/2021 17:09

[quote DoubleTweenQueen]@ThankYouAsda I was going to say the same as HoHumAlex[/quote]
Jeezo do people NEVER LEARN?

MN will surely pop along in a sec with their warning but come on, give your heads a wobble if you are even considering sending cash or shopping to some randomer online.

serin · 02/04/2021 17:11

Co op were brilliant when DS's household got Covid and they live in the most isolated of places. They often have same day delivery.
Sorry you are going through this OP.
Asda have recently cut staff and have halved the checkout operators from 12 to 6 in our local store. It was complete chaos yesterday with queues of people 15 deep at each till and abandoned trolleys everywhere.

DoubleTweenQueen · 02/04/2021 17:12

@RaspberryCoulis I would not send money to anyone, and am quite grownup to make my own decisions, thankyou. I wouldn't begrudge anyone a bit of shopping (genuine or not)

RaspberryCoulis · 02/04/2021 17:14

[quote DoubleTweenQueen]@RaspberryCoulis I would not send money to anyone, and am quite grownup to make my own decisions, thankyou. I wouldn't begrudge anyone a bit of shopping (genuine or not)[/quote]
I am not saying the OP is a scammer.

But the very fact that people are offering shopping or money is a scammer's wet dream. They will see there are mugs kind hearted people on MN who want the warm, fuzzy feelings of helping out. And they blatantly exploit that. So there are more posts, and people lose money.

Help in this case would be providing links for food banks, or practical advice on how to contact Asda. Not sending cash or offering shopping. Just don't.

Happycat1212 · 02/04/2021 17:15

I don’t think people will ever learn, there was a woman on my local Facebook who posted the other day to say she lost £40 on the way to the shop (of course it was the ONLY money she had for her child and she had no food in either, the usual story ) she easily made triple back in donations compared to what she lost as people were sending her money to pay pal, it was only when someone came along and said the same woman had said the exact same story the year before about losing £40 on the way to the shop before people realised it was actually a scam. People will always fall for it.

maddiemookins16mum · 02/04/2021 17:15

What literally one punnet of blueberries and cereal, not one other item of food?

KimMumsnet · 02/04/2021 17:18

Hello everyone
We've had a number of reports from people concerned about this thread so, as we usually do in these circs, we're putting our heads round the door with some important reminders.

Right now we can't see any evidence to indicate that the OP isn't above board – if we did, we'd remove the thread straight away. But the truth is that, sadly, we at MNHQ can't know with 100% certainty that any poster is genuine, no matter who they are or how long they have been here. As frustrating as it is, we're not able to vouch for anyone here.

So we always ask users to remember that not everyone on the internet is who they say they are – and remind folk not to give more to another poster, either financially (in cash or gifts) or emotionally (in time or care and support) than they'd be prepared to lose if things went wrong. We strongly advise against parting with any cash or giving away your personal details, and if you receive a PM which makes you uneasy - report it to us and we’ll take a look.

Sorry to hijack your thread briefly there, OP – we really hope you get it all sorted soon.

ilovebrie8 · 02/04/2021 17:19

I’ve sent this before and sorry OP if you are genuine but there are a lot of scammers out there...shame! Not everything is as it seems online...Confused

ilovebrie8 · 02/04/2021 17:20

Seen not sent !

ThankYouAsda · 02/04/2021 17:25

Honestly I wouldn't ask or accept from anyone online! I'm a longstanding poster, just name changed.

I think my neighbour is helping us out just really upset Asda put us in the position.

Usually we have more food in staples wise but had deliberately run the cupboard empty as dates were running close. The whole thing is just horrible timing.

OP posts:
WrongKindOfFace · 02/04/2021 17:25

When did three year olds start getting FSM vouchers?

Butwasitherdriveway · 02/04/2021 17:28

Why did you need the voucher refunded?

ThankYouAsda · 02/04/2021 17:29

They do in our LA at the moment @WrongKindOfFace, I don't know if its just a covid thing or not

OP posts:
Mumof1andacat · 02/04/2021 17:33

Call them out on Twitter for what's happened

pam290358 · 02/04/2021 17:35

@Imnotbent. Your post comes across as not very understanding. How do you arrive at the conclusion that the Op’s income from DLA and UC will be ‘quite substantial’ ? The older child may not qualify for higher rates of DLA, and the younger one wouldn’t qualify at all as she’s under five. The costs of living with a disability are quite high and DLA is paid to cover these costs - not meant to cover basics like food.

Happycat1212 · 02/04/2021 17:42

You can get dla for under 5s Hmm

WrongKindOfFace · 02/04/2021 17:42


They do in our LA at the moment *@WrongKindOfFace*, I don't know if its just a covid thing or not

Possibly. It’s definitely not a thing here. But then it’s half days only in school nurseries here.
AllTheWayFromLondonDAMN · 02/04/2021 17:44

That’s terrible. Take to Twitter, shame them, they’re essentially leaving you and your young kids hungry over a long weekend. I’m so sorry this has happened to you @ThankYouAsda. Make a fuss and make it loudly. This is terrible customer service.

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