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Have I left it too late?

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Needsleeeeepsendheeeelp · 27/03/2021 18:34

Not really an AIBU, but. I have a 5mo baby, and for various reasons I haven't got round to arranging thank you cards to send out to people that sent gifts etc. The thought of not sending them doesn't sit well with me, but I've put it off for so long that I'm worried that people will just find it weird getting a thank you card after so long.

So... Would you find it weird? Or would you appreciate it just as much after such a long time has passed?

OP posts:
ThisIsMeOrIsIt · 27/03/2021 18:36

Not weird. I'd totally understand how the months could escape you with a newborn. I'd be touched that you'd bothered to still send something, tbh.

Champagneandmonstermunch · 27/03/2021 18:43

I'd like to think most people would be sympathetic to a new mother who didn't get round to sending thank you cards. I wouldn't bother now, but then I have never sent a thank you card in my life. If you thanked people at the time I'd think that was fine.

Notanotherhun · 27/03/2021 18:44

WhatsApp mass message. Job done.

HidingFromDD · 27/03/2021 18:59

I'd be surprised if anyone thought twice about not getting a thank you letter from a new mum, especially at the moment. I sent gifts for my nephew's baby and didn't get a thank you card, but they thanked me via a message and via their mum. Tbh, if it's bothering you I'd send a message via whatever Sm they use with a picture of the baby but they really won't be thinking 'needsleeeep didn't send me a card' (and if they did they're really not worth worrying about anyway)

singleagain22 · 27/03/2021 19:00

I'd do it now.
Better late than never.

Doyoumindfisithere · 27/03/2021 19:00

I would appreciate it and wouldn't judge

HidingFromDD · 27/03/2021 19:00

Actually, the only time I think it should be done is if it's something that took them a long time to make (my mum knits shawls).

SocraticJunkieWannabe · 27/03/2021 19:05

I'd do it now

Needsleeeeepsendheeeelp · 27/03/2021 19:05

Yes, everyone who sent a present got a personal thank you text, and when baby has worn an outfit or started using a toy (for example) I've sent a message to the sender as an extra acknowledgement. I just have a niggling feeling of guilt for not having done it, thank you cards/notes have always been something I've done but what with sleep deprivation, PND, lockdown and other factors it's just not something I've managed to actually get round to.

OP posts:
SchrodingersImmigrant · 27/03/2021 19:06


WhatsApp mass message. Job done.

SchrodingersImmigrant · 27/03/2021 19:07

Ah. X posted. You thanked them. There is no need to thank god knows how many times and ways. That's it.
No one should get pissy at it. They were thanked. And you shouldn't feel guilty because you did nothing wrong. You said thank you

PipsM · 27/03/2021 19:09

We did ours about 4 months after LO was born. We did it as a printed birth announcement with a thank you on the back and I think everyone who we sent it to enjoyed receiving it. It alleviated my guilt of not writing thank you cards other than WhatsApp/photos. Actually was a lot easier than I thought it would be to organise.

Phineyj · 27/03/2021 19:11

Send a cute photo! Everyone will love that.

Dixiechickonhols · 27/03/2021 19:13

Send it with a photo of your baby.

BillyIsMyBunny · 27/03/2021 19:24

You’ve already thanked them all personally and sent a photo, definitely no need to send a thank you card as well. I would find it odd to receive a thank you card after 5 months if I’d already been thanked and been sent a photo since giving the gift.

Ideasplease322 · 27/03/2021 19:28

Most people won’t even remember how long it’s been, they will just be pleased to hear from you.

I recently got a thank you note a year after a wedding, made me chuckle (but not in a judgmental way, just glad people are as distracted as I am).

rainyskylight · 27/03/2021 19:29

You’ve done enough with the personal message and making sure they get a photo with baby wearing/holding whatever. That’s all anyone would want or expect from a new mum. You might normally do thank you cards but this isn’t a normal thank you situation - which is why it’s taking you so long to get round to it!

GinWithOlivesIn · 27/03/2021 19:35

I don’t think it’s too late, I think 5 months is a pretty understandable gap between gift and thanks under the circumstances.

I did a vistaprint photo card, it worked out quite good value for money. By the time I got to DC3 I also just got a generic thank you message printed on the other side instead of hand writing an individual message for each person, I would recommend doing that too.

Lightout · 27/03/2021 19:36

Send a wee note.

It really annoys me that I have and give gifts and don’t get a Thankyou acknowledgment.
To the point that a friends 2 sons both became first time dads about the same time. I gave them cards with a generous sum of money in it. One thanked me, one didn’t. A couple of years later, both became dads second time round.The lad that thanked me the first time got a card with the same value of money and his brother who didn’t thank me only got a card.

Jay2020 · 27/03/2021 19:52

Be kind to yourself. No need if things are too hectic, but if you think now is a good time and you'd like to send some, then go for it!

CloudFormations · 27/03/2021 19:54

Not weird. People are rightly very understanding of new mothers!

Tal45 · 27/03/2021 19:54

I agree with put a photo in it/on it. You could just apologise for the lateness and joke that someone's been keeping you a bit busy :-D x

FFSAllTheGoodOnesArereadyTaken · 27/03/2021 19:56

I appreciate a thanks but doesnt matter to me how it was done - in person, message or letter. I think if you've done one, the sentiment is clearly there and it negates the needs for the others

Robostripes · 27/03/2021 19:58

I’m in the old fashioned camp of thinking thank you cards are important, after 5 months I’d have assumed that you weren’t doing them but would still be delighted to receive one! I did the same as a previous poster with vistaprint photo cards with a nice picture of DS and then did a short handwritten note inside each one.

RandomUsernameHere · 27/03/2021 20:04

Better late than never! I was also very late sending my baby gift thank you cards. I had twins and literally didn't have the time to write them straight away!

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