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To want a houseplants that just bloody lives

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Purplerayhan · 22/02/2021 22:41

That's all. No matter how much I read the instructions and follow them, source from proper garden centres, read up on the best plants for the room THEY JUST KEEP ON DYING. Even a sodding cactus went to the great compost heapnin the sky. I see other people's rooms with lush plants and I'm jealous.
And yes, I do have other things to be thinking about. No, I don't have much of a life. Yes, I talk to them but th singing might have finished them off.
YABU - clearly you're the Harold Shipman of horticulture, suck it up
YANBU - they are bottomless pits of promise and money, get over your hatred of plastic flowers

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NotJosieGrosieAnymore · 24/02/2021 19:56

No! But I also need to know as I have one! I very nearly killed it by forgetting to water it in the summer. It was a dried up bunch of twigs but completely resurrected itself once watered, I was amazed! Yours looks great.

NotJosieGrosieAnymore · 24/02/2021 19:59

I mean not great obviously, but it looks like it’s coming back to life!

Fromthegekko · 24/02/2021 20:02

ZZ plant. Only thing that has ever thrived under my watch.

WinoLino · 24/02/2021 21:08

Apparently weeping figs don't like being moved. Mine is almost bald. Maybe I should also try bathroom...

BigSkyLife · 24/02/2021 21:10

@NotJosieGrosieAnymore - it’s so tempting to try and pick out all the dessicated twiggy bits, though not sure if that will finish the whole thing off!
Did you just ignore yours or do something exceedingly green fingered with them?

Cowgran · 24/02/2021 21:26

I can't see if it's been mentioned (have skimmed through) but go hydro! A large vase or fish bowl, put a few pebbles at the bottom if you want, wash the roots, pop it in and fill with water. Then all you need to do is keep the water topped up. I've saved many plants like this. Syngonium, Swiss cheese, monstera all work like this.

MotherWol · 24/02/2021 21:32

@BigSkyLife that looks like some type of aloe; I’d carefully try to pick off some of the dead bits, maybe repot it using cactus/succulent compost. Water every two weeks using the soak and dry method, and keep it somewhere sunny. Good luck!

NotJosieGrosieAnymore · 24/02/2021 21:47

Yes I pruned all the dead bits off after realising it was still alive, watered it, and it only took a month or so to get back to normal. Yours looks far less decrepit than mine did so I think it’ll be ok.

SisyphusDad · 24/02/2021 21:53

Have you tried the Lego bonsai tree? That's one plant that even I can't kill.

SergeiL · 24/02/2021 22:02

What I have found is:
Peace lily tells you quite quickly when they need a drunk via the drooping approach
Spider plants go pale when they need water (but don’t die) and then nice and green when happy
Aloe Vera needs very little to drink (unlike me)
Mother in law’s tongue is (ironically) very forgiving in terms of light and water
Parlour Palms randomly and inexplicably smell of cat’s piss
You’re welcome!

BotanyBetty · 24/02/2021 22:04

The toughest plant I own is a devil's ivy. It actually needs to be reigned in, bugger is practically trailing on the floor.

malificent7 · 24/02/2021 22:14

I bought a new cheese plant...hurrah! Water it too goes brown. Water it too little it goes brown....default colour= brown. Alive ( touch wood) but brown.

MotherWol · 24/02/2021 22:23

Those lists of easy-care plants are misleading; they should be divided into plants for people who overwater and plants for those who underwater. Then you’d never accidentally kill a plant through misplaced attention!

ZaraW · 25/02/2021 06:35

My rubber plant is pretty low maintenance and is easy to look after.

Ijustlikedthename · 25/02/2021 07:51

The only house plant I have ever kept alive, like a few pp, is my orchid. It flowers regularly and is around 6 now!

Mypathtriedtokillme · 25/02/2021 10:06


With all this plant talk, could anyone identify this inherited plant that we are trying to revive?

It looks like a type of aloe.
Pull all of the dead stuff off.
Navilana · 25/02/2021 10:10

BigSkyLife Google Lense taught me this plant picture of yours is a Haworthia:

Haworthiopsis fasciata, formerly Haworthia fasciata, is a species of succulent plant from the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. The species is rare in cultivation; most plants that are labelled as H. fasciata are actually Haworthiopsis attenuata.

BalancedIndividual · 25/02/2021 10:37

Usually 3 things that kill houseplant:

  1. Overwatering
  2. Not enough light
  3. Putting it in a room thats too cold
Navilana · 25/02/2021 10:42

Since I for some reason can't use the Google Lense on my own pictures.... Can anyone identify this plant? Bought it on sale, which I found a bit weird. It stands tall with several leaves like in the first picture. But when it gets its "fruit" (pic 2), there's nothing coming out. But whenever the plant grows such a "bulb", it smells like mushrooms, which is quite overwhelming for a whiff 🥴

To want a houseplants that just bloody lives
To want a houseplants that just bloody lives
Whitney168 · 25/02/2021 11:29

Looks like some kind of Alocasia, @Navilana

TotorosFurryBehind · 25/02/2021 11:34

This used to be me until I had a child and was too busy to water regularly.. .now my plants are thriving! I was overwatering all those years, houseplants prefer neglect to overwatering.

BalancedIndividual · 25/02/2021 11:59


This used to be me until I had a child and was too busy to water regularly.. .now my plants are thriving! I was overwatering all those years, houseplants prefer neglect to overwatering.

Yup...any plant of mine which has died was due to overwatering.

Mainly because, most house pots dont have holes/tray in the bottom for water to drain away.
Navilana · 25/02/2021 12:06

Whitney168 Thank you! I've found out more thanks to your suggestion, it's Alocasia lauterbachiana "Purple Sword" 😁

suggestionsplease1 · 25/02/2021 12:10

I think most people tend to overwater. My granny always said houseplants thrive on neglect, and hers always looked great!

Soil moisture meters are a good bet for getting an idea of when your plants might need watering, and it really does vary from season to season, sunlight, room temperature. My larger houseplants have maybe only been watered twice since Christmas....over summer they will need watered twice a week.

NotJosieGrosieAnymore · 25/02/2021 12:29

I didn’t realise that as plastic pots are not permeable, water doesn’t seep out through the sides only through the drainage holes at the bottom. This means plants in plastic pots inside ceramic pots won’t need watered white as much. Totally obvious when you think about it!

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