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To think spending £75 on a kettle is a bit ridiculous?

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Whathehello · 29/01/2021 22:18

Especially if you don't have alot of money coming in.

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Faithtrusts · 30/01/2021 22:42

I have a dualit kettle and it's about eight years old now and going strong... worth the money all day long. Only problem is I'd love a different coloured one now and can't justify it as I don't like to replace what's not broken

2020iscancelled · 30/01/2021 22:46


I have a dualit kettle and it's about eight years old now and going strong... worth the money all day long. Only problem is I'd love a different coloured one now and can't justify it as I don't like to replace what's not broken

Snap. Dualit bought in 2014 for approx 85£ ish.

It’s nigh on perfect condition still. Used several times a day for nearly 7 years.

Which makes the cost per use negligible.

It looks beautiful still as I went for a classic style.

Buy cheap buy twice in my opinion. Not always true but very often is.

The only caveat here is if you can’t afford it now then don’t get it! Or buy a quality item 2nd hand or in the sale.

But if you can stretch to a good quality make then it’s absolutely worth the addition 20/30 quid from a mid range one.
Osirus · 31/01/2021 00:41

Mine was over £100 and a birthday present. The quality is just amazing and I love using it. I wouldn’t want to go back to a cheap plastic one now; by spending more you’ll save money because it will last much, much longer.


Quaagars · 31/01/2021 01:32

75 quid on a kettle?!
Regardless if you have loads of money or not that's ridiculous amount.
Have got kettles in the past for a tenner, they're great and they last ages but they're just basic.
If they're basic though, and they still last surely that's great?
Would say 20 pounds still gets a good kettle.
For 75 I'd want it to sing and dance lol

MissMarpleDarling · 31/01/2021 02:00

YABU I'm not flush but I wouldn't say that's ridiculous

MissMarpleDarling · 31/01/2021 02:01

Mine was £30 though 😂 but I considered that cheap

user1471538283 · 31/01/2021 08:33

If you can afford it then it is so nice to have nice things. I've had many kettles over the years. The most recent two are Smeg so expensive. My favourite kettle was like yours OP but that was because I was broke and my friend bought it for me as a surprise!

Gobbycop · 31/01/2021 08:47

It's not ridiculous if they can afford it.

I'm actually on the lookout for something that heats to a set temperature as well as boils.

Any suggestions?

Eeeeeeeeeeeek · 31/01/2021 08:58

If it makes them happy then why not? We all need a little joy in our life at the moment

raspberryk · 31/01/2021 09:14

I’m definitely not wealthy but I don’t think £75 for a quality kettle is expensive. If I wanted anything like that while I was on benefits I’d have saved my birthday and Christmas money/vouchers and got it, hadn’t realised my “friends” may have been judging me for that.
I had a le creuset kettle when I was 21 and it was around the £100 mark over a decade ago. It only broke this year as I clumsily dropped it and I was devastated. I’ve replaced it with something similarly priced and quality because I know of various people going through multiple appliances in that time. Plus I don’t like boiling my water in cheap plastic!

picklemewalnuts · 31/01/2021 09:44

Seriously, what are people doing that their kettles break? In 30 years I've replaced one kettle because it was leaking steam in a dangerous way. I've replaced a kettle because I fancied a nice colour and church needed a second kettle, so I gave mine.

We boil it perhaps ten times a day, usually with a just cup of water in.

PurpleFlower1983 · 31/01/2021 09:49

We have a Smeg Kettle and Toaster which were £300 total and I feel we we live to regret the decision if style over substance when they inevitably break in a couple of years. Oh well, I’ll be back to Russell Hobbs then 🤣

notacooldad · 31/01/2021 09:53

We spent £90 on ours over 10 years ago and I thought it was far too much at the time but we hoped it would last. The button to open the lid broke after a couple of years 😂
We have to refill it through the spout and although annoying, essentially it still works, so we haven't replaced it!

I always refill my kettle through the spout anyway. I don't know why, I've never taken the lid off!!!

unmarkedbythat · 31/01/2021 09:56

I saw an article the other week about very expensive things, one of which was a watch costing $55million. Which is irrelevant to the thread really but does at least make a £75 kettle seem cheap as fuck.

notacooldad · 31/01/2021 09:56

Seriously, what are people doing that their kettles break?
Mine broke about 5 months ago.
It was just a normal morning and I had tbe washing machine and tumble on and there was a bang. The electric went off. It was traced to the kettle. No reason why it happened on that particular day as I was just boiling water to clean the bins.

boymum9 · 31/01/2021 09:59

I spent £100+ on the metal silver and copper dualit kettle a few years ago because I liked the look... I bloody hate it it's the worst designed piece of rubbish ever, I constantly burn my hand on it because it's metal and the outside gets hotter than the sun and you can't open it without a tea towel for hours after it's been boiled, and it's a pain the ass the open anyway! It does look nice though. But I definitely didn't have the money at the time to buy it!

AlternativePerspective · 31/01/2021 10:00

I paid about £80 for a kitchenaid kettle about 5 years ago. I hated it with a passion and couldn’t wait for it to die, which it didn’t, so I gave it away and bought a £17 one in Sainsburys. Unfortunately that did die after two years but the £20 one I replaced it with still means I haven’t spent nearly a fortune on kettles since.

It’s a kettle, £75, £15, it does exactly the same thing.

Driso · 31/01/2021 10:02

I spent a £100 on a stove top one a couple of years ago. I never spend much money on anything really so this was a real guilty splurge. I use it everyday, it looks good and I expect it to last years and years!

midnightstar66 · 31/01/2021 10:34

I think you can spend your money on whatever you please. I wouldn't spend £75 on a kettle as i barely use it but if I made a lot of hot drinks then I might. I'm on a low income and treat myself sometimes too. It's allowed, we don't sign a contract to only buy value range or anything

AfterSchoolWorry · 31/01/2021 10:37

It brings them joy and they use it every day. That's money well spent imo.

Regularsizedrudy · 31/01/2021 10:37

Yes how dare the poor people have nice things! Yuck! Hmm

Ariela · 31/01/2021 10:54

I would never again buy a cheap or a plastic kettle. Firstly the water tastes of plastic, and secondly many of these cheap kettles are such poor quality they fail a PAT test - we had this with a pair of kettles at work, they were safe in that wouldn't electrocute, but not safe enough to pass the test so were condemned. We bought one Dualit one to replace as the shop only had one at the time (the other kettle was in the warehouse and not often used more as a spare for when the main one broke), and it's lasted longer than any previous kettle so far (3or 4 years) normally we'd be replacing a kettle a year. So far it's working out cheaper.

AlternativePerspective · 31/01/2021 11:08

Oh of course people can spend money on whatever they want, but spending £££ on a kettle is purely a fashion statement and nothing else. Kettles boil water whether they cost £15 or £115. Thinking boiling water out of a cheap kettle tastes different is an illusion.

My last kettle was glass. This one is metal.

My kitchen aid kettle was heavy, clunky, only had one wall so easy to burn yourself on, the spout was a horrible shape so almost impossible to pour from. My mum has the more upmarket model and it’s heavy, clunky,a bitch to pour from....

But kitchenaid is a brand which has evolved from its stand mixers which are excellent, but the rest of their products are just over priced.

midnightstar66 · 31/01/2021 11:14

Oh of course people can spend money on whatever they want, but spending £££ on a kettle is purely a fashion statement and nothing else

So what? If that's all it is (I'm sure some more expensive kettles will have extra features/quality benefits) If kitchen items are what makes someone happy and love their home what's it to you?

northbacchus · 31/01/2021 11:14

Maybe it's a wise investment if they're likely to be on a low income - better the more expensive than continually replacing the kettle!

Hard water areas seem to kill kettles quite fast too.

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