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To think spending £75 on a kettle is a bit ridiculous?

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Whathehello · 29/01/2021 22:18

Especially if you don't have alot of money coming in.

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CostaDelCovid · 30/01/2021 03:33


My last kettle died 12th November 2019 and we were so skint I had to get dh to drop into Sainsbury's after work and use our nectar points on one of the cheapest kettles we could get. Cheapest in our small town store was 20.

75 quid on a kettle would make me cry.

You remember the exact date your kettle died?!?

Did you give it a nice funeral?
4redSocks · 30/01/2021 03:38


I spent £50 on a kettle recently and it isn't even an exciting kettle. Just a pretty basic one above the cheap plastic range.

This. De’longhi kettles are around £75. I spent it because I use it daily and it was within my budget.
DioneTheDiabolist · 30/01/2021 03:43

I spent £50 on a kettle 13 years ago. It lasted 12 years so I consider it value for money and more environmentally friendly than 4 x £12.50 kettles.

waitrosetrollydolly · 30/01/2021 03:53

People spend a helluva lot more on a boil tap.

Each to their own, it it makes them happy, crack on.

ShastaBeast · 30/01/2021 04:03

We had an expensive kettle and it lasted about eight years. False economy buying cheap in some areas.

If it was the best kettle overall, or I loved it, I’d scrimp elsewhere to buy it. Clearly this person has that capacity.

Toddlerteaplease · 30/01/2021 04:56

My friend bought his sister in law a kettle for Christmas, that cost £110. (Apparently it's what she'd asked for) it was a really nice kettle but overpriced! I was HmmShock

DramaAlpaca · 30/01/2021 05:10

I'd want a high wattage one that boils fast. If it looks nice that's a bonus. Not sure I'd stretch to £75 though.

ZaraW · 30/01/2021 05:19

YABU if they haven't asked for your opinion it's none of your business.

FredaFox · 30/01/2021 05:30

Bought a dualit this week for £48 (1litre model) to replace my mums kettle. As she’s got arthritis she needs a lightweight kettle. Been replacing the same morphy Richards model every 18 months so decided to upgrade to a dualit. Be interesting to see if it lasts longer/ is worth it. Seems from here maybe. She now wants the matching toaster £68!
We looked at smudge but £100+ for small appliances seemed crazy. Will see how long the dualit lasts.

custardbear · 30/01/2021 06:10

Personally if i relied on UC to live then no, I wouldn't pay that much. Having a friend who relies on UC I can hardly believe they are able to spend that sort of money as my friend really struggles financially.
I was having building work done at home and bought our builders a basic Asda kettle for about £5 which we're currently using about a year later as our more expensive kettle broke - they only last about 3-4 years in our house so I wouldn't waste 75£ personally

Wavey123 · 30/01/2021 06:37

Unless they are in debt or owe you money, YABU. Cheap kettles are usually plastic looking which I’m not a big fan of, and I think it’s fair enough if you don’t want that in your house.

It’s their money, not yours

gigi556 · 30/01/2021 06:38

YANBU I had to buy a new kettle not too long ago and after a lot of research, I bought a John Lewis branded one for £20. It's a kettle! I almost splashed out on an expensive one but after way too much research realized they all do the same thing and more money did not mean more reliable.

Oysterbabe · 30/01/2021 06:52

Poor people are still allowed to save up for nice things.

isthismylifenow · 30/01/2021 07:02

Not the point of the thread but I didn't even know you could get a Porsche kettle...

viktoria · 30/01/2021 07:12

I bought a Porsche kettle when my DS was born. He's is turning 18 next week. Kettle is still going strong.

Anycrispsleft · 30/01/2021 07:19

I'd pay that for one that can boil faster. Mine takes about 5 minutes. It's hardly an eternity but I drink a lot of tea so it is a nuisance. The kettle's about 15 years old and has had its plug changed twice due to moving countries though so I guess it's impressive it still works at all!

longwayoff · 30/01/2021 07:23

My son has bought a Porsche kettle, lasted couple of years, a Smeg ditto, and a variety of other 'designer' kettles - and toasters - over the years at absurdly eye watering prices. In the same period I've bought a couple of cheap toasters and kettles. We both have toast and hot water. He thinks he's bought quality. I remain unconvinced.

LetMeOut2021 · 30/01/2021 07:24

They last for years. I would if I really liked it

Ricebubbles2 · 30/01/2021 07:38

Quality has no comparison
After years of plastic crap I upgraded mine and I love the ergonomic handle and the stylish look of my 100 cups of tea a day kettle.
On sale with 60% off and my matching toaster which doesn't fly out or half cooks.
$70 + $60
I love having nice decent belongings.
No plastic kettle can cut it now! However cheap and nasty.
Warranties last longer and the packaging is better quality to store my Christmas decorations in for two years now!
All paid for by my shitty quality job😂

MiddlesexGirl · 30/01/2021 07:39

A fool and their money are soon parted is I think the expression needed here.

MiddlesexGirl · 30/01/2021 07:42
£20. Stainless steel. Looks fine to me.

pictish · 30/01/2021 07:53

Sorry, I’m coming in with it’s none of your business.
I don’t know who you’re referring to in this post...but on the face of it, it’s someone else’s kettle...why do you care?

Butchyrestingface · 30/01/2021 07:54

I’d spend that if I were rich.

Sadly, I don’t work in HR. Sad

CakeRequired · 30/01/2021 07:55

Of course it's stupid. You can buy much cheaper kettles and when you're not well off or on benefits, you should be sensible about money when you don't have a lot of it. It's just common sense, a quality lacking in many people now. You don't spend above your means. Yeah they could have saved the money or been gifted it, but I can think of other things I'd rather do with £75 if I was poor and not employed.

But more fool them really if they end up struggling. As people say on here, it's their business, so don't loan them any money. They should have thought it through more.

This thread really just shows a lot of people would probably struggle to cope if they suddenly had no money. All this nonsense about caring about how it looks, having a boiling tap instead. Those are things that are options when you're rich. You have to be way less picky when poor. My entire living room furniture cost under £200 because I bought everything second hand when poorer. None of it matches, but who gives a shit? My home isn't a catalogue, I want somewhere comfy to sit. Confused

soundofsilence1 · 30/01/2021 08:04

Given that people on here seem to spend £1k plus on boiling water taps £75 on a kettle does not seem bad. Personally I would rather pay for quality, we spent similar on our but it is 15 years old and still works perfectly.

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