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To think spending £75 on a kettle is a bit ridiculous?

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Whathehello · 29/01/2021 22:18

Especially if you don't have alot of money coming in.

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Comefromaway · 29/01/2021 23:36

I got totally fed up of my £20 kettle (it was fairly new but impractical, scaled badly and difficult to take the lid off so I bought a new one. Same brand but much better quality.

It cost £50 and is lovely but it’s quite small. If you need a larger one that’s quiet. I can well imagine something decent being £70. I have very hard water so need a kettle with a very good filter.

If I was on a really tight budget I’d get this one though.,default,pd.html

dudsville · 29/01/2021 23:41

I voted yabu because it's someone else's kettle and they can do what they like. Anyway, maybe they saved up or bought less off something else. Maybe they went into debt over it. But yabu either way.

LOTM · 29/01/2021 23:42

If it gives you joy, go for it.

Would have to be one hell of a kettle for me to get one at that price. Mine was less than £20 from Argos, nice brushed steel effect. Boils water too!

Taylrse · 29/01/2021 23:43

My mum spent £10 on a kettle and 7 years later it's still going strong!

I'm really not in to designer items so £75 for a kettle seems crazy to me. However I wouldn't think twice about spending it on things I'm interested in.

Lampan · 29/01/2021 23:43

When I bought my kettle I was torn between cheap and cheerful or a more pricey one. In the end I decided I wanted one that was BPA free so I bought an expensive one. I have zero regrets. It boils super quickly and quietly, I use it multiple times a day (especially at the moment), it’s definitely my most used household item. I’m sure nearly all of us will have spent on things that others would consider a waste of money.

FlatteredRhubardFool · 29/01/2021 23:44

I was 😱 at the price of kettles then I discovered ones that do different temperatures. Fantastic for a hot water bottle without having to guess the temperature of the kettle before it gets to boiling. HWB are an essential in our house. I'm off to google the £1k kettle as that really is 😱😱😱

FlatteredRhubardFool · 29/01/2021 23:47

Ah, it's a tap and tank system not a kettle.

Calmandmeasured1 · 29/01/2021 23:47

These things are all relative. Mine cost just under that but I could afford it. If money was tight I probably would still have bought it but just waited a bit longer and saved for it. If It was really strapped for cash, I'd buy the cheapest one that I liked.

NothingIcando · 29/01/2021 23:50

Not very helpful but when I met my now partner in his home country, I had just moved into my own place..he was out of work recovering from an operation and was down to 50% of his wages.
I kept banging on about how I needed to find a little kettle for my precious tea as coffee was the main drink in this country and I couldn't stand heating a pot of water any longer. He went to a shop and spent his last 100 euros on a gorgeous shiny kettle. Couldn't afford it but it made me so happy 🤣🤣

Notcontent · 29/01/2021 23:55

I bought a Bosch Porsche electric kettle 15 years ago for about £90 and it is still going strong. I am thinking of replacing it soon but only because after so many years there is some limescale residue on the outside that is impossible to shift.

FrankieFrankFrank · 29/01/2021 23:58

I have a dualit kettle, I can’t remember how much it was but i know it wasn’t cheap. Having said that I bought it in 2005 and it is still going strong so cost per boil must be minimal now!

GellerYeller · 30/01/2021 00:04

We had the Porsche kettle at least a decade. Followed by a Dualit that lasted about three years(still mourning the bombproof Dualit toaster bought in 2003 that would still be alive had the in laws not set it on fire). The Smeg is terrible. Heavy, can't see the water gauge as it's behind the handle and not good value. I would like a Bosch.

GellerYeller · 30/01/2021 00:15
Sh05 · 30/01/2021 00:39

I have £12 one from Asda. I imagine It does exactly the same as a £70 one. I don't see the point in spending so much money on something that can only do one basic function.
Each to their own though

Acovic · 30/01/2021 00:44

I would like a dualit kettle and toaster (to match my granite worktop).

Sadly the breville kettle and toaster set i bought as a stopgap from argos for

thebabessavedme · 30/01/2021 00:52

I was very cross with dh 13 years ago when he spent about £60 on a bosch kettle, however price per cup of tea is nothing compared to the shitty £9 I got for our caravan 2 years ago which now needs replacing

namethatrandomlychanges · 30/01/2021 00:56

the Dolce and Gabbana is a £140 smeg kettle with a £350 paint job

saved up for a Dualit Classic Kettle to go with my 16 year old toaster, far nicer and more useful than any ornament

Midlilfecrisis37 · 30/01/2021 01:00

Economy = demand
Rich = fancy rubbish

All relative. Would not spend that much on a kettle but depends on bank balance and taste.

steff13 · 30/01/2021 01:07

Just because someone doesn't have a lot of money it doesn't mean they can't splurge on something nice every once in a while.

Heyahun · 30/01/2021 01:14

Probably better in the long run if it’s a decent brand tbh - buying a cheap plastic one for a tenner won’t last long

Syrrup · 30/01/2021 01:20

It depends on priorities surely? If they make 20 cuppas a day then they'll need to use it a lot and a quick boiling sturdy kettle which keeps the water warm and has built in limescale protection might save money in the long term.

FinallyFluid · 30/01/2021 01:26


I have a Dualit kettle. It was expensive but it's now 18 years old, so I think it's earned its keep. Same goes for the toaster and the kitchen scales too.

This scares me.....Grin

We had a new kitchen and bathroom in the last two years, DH had far too many opinions (for a laid back man) so I let him have his head re the bathroom, but on the clear understanding that the kitchen was mine. When the time came to fit out the kitchen I had been diagnosed with my second primary in four years, he was deflecting by looking at kettles and toasters.... I just went.............hhm uh hu, very interesting........ repeat as nauseam.

"We", it would appear bought a Dualit kettle and toaster, I use neither, for tea drinking or toast making however my teenager informs me that the toaster is a decent toaster, (teenage speak) so probably very good.

He tells me and I know this from boiling for cooking purposes that the kettle is clapped. GrinGet me down with the kids.

It works but it takes toooooo long to get anywhere close to the boil. I had a choice between a hot water tap and water softener, bearing in mind where I live, I am happy to boil a kettle. Grin

Even I know this is not good.
SonjaMorgan · 30/01/2021 01:27

I have and then moved to a hard water area and it broke within 6 months.

People have different priorities, there is worse to spend your money on.

GellerYeller · 30/01/2021 01:32

Slightly off topic but we had a sandwich toaster that cost a fiver in the supermarket. Not even in the sale! It lasted 12 years. Bargain.

PandemicAtTheDisco · 30/01/2021 01:41

I had one that was about £100. It stopped working after about 4 years. Since then I'd bought cheap replacements that last on average about 1 year. My kettles normally get used several times a day so more excessive usage than normal.

The last kettle I bought was about £50 and has so far lasted for several years. I think cheap kettles are a false economy if they have a lot of use.

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