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To be PISSED OFF WITH MY HUSBAND for saying I love you to bits?

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ScaryScaryNight · 27/10/2007 23:42


That is something a friend says about another friend, when there is something wrong, like in:

I love her to bits, BUT really she is wy out of line on this one and she should just shut up now. Or something.

Or, is "I love you to bits" something passionate you expect your husband to say?

So I am asking you my fine ladies: what is the meaning of "I love you to bits".

OP posts:

zippitippitoes · 27/10/2007 23:43

it's nice


fireflyfairy2 · 27/10/2007 23:44

Dunno... my MIL says it to the kids.

"Mwah mwah..nanny loves you to wee bits!!"


ScaryScaryNight · 27/10/2007 23:45

YES. Exactly. It is very endearing. But NOT husband/wife stuff, right?

I am not a cutesy little bunny rabbit!

OP posts:

VeniVidiVickiQV · 27/10/2007 23:47

Scary, with the best will in the world, you are bloody lucky he's saying he loves you - however he is saying it.


JamesAndTheGiantBanana · 27/10/2007 23:50

I don't like when people say "I love my kids/wife/whatever to death" because it just sounds a bit morbid and weird, but "I love you to bits" is ok. Hey, at least he says it!


choosyfloosy · 27/10/2007 23:50

I'd agree that it's frequently used in the same kinds of sentences that include the words 'I'm not being a racist but...'

but if your husband is just saying 'i love you to bits' i think that's quite lovely

i must say i have never heard a man using it in the 'i hate the crazy cow' sense, so perhaps he just heard it somewhere and liked it


ScaryScaryNight · 27/10/2007 23:51

I get your point Veni (good to see you btw). But, it is hardly passionate. But, after nearly 15 years together who needs passion?

MOI! I do!

I love you to bits is nice. But it means I dont rock his world. I thought I put him through enough emotional crap with my primadonna tantrums to warrant something more than just " I love you to bits."

Now, I held him to that and he changed it to

"I love you to terraflops".

who can beat that?

OP posts:

gibberish · 27/10/2007 23:52

Aaaw Starry. It's lovely!


mumeeee · 27/10/2007 23:53

YABU. He is teling you he loves yoe and that is good.


gibberish · 27/10/2007 23:53

And blokes aren't always the greatest at expressing how they feel. So perhaps that's him showing his undying love to you. It's just nice that he is trying - a lot wouldn't bother.


VeniVidiVickiQV · 27/10/2007 23:54

Bless you starry


Bocoreepy · 27/10/2007 23:54

I think it's nice. I see what you mean, kind of, but surely you can be loved to bits and loved in a passionate way at the same time - it's not totally exclusive, it's affectionate and sweet, there's a place for sweet affectionate, even in a rock your world type of thing.


colditz · 27/10/2007 23:54

He loves you. Go eat some chocolate and have a nice hot bath, and tomorrow, when you have come on, you will wonder why you were so upset.

Seriously, it's nice. Not everyone can be shakespear


2shoescreepingthroughblood · 27/10/2007 23:55

yabu he loves you be happy


ScaryScaryNight · 27/10/2007 23:56

He is in India. We have only MSN sob. He is in India for another two weeks. A month in total. sob sob sobbety sob!

OP posts:

gibberish · 27/10/2007 23:57

Well you can be forgiven for feeling emotional. I'm sure he will show you how much he is passionate about you when he returns


ScaryScaryNight · 27/10/2007 23:58

He better! He has promised me one week of lie in when HE will get up, get the kids ready for school and nursery, breakfast, the lot!

OP posts:

harpsicorpsecarrier · 27/10/2007 23:59

I get you scary
I wouldn't like it either, it just doesn't have the right tone somehow.
still I bet he is really really trying.

maybe you could give him some skeleton notes to help
an ex of mine once said:
be yourself, there's no one nicer
I shit you not.


gibberish · 27/10/2007 23:59

You see? Then you will be telling him you love him to bits

You are one lucky woman.


MommalovestodrinkBLOOD · 27/10/2007 23:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MaryBleedinShelley · 28/10/2007 00:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScaryScaryNight · 28/10/2007 00:10

I guess I should be happy to be unreasonable on this occasion....

OP posts:

Neverenoughpumpkins · 28/10/2007 00:14

YABU-enjoy it-the romance faded long before 15 years, but reality is -probably-much better if he still tells you he loves you no matter how!


Neverenoughpumpkins · 28/10/2007 00:15



sKerryMum · 28/10/2007 00:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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