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To be p*ssed off that people are using MN as a free alterntive to ebay

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geordiemacmummy · 11/10/2007 22:40

I know its been done hundreds of times before but at the moment it seems worse than ever.

I'm all for people selling on things that they dont need, things that would appeal to other MN'ers, but its getting ridiculous.

"For Sale" 1 garden shed, "L" REG ford fiesta, 7 garden knomes, a dog, four AA batteries and a kitchen sink"

People are selling the most unbelievable crap, and even worse than that bumping it up 20 or 30 times a day - take the fcuking hint - no one wants your junk.

I know that I can click on the no selling button but thats not really the point. I'm sure Mumsnet must be recommend on some money saving site as a free site to off load your crap.

There are some people that are only using the "For Sale" section, nothing else. I picked a random person just now, did a search on messages today - nearly 200... ALL IN THE SALE SECTION!!

Do us all a favour.. WWW.EBAY.CO.UK

OP posts:

geordiemacmummy · 11/10/2007 22:44

That'll be gnome....

OP posts:

Charlene1 · 11/10/2007 23:12

No yanbu generally, but in some ways you are!! I have loads of baby stuff for example to get rid of, that I want very little money for, but I don't want to give them away (sentimental value etc), or have it costing me money to sell them in fees. Eg, I have things like socks that I priced at 20p a pair, as they were "too good/nice" etc to throw away, and people had asked on wanted ads for socks etc; so I would not pay ebay/classified fees for those. Have used ebay - waste of time. Replied to wanted ads on there, put them up for auction, paid fees - buyer doesn't bother bidding. Sold about 4 things on there. I have sent my "crappy" stuff to charity shops, but people want Next / Gap clothes etc but don't want to pay full price - as I don't!! (Think of it as recycling!! ) Money covers costs of postage and whatever you sell the item for, in my case, goes into paypal or the bank for my kids at xmas - when I will be buying with the money I've made.
I got abuse on here when I started posting as I put loads of threads on and certain people flamed me and were complete b*tches, but now I know how the site works, so have set up a picture trail and have a few ads for each "type" of thing, rather than millions! Although some people moan about trails - they want the picture there and then on a single thread - you can't win!!
I do get annoyed myself when people start loads of threads about the same thing so your own ads get lost - I asked MN if we can split it so that we have a section for pushchairs for sale and wanted, toys, equipment, clothes etc. They are supposed to be looking at it.
People are bumping as the board is so cluttered - perhaps we should ask for a limit of 10 threads a month in For Sale for each person?
"Another site" I have been on has around 10 posts a minute in buy/sell and it's ridiculous - people start loads of new threads, and you can't find anything!
I haven't posted much on other areas of MN lately, as I'm so busy finding and bumping my threads to get them noticed! (Wasn't me you searched on was it??? I have sold lots of stuff, but also had a lot of timewasters - not just on here! - hence still advertising.
MN should have buying/selling though - it's helpful to everyone - perhaps we should have to post 20 times on other areas before being allowed to advertise or something??
(Sorry, horrendously lonnggg post!!)


Charlene1 · 11/10/2007 23:13

I would probably buy gnomes if I saw them for sale!!!.....


RustyBear · 11/10/2007 23:17

I have 17 concrete gnomes if anyone's interested!


1dilemma · 11/10/2007 23:20

Charlene1 it is getting a little silly isn't it? I think your limit of 10 a month would be a really good idea. Some otheres have suggested charging but I don't like that and reckon it would be a pain in the a&^e to .
I have bought some stuff btw found it very helpful.


1dilemma · 11/10/2007 23:21

Gnome house is a few doors down from me I could 'borrow'one for you they have loads so I'm sure wont notice one's missing!!


1dilemma · 11/10/2007 23:21

The missing word is collect!


littlelapin · 11/10/2007 23:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Charlene1 · 11/10/2007 23:29

Thank you 1dilemma!!


Charlene1 · 11/10/2007 23:34

littlelapin - now why didn't I think of selling on there....?? (JOKE!!!)


littlelapin · 11/10/2007 23:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

1dilemma · 11/10/2007 23:39

10 a month or whatever is the way forward isn't it? I would hate to see it go completely even if I don't like it there will be thosethat do.


Sazisi · 11/10/2007 23:43

It is getting a bit much
I think it would be a good idea to have a rule that you can only sell kids'/babies' stuff and maternity wear, as well as the 10 adds a month.
I sometimes think it looks a tad dodgy, too, when someone has tons of stuff for sale and it's all 'bnwt'...can't help wonder where it all came from


Astrophe · 11/10/2007 23:48

oooh, hope nobody is thinking of me. I've been worrying, 'cause I have been offline for 3 months, and I'm not a prolific poster (usually only on my post-natal thread and the odd other one), and I've just had a clear out and posted ads for lots of bundles...but I AM a real MNer - promise! And very glad I am of the chance to come on here and clear my name too!


1dilemma · 11/10/2007 23:48

I've always thought
a) got in sales
b)unwanted gift
c)wrong size/never worn for whatever reason


moondog · 12/10/2007 00:35

Charlene, were you the woman trying to sell a DUFF PRAM??


Charlene1 · 12/10/2007 00:40

nope, I have never had a duff pram!! Sorry - not me you're thinking of!!


Charlene1 · 12/10/2007 00:57

Actually, you have offended me moondog - why be "suspicious"???
Search all my posts if it makes you feel better - I have nothing to hide - and I don't scam people either.
And I always post under this name btw.


geordiemacmummy · 12/10/2007 08:21

Its the same people posting week in week out, with huge volumes of stuff.. I agree - you have to wonder where it comes from, my first thought would be car boot sales....

I have no problem people selling stuff that is aimed at parents/babies/children, its the sudden influx of Elizabeth Duke jewellry, nearly new cosmetics and other random stuff.

And the reason that so many genuine threads are being lost is because of the people mindlessly bumping up the junk... 30 or 40 times a day..

Perhaps bumping in the sales section should be stopped..

Oh and another thing.. quit with the "Please please please please buy my crap so that I can put petrol in my car and then go down to the local animal shelter and help all the sick fluffy wuffy animals" in the title!!

OP posts:

Eddas · 12/10/2007 08:33

GMM, you need to hide before the 'sale' people come on I do agree though, I think some people use mn just for selling and IMO are trying to make a profit. Lots of people don't and just sell on there used bits and pieces. I know i'm trying to atm. But will be ebaying as no success so far


chocolateteapot · 12/10/2007 08:37

"Please please please please buy my crap so that I can put petrol in my car and then go down to the local animal shelter and help all the sick fluffy wuffy animals"

The title thing drives me insane. My tick box thing doesn't work more often than it does work so I am subjected to the For Sale section taking up most of active conversations. The titles really bring out the worst in me and I have to practically sit on my hands to refrain from typing sarcastic messages.


FrannyandZooey · 12/10/2007 08:37

Do you not think that MN would ditch this area if it bothered them? they don't have to have a buying and selling board. There aren't any rules about who comes on here to sell stuff, and whether they are regular posters or not. I presume MNHQ just like the traffic to the site and would change things if it bothered them. It doesn't bother me, and I am on here loads.


DavidTennantsMistress · 12/10/2007 08:37

I can vouch for astrophe I know her from old on the post/anti natal threads together.

I have been trying on here and ebay to sell stuff- mainly as i've split for H and need the cash/but basically just need the space. should ahve done it all a year ago but thought i'd keep it (such a horder! lol) so far thou not a right lot has sold tbh. think it's xmas coming up.

normally only bump once or twice during the day (mronign and night type thing) but I do get frustrated by those who do it every 2 hours.


Isababel · 12/10/2007 08:38



LadyOfTheFlowers · 12/10/2007 08:45

What pisses me off is people who solely, or appear to only come on MN, solely to sell.
There have been tons od threads lately, you click into them and don't recognise the person from Adam, so search and lo and behold, they only ever post in 'For Sale'.

I thought MN was a community type thing, or support network or whatever.

Why should people just come on here, pedalling junk and not give anything back!!?

It's a bit of a cheek if you ask me!

The above post is not directed at anyone, just me putting my rant across!

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