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To want to have my hair cut and coloured professionally

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grannyslippers · 05/10/2007 22:11

DH has discovered I pay about £70 to have my hair cut and coloured (which is why I only go about 4 times a year) and thinks its too expensive given we are on one income etc.etc.

Thing is if I go to a cheaper salon, I will lose the recipe for that Redken colour which I really like and actually looks nice. AIBU to want to have decent looking hair and stick with what I know? Is salon colour a ridiculous luxury?

I have got 2 inches of greying roots now so becoming urgent.

OP posts:

BecauseImWereWolfit · 05/10/2007 22:16

£70! Blimey - I pay over £150 to have mine done!


satine · 05/10/2007 22:16

No, you're not being unreasonable. Your dh might want to save money but he also wouldn't want you to look like a hag, with wild, greying hair!!


Blondilocks · 05/10/2007 22:18

That is very reasonable for a cut and colour. It's also better not to scrimp on such things because you only end up paying more to get it put right.


ChantillyLace · 05/10/2007 22:19

It's a lot of money especially if you're only on one income but do you spend on anything else? Do you buy loads of clothes? Hve lots of nights out etc?

If not, and if the money is not affecting family food etc then it's worth it. We all deserve to feel good and to be pampered.

I couldn't pay that much but I'm lucky that DH colours my hair (£5 from Asda) and I haven't had it cut for a couple of years but if I had the money I would be at the hairdressers tomorrow!

Does DH spend out on anything? Does he have hobbies etc? Cos although it's the household money it has to work both ways for 'treats'.


Fireflyfairy2 · 05/10/2007 22:20

Tell him it's an investment in your self confidence.

I paid £50 to get mine cut, coloured & highlighted on Wednesday. A woman needs to look good in order to feel good.... tell it is for the good of all if you spend the cash on your hair......


choosyfloosy · 05/10/2007 22:26

TBH I think you perhaps both need to have an amount of money (equal, natch) that is your 'personal spending' and what you spend it on is entirely up to you! You can make the decision on whether your hair colour or something else is more important to you.


choosyfloosy · 05/10/2007 22:28

Of course, if you find out that you have less than 23 a month each to spend on personal stuff, you are faced with having to find a cheaper salon...


Fireflyfairy2 · 05/10/2007 22:31

But it's not as if a hair colour is a regular occurence... I had mine coloured in March... it is now October & I got it done this week. I only had 2 cuts in between times.. I have short spiky/textured hair. Base colour is copper & the highlights are a blondey/honey colour.

I went in there dark brown...


ChantillyLace · 05/10/2007 22:37

I have to have mine done every 4 weeks!! If I leave it any longer I have 3 inches of regrowth!!!

All the money I could save if I went months in between!! Oh how I wish!


Fireflyfairy2 · 05/10/2007 22:38

I do think that highlights & a really good cut can help disguise that though.... I only really notice regrowth in longish/straightish hair.


ChantillyLace · 05/10/2007 22:45

And I've got longish straightish hair!! Plus I'm bottle blonde when naturally I'm brunette so when I say it shows!!!!


Starbear · 05/10/2007 22:53

I insist that my DH gets his hair cut at Tony and Guy. He looks like a thug if anyone else cuts it.Money is power That's why I work and so does my mum.
My hair is a mess but so the rest of me. Try having the wild woman of wonga look see what he thinks of that! Make sure it does'nt look sexy otherwise your doomed!


grannyslippers · 06/10/2007 09:31

Thanks I agree with Starbear actually. DH hardly ever gets his hair cut and looks pretty scruffy most of the time - he's just not vain about his appearance at all (bless) and as long as it's clean doesn't bother at all. I think part of being reasonbly in control of your life and having some self respect is to be properly groomed (appropriate to your budget of course!)

I asked him if he wanted a wild greying hag around the house and he's relented!!

OP posts:

nimnom · 06/10/2007 20:09

No way - it is an essential of life!!


bubblagirl · 06/10/2007 20:11

i've found great salon highlights cut and blow dry and straightening for 55 pound nearly passed out so now my dp cant complain lol and they are fab too


PestoPumpkinMonster · 06/10/2007 20:11

If you've got the time to spare, you could do as I do, and go to your local hairdressing trainees. I get full highlights, (Redken colour) and cut for £39 all in!


xXxamyxXx · 06/10/2007 20:20

if its only four times a year unbu i colour my own at home purly because i have hair like worsle gumage that only i seem to know how to tame after washing!


aintnomountainhighenough · 06/10/2007 20:26

Obviously it depends on where you are but 70 quid for a colour and cut is a bargain. However that isn't the point here. It sounds as if you are a SAHM (the reference to only one income), perhaps in the first instance you DH needs a little reminder that although you aren't paid a salary by a company you are working, imagine what you would have to pay for a cleaner/gardener/childminder/cook etc (sorry assuming that you do the majority of this stuff). Perhaps you could send him a bill each week!

Seriously I don't think it is unreasonable for you to have your hair done. I know men don't really get it but it really is lovely having your hair done professionally and properly and it lasts longer. 70 quid a quarter is less than 1 pound a day - what a bargain!


PSCMUM · 06/10/2007 20:30

£70 - bargain, but yes, not really the point. If you have been affording it thus far and he hasn;t noticed the house being repossessed as a result, I'd just smile sweetly and thank him for his knowledgeable fiscal input, then carry on having it done at the nice place.
You could also tell him that he cannot tell you what to do with your hair, and that the money he earns is half your half his - you are both working in order to enable him to get paid - you are doing the children, he is doing the job. But the money is earned EQUALLY by both of you and so can be spent by both of you as you see fit.



xXxamyxXx · 06/10/2007 20:33

just get it done and say nothing not like my dh would notice if i got my hair done!!


Blondilocks · 06/10/2007 20:35

Do second the hairdressing college if you have one nearby - I used to go to one & it was just as good as the salon I go to now just half the price. I only don't go now because I haven't found one nearby & can't be bothered driving 25 miles to one.

I'm only on one income too as a single mother & don't consider it to be extravagant. I think if you were going to John Frieda every 4-6 weeks for colours (read this was how often you're supposed to go really) then it may be rather extravagant!


Blondilocks · 06/10/2007 20:35

Also I think spending a bit more on special shampoos for coloured hair is worth it to make it last longer.


salsmum · 06/10/2007 20:40

I Would ring around your local salons to see if they have a half price colour day.
I just found out this week my local salon does and they really spoil you at this time of the year [b4 xmas rush] most of the salons are quiet during the week so i'm sure if you ring round you could bag yourself a bargain!.
If you find out the colour that you use already i'm sure they'll know a similar colour or go for something completely different .
Ask about friends/neighbours to see if theres a girl they know who works from home.


PSCMUM · 06/10/2007 20:43

I know everyone is trying to help, but I really object to the PRINCIPLE of even CONSIDERING That something which you have been affording all this time, which you do only 4 times a year, which is probably your only money you spend just on yourself, is able to be taken away from you becasue DH has decreeed it 'too expensive!'

i wonder if you have a duaghter...will you want her to grow up and be in a relationship with a man who can tell her not to get her hair done as its too expenisve, and so she goes scuttling round looking for bargains / colleges / work experience girls / DIY / cheaponess! No, you won't. So don't do it yourself either!!!


ChantillyLace · 06/10/2007 20:49

£70 is a small fortune for a hairdo though! We're low income and I'd love my hair done at a salon but DH spends nothing on him and so I spend nothing on me! I have asked for it as a xmas pressie but the cheapest I can find for cut and colour is £50 and we cannot afford that.

So it really depends on who deals with bill paying etc and if her DH genuinely thinks they cannot afford it, especially with xmas creeping up!IMHO

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