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the boring thead, class not an issue

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Blandmum · 23/09/2007 18:23

I need to cut my lawn. Do you think I'll need to do it again before the winter?

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CatIsSleepy · 23/09/2007 20:04

star wars...
now that is boring...

RustyBear · 23/09/2007 20:07

slowreader, it did not have pink nail varnish on.

slowreader · 23/09/2007 20:13

Thank you for checking. I recently painted some snails pink because they were eating my wall flower seedlings. It would have been v thrilling if it was pink.

Antiques roadshow frightfully boring. Jugs.

Pan · 23/09/2007 20:13

yesterday I spent five..yes five hours in IKEA. Boring? My eyes bled.

And yes, MB, you should probably cut it again in a couple of weeks. Just for the unadulterated buzz of it.

slowreader · 23/09/2007 20:15

Did you get lost Pan?
Were there not arrows on the floor to guide you out?

pointydog · 23/09/2007 20:15

on teh topic of lawn, put mower in for an annual service now or wait for a possibly lower price in mid-winter?

I just don't know

RustyBear · 23/09/2007 20:16

Slubberdegullion, you can come and look at my snail if you want.
of course, by the time you get here (Berkshire) from Cheshire, even a snail might have moved on elswhere, but you're very welcome...

Blandmum · 23/09/2007 20:17

Pan, we call the Ikea eyes thing 'Going Tharn' after the Watership down thing. the look in the rabbits eyes when they see a bright light coming

OP posts:
Pan · 23/09/2007 20:24

I lived it, MB.

Didn't get lost, but was tempted. Was buying a bed and acoutrement for dd ( and she was being......particular). And a bed for a female friend who was with us, and she was being........particularly particular.

Lost it when DHL delivery men were being...particular... about how/when/where they could deliver. Anyone at Ashton IKEA around 4.30pm on Saturday and witnessed a ruckus at the home delivery desk....that was me. I make no apology.

Bubble99 · 23/09/2007 20:26

Pan, you are one boring bastard.

Slubberdegullion · 23/09/2007 20:30
Pan · 23/09/2007 20:30

I prefer the "worthy, patient, loving and brave" epitah....but boring will do today, buuble.{grin]

Difers · 23/09/2007 20:30

I nearly cried when DH went missing in Ikea the other day leaving me with a rampaging 20 month old DS.

If you were the mother Breastfeeding apologies for him shouting "Diddy Diddy Diddy" and pointing at you in the cafe.

I also dicovered Ikea's first aid room when DS bumped his head on the toilet door and thought that they were very well trained in applying cold compresses and soothing DS with an icecream. Thankyou Tom in Ikea in Wolverhampton.

Blandmum · 23/09/2007 20:31

ruckus is far too interesting a word on this thread

OP posts:
motherinferior · 23/09/2007 20:31

I find Ikea far too exciting, in a spine-chilling way. I vowed, last time I went there about three years ago, to go back only if I can have a really, really strong spliff in the car-park first.

3andnomore · 23/09/2007 20:33

think this might just be the right thing in this thread

Pan · 23/09/2007 20:36
CatIsSleepy · 23/09/2007 20:36

Ikea is quite exciting
all those cheap bright things with silly names
you get sucked in and whirled around for hours
and end up spending three times as much money as you intended, on nothing you had actually planned to buy

motherinferior · 23/09/2007 20:36

I bought a new tin-opener today.

Blandmum · 23/09/2007 20:37

You were right up there on the edge, but I decided it would be too exciting to draw attention to it.....

Calm down, man, for god's sake!

OP posts:
CatIsSleepy · 23/09/2007 20:37

I could really do with a new tin-opener, MI

RustyBear · 23/09/2007 20:37

You do know what comes from the University of Hawaii don't you?

Blandmum · 23/09/2007 20:37

does it have a white handle? Mine has a white handle, MI

OP posts:
CatIsSleepy · 23/09/2007 20:38

I need to buy some new socks
black ones
that aren't too grippy round the top

Blandmum · 23/09/2007 20:39

(if this thread gets into discussions of the day, I will die a happy woman [wink})

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