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the boring thead, class not an issue

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Blandmum · 23/09/2007 18:23

I need to cut my lawn. Do you think I'll need to do it again before the winter?

OP posts:
j20baby · 24/09/2007 21:17

don't know, heard it on radio as an interesting but useless fact

RustyBear · 24/09/2007 21:18

But we don't know the snail's name... it will have to be a plain pencil.

slowreader · 24/09/2007 21:19

mb will know.
(conceals curiosity)

CatIsSleepy · 24/09/2007 21:19

ah I see j20

bit too interesting for this thread, perhaps...

I have to go and drain some spaghetti now

slowreader · 24/09/2007 21:19

about the duck not echoing I mean.

Lorayn · 24/09/2007 21:19

wouldn't 'snail' do, I doubt there will be any confusion, it isn't like many snails have pencils.

Blandmum · 24/09/2007 21:19

sadly the duck quack echo thing is an over exciting myth, the truth is more dull

I could take it a pencil with 'Snail' written on it?

OP posts:
motherinferior · 24/09/2007 21:21

Ah, but is it like a tree falling in the forest?

CatIsSleepy · 24/09/2007 21:21

MB I am relieved to hear it

RustyBear · 24/09/2007 21:22

I'm not sure whether it is a literate snail. If it is, it might decide to stay at university, so the pencil would be very useful.
It could write down all the things it was pondering about on my garden table.

slowreader · 24/09/2007 21:23

Probably for the best.
I have heard the sheep can recognise their sheepy friends in photographs. This is only fairly exciting so I hope it is true.

Blandmum · 24/09/2007 21:25

How the fark does someone work out that a sheep can recognise another sheep in a photo?????? [mind boggling emoticon needed here]

I can imagine them all sitting round looking at a photo album, 'look that is Flossy, she's the one in the wool outfir standing next to all the others in the wool outfits'

OP posts:
slowreader · 24/09/2007 21:28

They showed them photos of their lost friends and the sheep got all bouncy and excited. They were big photographs. It was on telly so it must be true.

You sound overexcited if you don't mind me saying.

Blandmum · 24/09/2007 21:29

takes deep breaths and calms self.....

OP posts:
motherinferior · 24/09/2007 21:32

I have had a bath because our shower leaks. The builders are going to replace it. Shall I tell you some more about our builders?

(I was going to ask about whether I should clean the bath with cream cleaner or the other sort, without scoury bits in, and then realised that there is a whole section of MN dedicated to people who find this sort of thing not boring.)
mummytojess · 24/09/2007 21:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Califrau · 24/09/2007 21:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

slowreader · 24/09/2007 22:05

I am looking forward to chestnuts coming into the shops.

RosaLuxembourg · 24/09/2007 22:06

No more about your builders thank you MI. Or I shall tell you all about Paul, our decorator. He likes black coffee, no sugar. And Radio Two.

slowreader · 24/09/2007 22:08

Ours likes black tea with lemon and he writes poems and recites them at the drop of a hat or paintbrush more like. They are very long.

RosaLuxembourg · 24/09/2007 22:10

And brussels sprouts too, Slowreader.

slowreader · 24/09/2007 22:11

Yes, after the first frost.
Also cobnuts in their husks off the market.

pointydog · 24/09/2007 23:39

I should be telling you lot.

Someone is selling a FOOTMUff on the for sale board!

Quuiiiiccckk, you boring fuckers!

Califrau · 24/09/2007 23:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Slubberdegullion · 25/09/2007 08:01

Foot muff...where where.....

I'm sorry to have missed the sheep topic (I have some knowings about sheep), my laptop spontaneously shut itself down and refused to go back onto the internet, possibly in protest over the amount of time I am using using it for this wonderful boring thread.
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