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To think 8.00am isn't too early ...

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LakieLady · 08/06/2020 17:58

To mow the grass?

We have a very quiet electric mower. And most mornings there are delivery lorries/vans making a racket at 8 (the whole street seems to be extending their house atm, we have a builder's lorry almost every day and they always come early).

The sun is on the back garden until gone 6pm, I work until 2.30 and by the time the grass is in the shade I'm frankly knackered.

Would it really BU to give it a quick mow at 8?

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michelle1504 · 08/06/2020 19:19

Too early. Maybe leave it till 9am/10am.

feelingfragile · 08/06/2020 19:20

Massively too early

itsgettingweird · 08/06/2020 19:20

I'd say fine on weekday. People usually up and ready to go or left for work.

However, in the current climes I'd be sympathetic to neighbours who may be at home and only do it if I knew I wouldn't be disturbing them.

cheermeupifyoucan · 08/06/2020 19:20

I wouldn't be bothered by it but personally wouldn't until 9am on a weekday and 10am at the weekend.

unchienandalusia · 08/06/2020 19:21

Yabu. 9am on a weekday and 10am on the weekend although we also don't mow on a Sunday so as not to disturb our neighbours.

Itwasntme1 · 08/06/2020 19:22

Remember under lockdown people home a lot more and sleeping later.

I used to get up at 6am, left the house at 7:30am. I now roll out of bed at 7:30am and am still at my desk well before 8am.

Lots of people furlough, and many retired people will want their quiet mornings.

GrumpyHoonMain · 08/06/2020 19:24

It’s fine in my opinion.

lilgreen · 08/06/2020 19:24

Way too early. I’d wait until 10am to do anything noisy.

minisoksmakehardwork · 08/06/2020 19:27

I think you would be fine. My neighbour often does her front garden in the early morning - before 7am on some occasions. On a normal working day 8am is fine. Just because some people are not at work right now, doesn't mean everyone is - DH is often at work before most people are even thinking about getting out of bed.

Juliet2014 · 08/06/2020 19:27

I thin too early
But that’s irrelevant
It’s all about your neighbours.
So drop them a line, ask them. They could all be fine with it.
If one I’d then says, “no, please leave a little later on” then you should respect that

Greenpop21 · 08/06/2020 19:29

I can’t stand it when builders turn up at 8am. I know it’s do they can did off at 3 but I’d rather they started later and worked a full day.
Any noise before 9 am at the earliest is unreasonable.

Quackersandcheese3 · 08/06/2020 19:31

I do think 8 is too early .

ArtieFufkinPolymerRecords · 08/06/2020 19:32

All those people saying surely everyone is up by 8am, why do you presume that? When I am at work, then yes, but if I am not at work there is no reason for me to get up before then. I think some people on here assume that everyone has young children who wake them up early and they have to get up to them.

happyjack12 · 08/06/2020 19:33


Gfplux · 08/06/2020 19:35

Not before 9am and not between 12 and 14 as people could be eating in their garden.
NEVER on a Sunday.

Swiftier · 08/06/2020 19:36

It’s really too early. I’d say wait til 10 - you don’t know what hours your neighbours keep (presumably). They might still be asleep at 8am in which case you risk waking them, and even if they’re not asleep it’s still nice to have some quieter time in the morning.

ArtieFufkinPolymerRecords · 08/06/2020 19:36


It wouldn't bother me, but I'm awake 4-4:30 love the extra daylight hours in the Spring/summer!

8am seems late enough to me. However, what's your neighbours situation? If I knew they had kids that were still sleeping I wouldn't even be breathing heavily. They need all the child free time they can get!

What time do you go to bed? Is it ok if your neighbours mow at 9.30 pm, as it's still light in the summer at that time?
SoloMummy · 08/06/2020 19:39

I wouldn't say it's that big an issue Mon to Fri. Weekend maybe a tad early!

Crossfitwidow · 08/06/2020 19:42

Just by asking this question you know you’re taking the piss.

user1471517900 · 08/06/2020 19:44

"Never on a Sunday"

Properly laughing at that

puffinkoala · 08/06/2020 19:47

Too early. 9am onwards, 10am at the weekend.

Even better, don't bother at all/as often and let your lawn become a wildflower meadow for a bit, the bees like it.

Ruddle91 · 08/06/2020 19:49

8 is fine to me 🤷🏻‍♀️

HeretoThereandBackAgain · 08/06/2020 19:50

Round here the mowers start at 6am!

8am is fine.

Flipflopsaga · 08/06/2020 19:50

Personally in these times, I wouldn’t until 10:00am. People are struggling with the situation we are in and thus are finding it difficult to sleep at night (get to sleep, stay asleep). I just think that it would be more kind, thoughtful and considerate of you to wait until 10.

BeltaneBride · 08/06/2020 19:50

Ha! Was just listening to a true crime podcast and part of the evidence was done people mowing the grass which was prohibited by Minnesota state law before 8 am😀. Sad o clearly 8 am is considered by at least one legislature as valid.

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