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To think 8.00am isn't too early ...

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LakieLady · 08/06/2020 17:58

To mow the grass?

We have a very quiet electric mower. And most mornings there are delivery lorries/vans making a racket at 8 (the whole street seems to be extending their house atm, we have a builder's lorry almost every day and they always come early).

The sun is on the back garden until gone 6pm, I work until 2.30 and by the time the grass is in the shade I'm frankly knackered.

Would it really BU to give it a quick mow at 8?

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Am I being unreasonable?

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GiantKitten · 08/06/2020 18:54

why does it have to be in the shade to cut it?
I didn't think that was a thing.
It's not like painting Confused

Wheresthebiffer2 · 08/06/2020 18:57

It's kind of early and the dew will still be on the grass. Give it til 10am and it will have dried off.

MitziK · 08/06/2020 18:57

Between 10am and 3pm is about right.

8am is too early and could result in a lot of bad feeling and even complaints about antisocial behaviour.

Floralnomad · 08/06/2020 18:57

Weekdays 8am is fine , next door have landscapers and builders in and they start at 8 . Weekends I’d say 9 to be kind to neighbours .

ShatInTheHat · 08/06/2020 18:58

I'd be fine with it, but wouldn't mow my own before 9am at the weekend incase my neighbours weren't.

Katinski · 08/06/2020 18:58

Here, the gardeners start mowing mine at 8.30 after collecting their stuff from the depot at 7.30. and they've already had a mug of tea with a previous client. We are a mixed estate of elderly,middle aged, young mums and I've honestly never heard anyone complain that they're coming too early.Confused

Thisismytimetoshine · 08/06/2020 19:00

Doesn't mean they're fine with it.

Whenwillthisbeover · 08/06/2020 19:00

9 from me

ComDummings · 08/06/2020 19:00

I think 9am for anything ‘noisy’

LakieLady · 08/06/2020 19:00

Sorry, should have said - weekdays.

It goes really yellow and parched if I cut it when the sun's on it. We have very free draining, chalky soil.

OP posts:
GreyGardens88 · 08/06/2020 19:01

I don't think it's too early OP, most people will be up by 8am.

notheragain4 · 08/06/2020 19:01

I'm rarely up before 8 even on a working day. Although a lawn mower wouldn't bother me that much tbh.

megletthesecond · 08/06/2020 19:01

Fine on a weekday.

AlexisCarringtonColbyDexter · 08/06/2020 19:05

Yes- 8am is too early. Leave it until after 9 at least.

LakieLady · 08/06/2020 19:06

However, what's your neighbours situation?

Older neighbours both sides, and next door but one. NDN and ND but 1 are both early risers (Mr ND but one goes to work about 5). The nearest kids are diagonally opposite, so the width of the road and 2 x house widths away. I doubt if it would disturb them, tbh.

OP posts:
flirtygirl · 08/06/2020 19:06

Very unreasonable. I would complain if my neighbours did this.

Wavey123 · 08/06/2020 19:07

I wouldn’t even notice, 8 am is perfectly reasonable in my opinion. If you don’t want to be woken up at a normal waking up time, then I’d say that’s your problem to solve rather than your neighbours

Lovemusic33 · 08/06/2020 19:08

Too early, although I’m up at 6am I respect that some people get up later so I don’t mow until after 10am.

GanjaGranny · 08/06/2020 19:08

Totally unreasonable

MrsR87 · 08/06/2020 19:09

I’m up at that point (usually in work for 7.30am) but I personally wouldn’t mow my lawn until 9am.

Dutchesss · 08/06/2020 19:10

Weekday? Why not....

InFiveMins · 08/06/2020 19:12

Wait until at least 9am.

pooopypants · 08/06/2020 19:12

9am is early enough. Don't be that neighbour

Sheepareawesome · 08/06/2020 19:18

Too early. 9 at the earliest I would be cursing you!

Lifeaback · 08/06/2020 19:19

Delivery noise is significantly less disruptive than the irritating repetitive noise of a lawnmower!

8am is far too early. Just because you’re up and about, doesn’t mean your whole street is. Even if your neighbours are early risers I’m sure the appreciate a peaceful, quiet hour to start the day with.

9am at the very earliest or weekends is the considerate thing to do

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