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to be really by some rude mner's

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littleboo · 22/09/2007 18:34

Doesn't it bug you that some people on here are just downright rude
they act like they own the place!!!!
really annoys me, try not to let it, but it does!

OP posts:

Greensleeves · 22/09/2007 18:37

No actually, I find passive-aggressive people who bluster indignantly about "people" without having the bollocks to name names get on my tits FAR more


themoon66 · 22/09/2007 18:37

I must be very thick skinned as I tend not to notice TBH. Also I avoid posting on threads that look likely to kick off.


foxinsocks · 22/09/2007 18:38


do you have a lot of people on your tits Greeny?

gawd, am very pissed. MUST not be too rude /


WotsZePoint · 22/09/2007 18:39

It's like that in RL too, don't seek out the ones that bug you!


DANCESwithHughJackman · 22/09/2007 18:39

lol...ah bless you. If you don't like rudeness then mumsnet not the place for you. There is goodness abounding but there's no pretending we (I speak royally there) don't like a scrap


Carmenere · 22/09/2007 18:40

Why don't you just piss off then?
Rude enough for you


lulumama · 22/09/2007 18:40

if someone has really ticked you off, then why not CAT them and talk to them off board...

this board is huge, you can avoid a few people quite easily

some posters are certainly more established, well known, vociferous than others, but the best way to get on is to avoid starting threads bitching about unnamed Mnetters !


WideWebWitch · 22/09/2007 18:40

Name names if you think you're hard enough


lulumama · 22/09/2007 18:41


moondog · 22/09/2007 18:41

Just be even ruder back.
Tis only daft women pissing about anyway.
Don't take it to heart.


DANCESwithHughJackman · 22/09/2007 18:42

VERY restrained moondog


themildmanneredjanitor · 22/09/2007 18:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Saturn74 · 22/09/2007 18:43

I find the ones that point out grammatical errors in thread titles particularly annoying.


ScottishMummy · 22/09/2007 18:44

it's not real just a blethering bunch of women.genuinely cant recall most MN threads after i log off, so not bothered by answers/position taken.threads i dont like content i just avoid

philosophically, who owns MN - blimey can anyone own a freeposting discussion forum?


bran · 22/09/2007 18:45

I have to say I prefer plain speaking, even if it does come across as rude. I can't stand sacharine (sp?) false sweetness, it makes me much more uncomfortable because it disguises what people are really like and what they really think.

An in the spirit of plain speaking, Dances put Hugh Jackman down, if I can't have him than neither can anyone else (apart from his wife of course).


StrawberryMartini · 22/09/2007 18:47

If you don't like the rudeness, go over to Babycentre, they are far too nice over there and you'll fit right it. (I was chucked off and came here... fit right in).


Pruners · 22/09/2007 18:49

Message withdrawn


WotsZePoint · 22/09/2007 18:50

lulumama... I hadn't noticed


ScottishMummy · 22/09/2007 18:51

StrawberryMartini o i love the name you can come to my gaff anytime damn was that a show of spontaneous convivialities id better go be rude now to some unsuspecting MN


WotsZePoint · 22/09/2007 18:51


NappiesGalore · 22/09/2007 18:51

i have been pulled up as rude twice in last week or so.
am honestly a touch bewildered by that. what kind of sheltered lives do people lead if they think im rude??


foxinsocks · 22/09/2007 18:52


Greensleeves · 22/09/2007 18:53

LOL at NG being rude

Some people really don;t have a clue, do they


StrawberryMartini · 22/09/2007 18:53

Am I supposed to bring my own cocktail shaker you tight scot?


ScottishMummy · 22/09/2007 18:53

scottishmummy jostles her way to front- to get a good look at action. anyone want a glasgow kiss

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