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yougotanuglyboatrace · 27/12/2019 22:47

Aibu to ask if you find yours difficult/irritating/infuriating and if so, why?

OP posts:
RedPanda2 · 31/12/2019 14:46

I suspect this is for a column. You're lazy. I love my partners parents.

RedPanda2 · 31/12/2019 14:48

KateK00 so sorry for the loss of your DD

NoMorePoliticsPlease · 31/12/2019 14:52

I love my DILs and SILs Thanks god. We are people with feelings just like you.

Elbeagle · 31/12/2019 14:56

Mine, like most people, have their great points, their good points and their faults. Just like me, just like my family, just like DH.
It can be a tricky relationship because essentially they’re not my family, they do things differently, it’s a different dynamic. However they don’t do anything intentionally to hurt me, and in general we get on well.

TigerComesBack · 31/12/2019 14:59

We have little to do with them tbh. SIL is a massive bitch and did some really nasty stuff to us. The whole family are excusers and enablers so when we said it wasn't ok, they basically closed ranks and have largely ignored our existence since. No loss to us. If you ask them though they 'are a really close family' Grin They live with their heads in the sand.

We cope with them well because we live in another country. I highly recommend it.

Lizzie0869 · 31/12/2019 15:47

My MIL is lovely, but she's high maintenance, as she's very full on. She's always been far too keen to create a mother/daughter relationship with me, which I have absolutely no desire to form with her or anyone else. She actually wanted me to call her 'Mum' in the beginning, which I refused, as I have a Mum already; my relationship with my Mum isn't great, but I'm still very loyal to her.

MIL has a lovely relationship with my DDs, though, so I have no issue with having her come to stay, I just don't like it when she tries too hard with me.

TheBigFatMermaid · 31/12/2019 16:38

FIL is a grumpy old git, but the same to everyone! He is a fabulous and loving Grandfather to our DC!

MIL is calm, lovely and refuses any help when we visit!

BILs are lovely. I am particularly close to the younger one, he comes to visit us sometimes too.

Overall, no complaints and certainly nothing to start a thread about on here.🤣

SIL,married to the other BIL, she's alright. No complaints.she is particularly sweet to our DD and nice enough to DS.

LakieLady · 31/12/2019 16:42

MIL is lovely, BIL is lovely, SIL1 and her husband are lovely.

SIL2 is a bit of a bitch and quite up herself, and her "D"H is unspeakably vile. Racist, sexist, a bully and a right goady fucker. I tend to avoid family things if there's any chance he might be attending.

TeaForTara · 31/12/2019 16:42

MIL is lovely. (FIL died before I met DH.)

tillytrotter1 · 31/12/2019 17:23

Most women on here probably regard their in-laws in the same way that their partners regard their in-laws.

2020BetterBeBetter · 31/12/2019 17:29

Other than their time keeping, no not at all.

Eventrider1 · 31/12/2019 17:42

Mine are lovely. Sometimes we can run out of things to talk about which makes it a bit awkward when we all sit in silence until someone thinks of something else to say which does give me a bit of anxiety, especially when DH uses those lulls to nip out of the room, leaving me on my own 😩 but apart from that and DFIL's charity shop habit for 'joke gifts', I think they are pretty great.

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