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Bloody police - merry sodding Christmas

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NThound · 26/12/2019 14:44

More than 2 months ago I made a bloody stupid error and just slipped through a red light in queuing traffic though I had actually noticed that a police car was a few cars behind - I don't make a habit of breaking the law, but it does make it even more stupid. He pulled me over a bit up the road (which was horrible - never happened to me before in 15 years of driving) and I admitted my error of judgement and apologised. In my defense (I didn't say this to him as I didn't want to make excuses) it was awful traffic - we had been stuck there for ages and I was visiting an elderly relative who I rarely see and had to nip out for something and felt guilty and stressed at how long it was taking). It was my fault though I know.

Police man said he had written it up and would send it off but 'hopefully' I would hear nothing back in the light of my apology and clean license. He also checked my tyres as he said they were currently focussing on them but he then made no comment on them.

I had my MOT done two weeks later and it failed on one of the tyres, which I thought was odd but never mind. Weeks went by and I heard nothing then on Christmas fucking Eve came the letter. FFS. I have just logged on to try and book a course and I have less than two months to book it because this has taken more than two months to come through. In order to get it done in time I have a choice of two courses that are within 30 miles of me - I live in a central location between two biggish cities. It's ridiculous - I'm going to have to try and get time off but don't want to risk a refusal as then I'd be stuffed so may decide to call in sick, which is not something 'I want to do.

AIBU to think this is shit? If police think you have made an honest fuck-up they shouldn't 'write it up' and if they do it shouldn't be near enough impossible to book a course you have been offered because they have sat on it for more than 2 months?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Feminazgul · 26/12/2019 14:47

You could always take the points 🤷‍♀️


LadyTiredWinterBottom2 · 26/12/2019 14:47

I think you jumped a red light and could have caused an accident and now you have to face the consequences.

Why should your employer have to pay for a day off sick? Do you ever take responsibility for your actions?


tttigress · 26/12/2019 14:48

YABU driving carries serious responsibility, a mistake could kill someone.

Take driving seriously.


MsJaneAusten · 26/12/2019 14:49

I have absolutely no idea how you can think your choices are the fault of the police.


halocompanach · 26/12/2019 14:49

YABU. You should have been paying more attention to the traffic lights. If you are doing proper observation then you wouldn't have 'slipped through', being stuck there for ages gives you plenty of time to watch the lights.

YABU to say 'bloody police' as well when they are just doing their job to keep the roads safe. You are lucky that you didn't cause a traffic incident and damage another car or injure a pedestrian or car driver/passengers.


Scrumptiousbears · 26/12/2019 14:49

So it's the police fault for you ultimately jumping a red light. Worst case you could have killed someone. Grow up.


OverByYer · 26/12/2019 14:50

Get over yourself


Ohdearohdearyme · 26/12/2019 14:50



Ragwort · 26/12/2019 14:50

Why can’t you just book a days leave? You don’t have to tell your employer what it’s for if you don’t want to. I had to do that, actually I was just honest, nobody made any comment.


NoBlueXmasLightsAllowed · 26/12/2019 14:51

All of this is your own fault.


TeacupDrama · 26/12/2019 14:51

check elsewhere but I think certain things have to be done within a certain time frame they might be time barred

How long do the police have to issue a fixed penalty notice? The police have six months from the date of the alleged motoring offence to issue a fixed penalty notice. Initially, they have 14 days to serve a notice of intended prosecution (NIP, ) to the registered keeper of the vehicle involved.31 May 2019
the time frame for booking course should be from date on penalty notice not date of incident
I don't think OP is not taking responsibility but the short time frame
I think you will need to take a days annual leave


heath48 · 26/12/2019 14:51

You went through a red light!!! Accept the consequences.


Wildorchidz · 26/12/2019 14:51



AntiHop · 26/12/2019 14:51

Surely 2 months is plenty of time?


NThound · 26/12/2019 14:52

I do take driving seriously. I've been driving for 15 years and nothing like this or an accident has ever happened to me before. I drive up and down the motorway every day and make several long journeys each year and no accidents or points have ever occurred, so I d think I'm a pretty good driver and, though I was in the wrong here, there was no risk of accident.

My point is, it's a shit way it has been dealt with.

OP posts:

HermioneWeasley · 26/12/2019 14:52

You really need to take a step back and think about how you take responsibility for your actions. None of this is the fault of the police.


TeacupDrama · 26/12/2019 14:52

the NIP, If it is issued to you after the incident, it must be done within 14 days. If you do not receive it within 14 days, any prosecution may be considered invalid. If you are being charged for more than one offence, you must be issued a separate NIP for each offence.27 Apr 2018


saltysally · 26/12/2019 14:53

Is this a windup?


Wildorchidz · 26/12/2019 14:53

What makes you sound even more stupid is that you knew there was a police car behind you ..


BentNeckLady · 26/12/2019 14:53

Imagine if the “bloody police” didn’t bother to stick people on for traffic crimes, the roads would be a complete free for all.

You did the crime so do the time and at least be gracious about it.


FenellaMaxwell · 26/12/2019 14:53

How is it the police’s fault you drove badly and are being sanctioned accordingly?


TheFaerieQueene · 26/12/2019 14:53



Saddler · 26/12/2019 14:53

Take the points then


Keepmewarm · 26/12/2019 14:53

You broke the law.
Be honest with your employer.


Reba0706 · 26/12/2019 14:54

The delay in sending it through is unacceptable

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