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Is Boris Johnson racist?

122 replies

KenDodd · 23/12/2019 13:14


Could you also please say how you voted in the election?

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


You have one vote. All votes are anonymous.

pineconeupyourarse · 23/12/2019 13:15

Well that resolved things.


BananaChocolateLump · 23/12/2019 13:18

Yes. He is.

I spoiled my ballot.


MonstranceClock · 23/12/2019 13:18

Of course he’s racist


Smileyaxolotl1 · 23/12/2019 13:19

I think he has used racist language in the past. However he has also given two of the three great offices of state to people from an ethnic minority which is more than the Labour Party has ever done.


BudgieHammockBananaSmuggler · 23/12/2019 13:19

You can’t say piccaninnies watermelon smiles letterboxes etc but claim you are not racist cos some of your best friends are Asian, like Saj, but he’s one of the good ones... His uncritical white privilege, othering and exoticism, and divisive rhetoric are pretty much the definition of racism. (Obligatory passive aggressive) HTH.


slipperywhensparticus · 23/12/2019 13:19

Unless you think it's normal to refer to ladies wearing burkas as letter boxes? Of course he is

and none of your buisness


dirtyrottenscoundrel · 23/12/2019 13:20

Oh give it a rest op fgs.
Go & enjoy your Christmas.


thefluffysideofgrey · 23/12/2019 13:22

Surprised you haven't been told to get over it


thefluffysideofgrey · 23/12/2019 13:22

oh there we have it, the standard response to any criticism of the gov or PM.



Smileyaxolotl1 · 23/12/2019 13:23

But actions speak louder than words in my opinion. He said those things true but he has appointed many people of colour to important jobs including party chairman.


CactusAndCacti · 23/12/2019 13:23

Of course he is, but lots of people are willing to overlook* it because it is generally aimed at Muslims.

By overlook I mean agree with him.


thefluffysideofgrey · 23/12/2019 13:23

And yes he's racist.


Strongmummy · 23/12/2019 13:24

Yes, next question


ffswhatnext · 23/12/2019 13:24

Is someone who spouts racist stuff a racist? Let me think about that one.
It's like asking if the DOE is racist.


pineconeupyourarse · 23/12/2019 13:25

Hmm the letterbox comment wasn’t racist IMO.


Smileyaxolotl1 · 23/12/2019 13:27

pinecone I agree. Culturally/ religiously insensitive but not racist.


sockittome123 · 23/12/2019 13:28

How? pinecone


ffswhatnext · 23/12/2019 13:28

Even some in his own party said the letterbox comment was racist.


eddiemairswife · 23/12/2019 13:28

I think he says things without considering the effect his words may have on others. I remember, when he was Foreign Secretary visiting a Buddhist temple in Burma, he started quoting a passage from Kipling and was told by the British Ambassador that it was inappropriate.


pineconeupyourarse · 23/12/2019 13:29

I don’t like the full hijab. I think to describe it as a letterbox is not the wording I would choose but you can bet it’s muttered by probably around 70% of the population. People don’t like it. I don’t like it.


CactusAndCacti · 23/12/2019 13:29

The guy is coated in a vat of teflon. Hmm


Butchyrestingface · 23/12/2019 13:30

Are you a journo, @KenDodd?

Do you think BJ is racist?

How did you vote in the election?


Justcallmebebes · 23/12/2019 13:30

Well Emily Thornbury said that she wouldn't want anyone whose face was covered caring for her elderly parents or young children. I take it that's ok though?? Boris is v proud of his Turkish roots and his wife (STBX?) is of Asian heritage and plus what others have commented on, he has a diverse cabinet


Frozenfan2019 · 23/12/2019 13:30

Yes he is extremely racist. The letterbox comment was racist enough but what about saying that black people have lower IQs? Also what about this video?

I voted labour.


KenDodd · 23/12/2019 13:31

The reason I also asked how people voted is so I could see if posters who didn't think he was racist would be more inclined to voted for him (or his party, rather) and vice versa, those who do think he's racist less inclined to vote for him.

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