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Have you ever had every Xmas day a perfect one or even just ONE ?

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Daffodil55 · 22/12/2019 12:22

It is rather sad to read all the threads about stressful Xmas days and meals etc. plus the gift giving and receiving which is far from wonderful.The relatives we invite or attend their homes because we don't want to offend but all the while knowing we will be looking forward to the time to put coats on and say goodbye etc. etc.

I could drone on but will not but this is to ask has anyone had the perfect Xmas day with company they adore, without a single moan or gripe? Has anyone EVER had a bad Xmas day/Boxing day? Or are some lucky souls here blessed with only blissful memories of unrivalled pleasure and chocolate box type days?

This is a serious question and no other agendas here. I have not had any horrendous Xmasses but a few which had I known how they would be I may have said sorry I can not make it.

On 25th I was planning to be all alone and just wallow in the peace and quiet, pure selfish indulgence re television and food choices and as much of all that as I wanted. I have been invited somewhere I have not had a Xmas before and it is a family member and her partner, along with one other relative. I can not see how it could possibly be anything other than lovely (no small children around as in the past I have been exhausted by the monopoly they force on the room) so I am very much tempted to say yes.

I had my fair share of noisy Xmasses with frizzy hair and flushed face due to the time spent in the steamy kitchen and have yet to possess a memory of the ideal.... dressed in sparkle and sipping cocktails while everything just miraculously appears served hot and displayed to perfection.

It is time for me now, selfless for years but now enjoying a tiny bit of selfish.

OP posts:
BlackeyedSusan · 22/12/2019 22:49

Maybe not the one where Mil died. Or the one where mum was in hospital and ds was sick. Perhaps not the one where ex punched a light switch and we had to get a neighbour in to replace the switch.

Lowers the bar a bit. Good Christmas; nobody died and nobody is in hospital. Bonus points for no autistic nmeltdowns.

Diangled · 22/12/2019 22:52

I can also say that I’ve loved every Christmas , as a child, young adult and as a parent. DH & I are very fortunate that our families get along & that we are all generally relaxed folk.

We definitely don’t expect perfection, dinner delays, present chaos & searching for batteries are part of Christmas for us 🙈.

DH is terminally ill & I was worried it would be sad this year but I don’t think it will be. We’ll all have a moment I’m sure but pandemonium will soon take over!

MsAwesomeDragon · 22/12/2019 22:52

I loved all my childhood Christmases. I can see now how hard it was for my parents though, as they always hosted for elderly relatives, and often neighbours as well, including driving to collect these relatives.

My Christmases as an adult have been a bit of a mixed bag. As a young adult I had the one with no presents as I was traveling and they didn't arrive. I had the Christmas in Sydney where my friends and I had a BBQ then went to the beach (I was quite drunk as well). Then the Christmases with small children were exciting but exhausting, as they were so excited about their presents but overstimulated and irritable at the same time. Now one of my dc is an adult herself, and the other one is part the young child stage (she's 9 and this is the first year she doesn't believe in Santa). It's less exciting, but also less exhausting. We'll have a nice relaxing day, just the 4 of us, seeing extended family on Christmas Eve and boxing Day. We keep it simple, which seems to give us a lot less stress than friends who aim for the "perfect" Christmas.

Gertie75 · 22/12/2019 22:58

I love Christmas and to me they're perfect especially since having kids.

It's easy to worry though that they could be better especially with social media, I haven't got a large family or group of friends so see others out and about celebrating and do get a pang of jealousy, however I then read tons of posts on here about people who feel obliged to go out or to host and wish they could just be alone with their own little family like I do.

Whiskeylover45 · 23/12/2019 02:08

Last year was crap as my granny had died, I wasn't feeling it (only put the tree up for DS and DSD) and we went to the IL for xmas (probably outing but I don't care, I was in a foul mood prior to going over). Year before was really good, DS 1st xmas, and even though the IL came over it was nice. Year before that I was struggling to give up the cigarettes (6 months pregnant) and everyone was drunk except me. Year before was a good one. Before that I was with my ex where it was declared xmas day now took place on boxing day. For his grandkids. (Age gap) so yeah they're been good ones and bad. This year, now NC with IL, were hosting and having my family over. DSD coming up just after. So I'm anticipating it to be good :)

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