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Cheeky neighbours

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Pinot4me · 14/12/2019 16:17

Last night we went to a 50th birthday party. There was one of those picture boards of the birthday girl with lots of childhood pics along with snaps of fun times with friends, neighbours and family etc..
I think everyone at the party featured - some of the pics were great.
Imagine my surprise when one of the pics, taken in our ndn’s garden, last summer had all our garden furniture, bbq, patio heater etc in it.
It was taken at a do they had - we were invited but couldn’t attend as we were on holiday.
We always leave a front door key and alarm code with ndn (who are also good friends) just in case there is a problem.
Some of the items they ‘borrowed’ were in our garage. The only way to get in the garage (unless you have a key, which they didn’t) is to go in through the front door, unset the alarm and got through the internal door to the garage.
It transpires that they ‘didn’t think we’d mind’ and let themselves in and borrowed what they wanted. They then put it all back and didn’t say a word.
If they had asked, I really wouldn’t have minded but AIBU to feel pissed off and annoyed at their cheek?! I’m really pissed off! DH thinks I’m overreacting...

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Cloudyapples · 14/12/2019 16:18

very cheeky!


CuriousaboutSamphire · 14/12/2019 16:19

Ask your DH what he would have thought if anything had been lost or damaged... Would they have told you? Would they have replaced anything?


simplekindoflife · 14/12/2019 16:19

It is very cheeky but I think I'd let it go. Not something worth falling out over for me, especially neighbours.


misspiggy19 · 14/12/2019 16:20

I couldn’t trust them again after this. Makes you wonder what else have they been doing with your house whilst you have been away.


CallmeAngelina · 14/12/2019 16:22

That is SERIOUS Cheeky Fuckery!! Shock Angry


CuriousaboutSamphire · 14/12/2019 16:23

Oh .. change alarm codes and take your key back!


Reallynowdear · 14/12/2019 16:23

Let it go but change the locks, they have proved to you that they are untrustworthy.


WhoAmIToTellYou · 14/12/2019 16:24

Leaving the keys is not an invitation to take whatever they like in your house.
I wouldn’t perhaps say anything but definitely not be leaving keys and code with them anymore. They don’t have boundaries.


supercee · 14/12/2019 16:24

Ooft tres cheeky! Would they have minded if you had borrowed their stuff in the same manner and kept schtum? I think so! Call them out.


Pinot4me · 14/12/2019 16:25

Luckily nothing was damaged or broken... we never noticed it anyway...
it’s just tarnished things a bit but I think I will have to let it go. As someone said, it’s not worth falling out over. I won’t be leaving a key with them again though. Lesson learned!

OP posts:

biggles50 · 14/12/2019 16:25

I'd let it go, the last thing you want is a horrible atmosphere between you and the neighbours. That's not to say it isn't bloody rude though. They should have sent you a text asking.


cstaff · 14/12/2019 16:26

Very cheeky but very funny also.


Butchyrestingface · 14/12/2019 16:26

The only way to get in the garage (unless you have a key, which they didn’t) is to go in through the front door, unset the alarm and got through the internal door to the garage.

Don’t leave your key with them again.

And recount the spoons. 🥄


HeronLanyon · 14/12/2019 16:26

It is actually trespass - entering even if allowed and then doing things not allowed ! I think it’s really serious and shows dishonesty. I’d let it go. Get your keys back (I personally would change one) keep things civil but never trust them again.


Pinot4me · 14/12/2019 16:28

Supercee: they are the type of people that probably wouldn’t mind but I’m not the type of person who would ever do that without asking... I wouldn’t mind but we were in touch via WhatsApp when we were away anyway so they could have easily mentioned it. But didn’t. Odd behaviour really..

OP posts:

CuriousaboutSamphire · 14/12/2019 16:29

I'd let it go, the last thing you want is a horrible atmosphere between you and the neighbours

Such a pity the 'doers' never think of that. It is always the 'done to' that have to turn the other cheek!!


Pinot4me · 14/12/2019 16:30

Luckily we already have the key back as we only leave it if we’re away. Hadn’t thought about checking anything else lol...
I feel a bit creeped out now 😨

OP posts:

LaudableLaura · 14/12/2019 16:32

Super cheeky but I'm also kind of amused at the sheer gall of it and the way in which they were found out. You can dine out on this story, OP.


recrudescence · 14/12/2019 16:33

This story would have been more exciting if they had been wearing your clothes in those pictures.


Newgirls · 14/12/2019 16:34

No that’s v weird not to text and ask first.


billy1966 · 14/12/2019 16:34

Very sneaky and rude.
Definitely wouldn't trust them again.
They didn't tell you for good reason.


Pinot4me · 14/12/2019 16:35

Yes LL. None of the other neighbours have ever mentioned it... robs key felt awkward... weird how these things always get found out...
I have to admit I had to do a double take at the picture!!

OP posts:

Pinot4me · 14/12/2019 16:36

Lol recrud... now, that would have been shocking! 😂

OP posts:

Chickychickydodah · 14/12/2019 16:37

I would still change the locks in case they have copied the key, if they are capable of doing this once they could do it again . So rude 😡


SissySpacekAteMyHamster · 14/12/2019 16:40

Have they refilled your patio heater?

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