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To think we are turning into a one party state?

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TinMansBrain · 08/12/2019 19:12

It is unhealthy, in fact toxic, that we are likely to get another 5 - 10 years of the same party being in government.

I can't bear another decade of this party running everything to the ground. I can't bear to live through another decade of individualism. I'd like to see education and arts, culture and sports flourish once more. I'd like to see unity and hope among the people.

It's like we're living in reverse. We should be having cyclic governments, not one party rule, which seems to be the trend for this generation. I despair.

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


You have one vote. All votes are anonymous.

TheRightHonerable · 08/12/2019 19:14

Well if labour would get their act together maybe we wouldn’t have to 👍🏻


Butterisbest · 08/12/2019 19:16

Without an effective opposition then yes, we'll end up with a one party state.
Labour know what they have to do, beats me why they haven't done it already


HuntIdeas · 08/12/2019 19:16

Well if labour would get their act together maybe we wouldn’t have to

Completely agree. We just need a decent opposition with a decent leader and realistic plans


TinMansBrain · 08/12/2019 19:16

Would having Labour in for 5 years really be THAT bad? Do we really NEED another 5 years of more of the same from the conservatives?

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dementedma · 08/12/2019 19:16

One party state here in Scotland. SNP.They even vote en masse the same way at Westminster. No-one deviates from the party line. Cyber Nats are active on all social media. Its quite scary


TinMansBrain · 08/12/2019 19:17

@Butterisbest what do Labour know they need to do?

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Mysterian · 08/12/2019 19:17

Yup. I'd like to vote for Labour but they're Labour Xtreme at the moment(um).


BlueGingerale · 08/12/2019 19:18

It’s not just labour. It’s also first past the post which means labour really can’t get a majority in this election.

Which is what makes it a one party state.

And if Scotland leave the union then will probably never have a labour govt again.


Lightkeeper · 08/12/2019 19:20

We are. If the Tory win a majority and Labour doesn't change, we are effectively going to be a one party state.

Like China.

We're doing a repeat of 1930s Germany, really. They had the Great Depression, we had the GFC. Nationalistic sentiment followed, a few referenda that the Nazi party used to show the country/other parties that the population at large agreed with them... and the rest is history.


TinMansBrain · 08/12/2019 19:33

Would 5 years of a Labour (momentum) government be THAT bad though?

I can't envisage anything improving under this BJ government.

OP posts:

user1497207191 · 08/12/2019 19:37

Not that long ago, we had 13 consecutive years of Labour. But that was when they had the sense to vote in a moderate/electable leader. If Brown hadn't taken over, Labour would probably have won a fourth term with another moderate leader, perhaps David Milliband or Ed Balls - someone the general public could actually like. If Labour kick out Abott, O'Donell and Corbyn and bring in more popular/moderate front benchers, they'd easily win the GE in 5 years time. But that means getting rid of their Momentum paymasters.


MzPumpkinPie · 08/12/2019 19:52

David Milliband would have made a great PM.
The Labour Party needs more like him.
I feel so sorry for all of those MPs who have witnessed their party taken over by Corbyn and his momentum lynch mob.
I'm centre left, I can't vote for an extreme far left labour government.
He's a Marxist fgs!
Labour needs new blood and quickly to gain the trust of its supporters or should I say former supporters.
Boris is the best out of very bad bunch and it pains me to say that .


TinMansBrain · 08/12/2019 19:52

You're not wrong @user

OP posts:

Butterisbest · 08/12/2019 19:58

Yes I think they need to replace Jeremy Corbyn, he doesn't seem to be able to unite the Labour Party. I also think that the constant stories about anti Semitism within the LP from LP members are very damaging. I know some have said that it's all smears from the right wing press but it's gone too far to be dismissed as that any more.


MotherOfSoupDragons · 08/12/2019 20:00

Ed Balls as PM? You serious?


Jenpop234 · 08/12/2019 20:01

We live in a democratic country. People are free to vote for any of the other parties, but they don't because they're not worth voting for.


Butterisbest · 08/12/2019 20:01

I also think that the LP entered the road to ruin when they had the extremely divisive debate between Ed and David Miliband as leadership candidates. I've no idea how that could have been stopped though.


ArchieStar · 08/12/2019 20:03

I would happily vote labour if JC and his cretins were not in the party. I’d probably also be a loud voice for the Labour Party too and shout from the top of my roof how pro labour I am. But from what I’ve read, researched and heard (including something disturbing about Oldham which will surface in the near future) from reliable sources... I can’t do it. I know some would say that means I’m anti labour but I’m not. I’m anti him.


Butterisbest · 08/12/2019 20:04

Would 5 years of a Labour (momentum) government be THAT bad though?
Yes, because anyone with significant wealth and is able to, will leave immediately. People will pay up to about 40% tax, as soon as tax is set higher they leave, they always have. You can't take 50% tax from people that have left the country.


contentedsoul · 08/12/2019 20:05

They all talk bollocks, so whats it matter

None of them have stature, but they all have enormous egos.
Country's fucked, and they're all in it for themselves...regardless how gushing they come across.

The media runs the show in this country, wields the power to sway public opinion.

Them in Westminster are just the fucking puppets


AnalUnicorn · 08/12/2019 20:07

Would 5 years of a Labour (momentum) government be THAT bad though?

Yes. Yes it would.


Butterisbest · 08/12/2019 20:10

I think that this quote from Mark Twain is relevant here.
If voting made a difference they wouldn't let us do it.


Anotherthink · 08/12/2019 20:15

If the labour leader was accepted by the media and was scrutinised for genuine issues then things would be different.


SilverySurfer · 08/12/2019 20:17

Would having Labour in for 5 years really be THAT bad?

Yes it would be fucking awful and if Corbyn thinks he would get his hands on all the big money currently in this country, I can tell you that it would be moved offshore before he could even blink, thus rendering his policies completely unworkable.

I'm a Tory voter and as much as I loathe Labour, even I would prefer it if they had a decent leader and acted as an effective opposition party.


recrudescence · 08/12/2019 20:18

I don’t think you understand what the term ‘one party state’ actually means.

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