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To say 9.40pm is too late for week night cinema

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BuildBuildings · 26/11/2019 11:52

This so petty but its annoyed me. Me and my partner were talking just now about going to the cinema this evening (we have limitless passes) I said well xx film is on at stupid times so let's see y film. He said well what are stupid times?

The times are 4.30pm so before we finish work and 9.40pm. He said he'd looked and though they were all OK times. Then was just a bit of an awkward dick about it. AIBU to think 9.40pm is clearly too fucking late to see a film. Bearing in mind I start work at 8 am and have an hour commute. I'd also just said this morning that I'm feeling really knackered lately and wonder if some medication I'm on needs tweaking. I have various health issues none massively serious. The film probably wouldn't get out till 11.30 at the earliest, then we'd have to drive home.

I'm aware this is probably a non issue I just really hate it when he obviously doesn't think things through and then does that awkward I have no idea why this wouldn't work thing! I feel like it's something men do when you point out their stupidly.

Sorry rant over.

OP posts:

Seeline · 26/11/2019 11:56

Well I'm in bed at 10 most nights, so doubt whether I'd get to actually see the end of a film that didn't start until 9.40 Grin



AdoptedBumpkin · 26/11/2019 11:56

That does sound late for a week night.


ItsAPleasureSwingYouFuckNut · 26/11/2019 11:57

Well I am in bed for 9.40 on a week night so I will agree with you, OP!


virginpinkmartini · 26/11/2019 11:57

I guess you're not being unreasonable, but you're being over the top angry, name-calling (even if it is just here) and citing medical issues. He's got a different opinion what constitutes late. Everyones different, and it doesn't necessarily make him 'stupid'. Chill out.


ActualHornist · 26/11/2019 11:57

It’s late sure but I’d still go. 1130 isn’t that late but then I never go to bed much before midnight anyway.


LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett · 26/11/2019 11:58

I'm a night owl, so it's not too late for me to be out, but I'd hate the waste of the evening beforehand. If you're not planning to go for dinner or drinks first, what will you do? Just sit around till 9pm then go out? That would make me angsty.


AdoptedBumpkin · 26/11/2019 11:58

@Seeline Grin


BuildBuildings · 26/11/2019 11:59

For clarity I'm in bed by 10pm most nights. I wasn't citing medical issues, I'd said I was feel knackered and possibly why.

OP posts:

NewPapaGuinea · 26/11/2019 12:02

A 21:40 film won’t start until 22:00 either, so more like midnight finish


Crackerofdoom · 26/11/2019 12:05

I don't think your AIBU is about the cinema time, but that your DP doesn't respect that you would want to be in bed earlier on a weeknight.

I am a total early bird and am asleep by 9pm a lot (3 kids) so it would be far too late for me but DH never comes to bed before midnight so he would be fine.

However, he certainly wouldn't expect me to go with him on a weeknight to a film that late. I would feel physically ill the next day (DC3 gets up around 5am every morning)


greenlynx · 26/11/2019 12:07

I never in bed at 10 pm but it’s too late even imo. it could work for Friday or Saturday but not for other days. It will be at least 2 hours in a cinema plus travel plus some time at home “to settle”. I won’t be able to go straight to bed and fall asleep in 10 minutes after coming home so all these will make my bedtime really late.


churchandstate · 26/11/2019 12:22

It would have to be the film of the decade. I’d probably have gone out at 9.40 for The Fellowship of the Ring, but not for Wedding Crashers 2.


RedskyToNight · 26/11/2019 12:26

I wouldn't go to a 9.40pm film, but fully recognise that lots of people do. And if I really wanted to go the film, I'd put up with a one off later night.
Think your reaction was a bit extreme - pointing out it was too late for you would have been fine.


StreetwiseHercules · 26/11/2019 12:27

“ I feel like it's something men do when you point out their stupidly.”

Are your attitudes normally so sexist? head tilt


adaline · 26/11/2019 12:28

I don't think either of you is wrong.

As a one off, I'd go to see a film at 9.40pm if that was the only choice (which it is, as you're both at work for the earlier showing) but I wouldn't be annoyed if someone said it was too late for them.

But I don't think it's worth rowing over? You said it's too late - if he disagrees he can go on his own, or you can both go another time.


raffle · 26/11/2019 12:28

Have a little nap after dinner?


areyouafraidofthedark · 26/11/2019 12:29

As a one off I don't think it's that late.


Dementedmagpie · 26/11/2019 12:29

Although I generally go to bed around 11 or 11.30, I'm not sure I'd want to see a film midweek that was not likely to finish till at least 11.30. I'm surprised as would have thought most people wouldnt want to be out that late on a week night and wouldn't imagine it's that profitable for the cinema (but I stand to be corrected by people who work in cinemas and know more than me!)


BarbourellaTheCoatzilla · 26/11/2019 12:32

I think as a one off it’s fine but if you don’t want to go you don’t have to.

Are your attitudes normally so sexist? head tilt
I’d see a doctor about that head tilt, could be an inner ear infection.


adaline · 26/11/2019 12:32

I'm surprised as would have thought most people wouldnt want to be out that late on a week night and wouldn't imagine it's that profitable for the cinema

Not everyone works Monday-Friday though. My days off are pretty much always in the week so I'd rather go to a late showing on a Tuesday as opposed to a Saturday.


AgeLikeWine · 26/11/2019 12:33

9-40 is fine. That’s mid-evening for me. I rarely go to bed before 1 and get up at 8 on weekdays. I stay up late and have a lie in at weekends.


P1nkHeartLovesCake · 26/11/2019 12:34

I’m not seeing the problem, your an adult one late night really won’t hurt.

Ok so your up at 8am, and work all day Umm well that’s the same for many adults, if they never went out as it’s “too late” they would lead very boring lives indeed

Your rant about this is a bit over the top to be honest he asked you to a late film not to murder a cat


BuildBuildings · 26/11/2019 12:36

I'm up at 5.30 I start at 8am

OP posts:

woodchuck99 · 26/11/2019 12:36

It's a daft question as it really depends on what time you go to bed usually and on how much sleep you need. I usually get up at about 7:30 a.m. and that time would be fine for me as it would mean I wasn't in bed much later than usual. You obviously need to get up earlier so it may not be alright for you.


Scarlettpixie · 26/11/2019 12:37

It would be to late for me too as you won't be out until midnight. If it was really your only chance and you were desparate to see it at the cinema I might make an exception.

You appear to be over reacting a bit at his difference of opinion, (depending of course on how he is 'being a dick').

Can't you go and see it at the weekend?

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