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Came in to find 13 month old DS with baby oil lid off

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CathyandHeathcliff · 23/11/2019 09:03

It’s a child proof lid, but somehow he’d managed to get the lid off and had it in his mouth. Some of it was on the carpet. We’d only been out of the room a minute or two and he’d got it down from the shelf. I keep forgetting how tall he’s getting already.
I just did a quick google and there are stories about babies dying from this?! I just spoke to my DP and he says I’m overreacting.
He’s not been sick or anything, he’s fine in himself. I don’t even know if he swallowed any.

OP posts:
Treacletoots · 23/11/2019 09:05

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ForgotAboutThis · 23/11/2019 09:07

What a wonderfully helpful comment Treacle. Hmm

I'd call 111 and see what they say, I don't imagine he would have swallowed much, as its pretty gross. If it makes you feel any better my DS did this at 18 month old did this with a squirt bottle of car de-icer. Turned my back for a second and he had grabbed it and put it in his mouth. He was absolutely fine.

EleanorReally · 23/11/2019 09:11

put up higher shelves op, lockable cupboards.
as to the baby oil,
less worrying times here

RolytheRhino · 23/11/2019 09:17

Don't beat yourself up too much, OP. These things happen occasionally, mistakes are how we learn. I'm sure you won't let it happen again.

I'm also sure he'll be fine, but watch for signs of coughing, choking, and fever in the next 24 hours- if any of those emerge, straight to children's A and E because he may have breathed some in and that can be dangerous. Apparently if there are no symptoms within 24 hours he should be fine.

RolytheRhino · 23/11/2019 09:17
CathyandHeathcliff · 23/11/2019 09:41

@RolytheRhino That’s terrifying. What should I do? I’m feeling so awful that he got hold of it, plus it had the child lock on so I’m not sure how he got it off.

OP posts:
SunnyCoco · 23/11/2019 09:42

If you are worried, call 111 or take him to a decent pharmacist for advice x
Don't beat yourself up these things happen to us all x

CentralPerkMug · 23/11/2019 09:45

I would say it most likely wasn't closed properly tbh op. But anyway, no point dwelling, its done now. I really cannot see any harm being done given you don't even know if he drank any! I would still call 111 to put your mind at ease though and keep a close eye on him today.

Rainatnight · 23/11/2019 09:45

These things happen. Ignore Treacle. DP turned her back for a moment recently and turned back to find DS with a big handful of salt in his mouth. We googled and had had no idea it could be dangerous so we rang 111 who said take him to A&E to get him checked and he was fine. We’ll never make that mistake again!

Suggest you ring 111.

thefluffysideofgrey · 23/11/2019 09:48

I'd just clean up the mess and get on with he day.

It's baby oil. It's designed for babies. It'll be fine.

If any consolation my DS has managed to stuff finger fulls if metatanium in his face a few times. Daft little sod is fine!

youcancallmequeenE · 23/11/2019 09:53

Firstly. Fuck off @Treacletoots. The world does not need arseholes like you who think it's imperative to not turn your back for even a second. It's unrealistic and ridiculous so get off your high horse

@CathyandHeathcliff so sorry. What a mare! I think you should follow your gut instinct. Does it look like he's drank it? Just spilt it? I'd probably go down to the pharmacy if there's one locally if you think he's ok and wanted to put your mind at rest.

Have a think about your gut instinct. If you rang 111 and they told you to go to a&e and sit there for 6 hours would you feel that that was an overreaction? Or a suitable solution?

I ask because I think we all can panic and the answer of how we really feel is often held in the above. You should always follow your gut instinct xx

youcancallmequeenE · 23/11/2019 09:55

FWIW if I was in your situation and the bottle was half empty and looked like it had been drank I'd call 111. If it had just been split or a little Sip I likely wouldn't bother. I'd just give a drink to wash it down

CathyandHeathcliff · 23/11/2019 09:55

Thanks everyone, I just called 111 who said to keep an eye on him today and take him to A&E if he throws up a lot or is coughing/struggling to breathe. Today will be a stressful and anxious day!
I never thought baby oil could be such an issue.

He’s not coughed or thrown up since the incident. So I’m hoping that’s a good sign. My OH thinks if it had gone into his lungs he’d be coughing a lot and showing obvious signs of distress by now.
It happened about two hours ago.

OP posts:
CathyandHeathcliff · 23/11/2019 09:58

Oh and I’m not even sure how much was in the bottle to start with! It’s still pretty full. I’ve attached a couple of pics and the opening that he was sucking.

Came in to find 13 month old DS with baby oil lid off
Came in to find 13 month old DS with baby oil lid off
OP posts:
ScabbyBabby · 23/11/2019 10:01

If he had drank it, it would be in his mouth/throat, you would smell it at least- plus I’m imagine it doesn’t taste nice.

Just keep an eye on him. If you phone 111 you will definitely have to take him to a&e for observation.

If you are worried though do phone.

ScabbyBabby · 23/11/2019 10:02

Oh I take that last bit back, I’m surprised they didn’t cover their arses and tell you to take him in.

I’m sure he will be fine. Lesson learnt!

We’ve all been there.

NeedAnExpert · 23/11/2019 10:05

It's baby oil. It's designed for babies.

No, it’s designed to make money. As a mineral oil it’s absolutely terrible for skin. I use it to clean my car’s exhaust and nothing else.

Organic sunflower oil is best for baby skin. 🌱

Streamside · 23/11/2019 10:06

I can't imagine it tastes good so you probably don't need to worry.I've never really understood what baby oils for, it's pretty vile stuff. My 9 month almost hung on the back of a swivel chair once and I was in the same room.Risk assess your home but don't beat yourself up over this.

StreetwiseHercules · 23/11/2019 10:09

Treacle’s comment is a disgrace.

OP, these things happen, small kids are tricksy as feck.

Candymay · 23/11/2019 10:12

Don’t feel bad. These things happen. Have a restful day and try not to worry. Honestly = many many many more mishaps to come I’m afraid. We can’t watch our children every second. My baby fell out of his high chair. Unattended for a minute or so. About 18 months old. I felt terrible. He had the most awful bump on his head and we ran to A&E. all fine thank goodness but we still talk anout it Years later because I feel so guilty. But these things happen. Honestly not your fault.

Whatsername7 · 23/11/2019 10:18

This happened to us. Except it was acetone! Im sure I posted it on here. Anyway, it went over the floors and made a mess but dd was fine. Reasonably sure she didnt swallow any as it has a horrible taste. We called 111 and followed advice. Try not to panic. Flowers

cocoabasher · 23/11/2019 10:20

It's baby oil. It's designed for babies. It'll be fine.

Not to consume it isn't Hmm

cocoabasher · 23/11/2019 10:21

Your bottle has no label. Please don't have unlabelled bottles in the house. It's a risk in itself. Leave the labels on.

Bee29 · 23/11/2019 10:23

I am certain he will be fine. That stuff is generally pretty safe because it’s designed for baby. If he was to have a reaction you’d probably know by now but call the out of hours line.

Once my son took a rim block from the toilet whilst my back was turned. He put it in his mouth before I had chance to take it off him. I did ring for advice but he was fine. No ill effects.

But good luck cleaning up the oil. It’s awful stuff to clean up!

TheVanguardSix · 23/11/2019 10:24

Oh you poor thing, OP. We've all been there, apart from Pinterest Perfect treacle. It really takes seconds. You can leave the room to grab something, come back in and be totally surprised by situations like this.
Once they start walking, you just can't take your eyes off of them. But at the same time, it's nearly impossible to have all eyes on them ALL of the time.
High shelves, lockable cabinets, all that. And make sure your shelves, chests of drawers, all heavy furniture is secured to the walls. I've had climbers and even if you deter them from climbing, they can't be trusted.

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