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AIBU to think the conservatives changing their twitter to impersonate a fact check service

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berringer · 20/11/2019 21:59

During last night’s debate is awful and that Gove, Clevery and the others trying to defend it are utterly rank.

OP posts:
hettysdrawers · 20/11/2019 21:59

Absolutely not. It's beyond disgusting.


Cinammoncake · 20/11/2019 22:12

YANBU. Orwellian. Just really quite a disturbing turn of events.

winewolfhowls · 20/11/2019 22:13

I can't believe there isn't a bigger fuss being made of it

BillywilliamV · 20/11/2019 22:13

Says all there is to be said about the whole bloody lot of them, really!

MissMarpletheMurderer · 20/11/2019 22:14

I agree can't believe it's not the number one topic of conversation

FamilyOfAliens · 20/11/2019 22:15

Says all there is to be said about the whole bloody lot of them, really!

What do you mean by “the bloody lot of them”? It’s just the Conservatives who’ve done this, not any other party.

ArseDarkly · 20/11/2019 22:15

It's staggering that they have the immorality to do it and even more staggering that somehow everyone just carries on. At one time something like this would have have been a HUGE scandal that ended the careers of those involved. Now the media just moves on to the next thing...shocking corrupt times we live in.

RedSheep73 · 20/11/2019 22:18

Utterly awful. How they keep getting away with this stuff I do not know. Don't vote for them.

KenDodd · 20/11/2019 22:23

One thing I've learnt over the last few years is that politicians can lie with impunity. For all our bluster, the electorate don't punish liars at the ballot box. Politicians have also realised this and have become completely brazen with their lies. The other thing I've seen is that any penalties are completely toothless, for example, contempt of parliament, completely meaningless.

I've read that if you were a company selling a product, there is no way you could get away with lying the way politicians do when advertising said product. The law would not let you get away with it. This is so wrong politicians can lie as much as they want. I don't remember it ever being like this before 2016.

Cinammoncake · 20/11/2019 22:24

One thing I've learnt over the last few years is that politicians can lie with impunity
To be fair, those lies seem to have come from the Conservatives and Vote Leave sides?

Cinammoncake · 20/11/2019 22:25

At one time something like this would have have been a HUGE scandal that ended the careers of those involved

^this. I often look back wistfully at the David Mellor era

TheTruthAboutLove · 20/11/2019 22:26

Imagine the uproar in the Daily Mail had it been Labour that pulled this stunt....

Instead it got an article up for a few hours this morning that didn’t make it into a huge deal. It’s absolutely disgraceful what they did and they deserve a ban from the platform.

AskingQuestionsAllTheTime · 20/11/2019 22:26

I don't think not voting for them is enough. I am going to vote against them for this and the rest of the long series of dishonesties during the past two or three years. It's a question of finding out who has a chance to unseat the Tory (if they have any chance for the seat in your constituency) and voting for the person who can unseat them.

KenDodd · 20/11/2019 22:27

And not a single bit of punishment befell them. In fact they won and got what they wanted because of the lies.

EmmaGrundyForPM · 20/11/2019 22:27

YANBU. Its appalling but doesnt seem to have been covered in the mainstream media.

raskolnikova · 20/11/2019 22:28


Cinammoncake · 20/11/2019 22:29

Indeed KenDodd lies rewarded. So they think it worked and will carry on. It needs to be stopped. How is the hard question. Media accountability would be a good starting point.

KatyaK · 20/11/2019 22:30

YANBU, utterly disgraceful.

Halleli · 20/11/2019 22:32

Absolutely appalling. YANBU.

shalligoagain · 20/11/2019 22:33

YANBU and just imagine the media outcry if Labour had done this!

There'd be a public enquiry at the very least.

Win at all costs is their mantra, fuck everyone else.

ArseDarkly · 20/11/2019 22:33

Mainstream media is so busy drooling over the Andrew scandal they can't be bothered to hold the Tories to account for all their lies and conniving. Prince Andrew isn't going to be running the country ffs

KenDodd · 20/11/2019 22:35

Aaron Banks even admitted lying to voters in the referendum to MPs, completely unapologetic, practically called voters stupid for believing them. Dominic Cummings has said that according to all their research they wouldn't have won the referendum without the NHS lie. No shame at all about it.

Boris (and the others) know lying wins them votes and they have no price to pay afterwards. A Dominic Cummings master class if you ask me.

wijjjy · 20/11/2019 22:35

Labour do have their own fact checker twitter account.

The whole thing is just manufactured outrage.

Neolara · 20/11/2019 22:35

I think it's symptomatic of Johnson's leadership. When the head of the party lies with impunity and says that he will refuse to obey the law, it sends a clear message to the rest of the party that bending the law and behaving unethically / unlawfully is tolerated and even encouraged. Depressing. Whatever you thought of Theresa May, I can't imagine she would have sanctioned the "fact checking" ruse. Party culture comes down to leadership.

avocadoze · 20/11/2019 22:36

Yanbu. That was shameful behaviour.

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