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To ask what you do and what you earn?

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ChaiTeaChai · 16/11/2019 12:36

Apart from the fact I'm curious, making a career change. My heart is in midwifery but the pay is bad. I'm money motivated so know I could do something I'm less passionate about if it meant more money.

Currently doing an access course.

OP posts:
MadamShazam · 16/11/2019 16:58

To all my fellow nurses, how are you on such high salaries?? I'm a top band 5, 24 hours per week, and I bring home around £1,400 per month. More if I do more nights and weekends.

Scarlett555 · 16/11/2019 16:59

Digital Marketing Manager £48k

Disagree with the poster that says earning £50k in marketing is unusual, can easily be done in 2-3 years, especially if you do a CIM diploma.

Alwaysoverthinkingit34 · 16/11/2019 16:59

No degree
Started in call centre 12.5k a year 12 years ago
After 6 years I was on 16k doing same job just with annual pay rises. (Finance company)

Took 2 years out to study accounts HND but wired part time at night doing finance admin work getting nmw.

Got a financial assistant job after HND salary was 17.5

1 year later applied for internal training program (still in finance) 25k

Had to sit financial exams while working full time so after I got cii qualifications salary jumped to 32k working in financial compliance.

Not sure I can go any further now though unless I sit more financial exams. Financial advisers can make 100k a year though so if you like numbers... lol

whatcolourthough · 16/11/2019 16:59

80k team manager - housing association in the North.

Namenic · 16/11/2019 17:02

I recently moved out of healthcare (I found it too stressful) into tech sector.

Went from part-time to full time but reduced my commute. Total time doing work-related things has reduced slightly and pay packet (not pro-rata) is the same (maybe a bit higher now but pension probably not as good). It depends on your personality but nhs can be tough to work in due to stress, short-staffing, working hours.

Lex234 · 16/11/2019 17:02

Registered care home manager (qualified nurse plus post grad qual) 45k north west

Littlepeak34 · 16/11/2019 17:03

Chemical engineer £50k. 8 year post grad.

TryingToBeBold · 16/11/2019 17:04


Due to start my access course in September 2020so this is a great read for me.

I would say go into nursing maybe, and then do the conversation course to midwifery (can open up so many roles, such as neonatal also), BUT I am under the impression that the conversion course is being limited at only a small number of universities and is being phased out.

Maybe consider private work? I dont think anyone works for the NHS for the pay.
You would qualify as band 5 at 24k (from this year.. next year it is £24,900. After your preceptorship (up to 2 years after qualifying when all of your skills are ticked off), you go up to Band 6 (current pay £30k but £31,600 as of 2020)

To ask what you do and what you earn?
maudesid · 16/11/2019 17:10

Nursery manager £19,000 work full time in ratio with the children having to fit in all admin where I can (and there is a lot and a lot of responsibility for poor money!)

TryingToBeBold · 16/11/2019 17:10

Trying the photo again. Better quality hopefully.

To ask what you do and what you earn?
AskforJanice · 16/11/2019 17:12

Management Accountant, £45k.

I was on nearly £60k but I took a pay cut for this role as it’s based from home and hours are completely flexible. I feel very lucky to have something that works so well round the children

Omashu · 16/11/2019 17:15

Approx just 90k, with bonuses.

Just 90K yeah? 🙄

LynseyLou1982 · 16/11/2019 17:17

Lowly finance assistant at a university. No degree but a qualified Accounting Technician I'm on £26k

hula008 · 16/11/2019 17:19

To all my fellow nurses, how are you on such high salaries

Full time band 7 - inner London.

Kahlua4me · 16/11/2019 17:21

I run business with dh, on paper we don’t earn much but we live comfortably and the work/life balance is great.

I was a nurse before having dc and whilst I do miss the work and colleagues, I don’t miss the hours!

ch3rrycola · 16/11/2019 17:24

Cleaner full time 37.5hrs £277 a week

MsRomanoff · 16/11/2019 17:24

Just 90K yeah?

Yes it Just about reaches 90k.

Not 'only' 90k.

But we all now how mn loves to have a go at anyone who earns well and pick apart what they say.

user5656 · 16/11/2019 17:26

I am a housekeeper in a private residence. Me and DH are employed as a couple and we earn £30k each, our accommodation is also provided and all our bills are paid by our employer.

midsomermurderess · 16/11/2019 17:26

'You sound really envious'. Christ.

MissConductUS · 16/11/2019 17:28

I'm always shocked at how little nurses in the UK earn. Nursing salaries at least double in any major city in the US. You should all take the NCLEX and work here.

Inliverpool1 · 16/11/2019 17:29

Same in Australia, you’d be on $100,000 at least probably $150,000 as a nurse practitioner

FenellaVelour · 16/11/2019 17:32

Social worker £41k

BlackeyedSusan · 16/11/2019 17:32

Carer, minimum 35 hours per week, pay: £66.15

DerbyshireGirly · 16/11/2019 17:33

Admin, £25k per year. It's not a high wage but I'm only mid 20s, in a cheapish part of the country and it's enough to contribute to a reasonably comfortable life. I'll retrain in something higher paid one day but I'm still working out what I want to do "when I grow up".

MsRomanoff · 16/11/2019 17:34

Thread like this are usually just a excuse for (not so stealth) boasting and bashing those who "don't work hard" etc

This is such a pile of rubbish. If you dont want to read threads about someone wanting to know about jobs and earnings dont read.

My dp earns 25k, I dont think he needs to work harder. As I said, I fell I to this role. It suited my skills set, I worked hard on my career.

The whole social concept of 'oh dont mention how much you earn, actually damages people. Companies love it, because it keeps wages low. It especially damages women, who generally tend to not push for money in their roles, when they could.

This would all lessen if people sidnt get so arsey about threads like these. Talking about this, when the question has been asked in an anyomous forum is a good thing.

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