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To ask what you do and what you earn?

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ChaiTeaChai · 16/11/2019 12:36

Apart from the fact I'm curious, making a career change. My heart is in midwifery but the pay is bad. I'm money motivated so know I could do something I'm less passionate about if it meant more money.

Currently doing an access course.

OP posts:
charm8ed · 16/11/2019 13:26

I’m a self employed hone care assistant and earn £25 per hour.

charm8ed · 16/11/2019 13:26

Sorry I meant home

Nursing83 · 16/11/2019 13:28

I'm a Band 6 nurse work in childrens ITU so have done post degree qualifications in my specialist area. I often hold a rapid response team bleep and go to any emergencies across the hospital, I am also sometimes in charge of our ITU. I dont work full time but my FTE is £33587, I work a lot of nights and weekends so my pay is bumped up a bit. I've been nursing for 14 years most of those in ITU so I am very experienced.

BuffaloCauliflower · 16/11/2019 13:31

Mid level HR/Ops for smaller charity. £27,000 a year. Love it but hope to progress over time:

dalmatianmad · 16/11/2019 13:31

I'm a Band 6 A+E Sister, working full time nights I earn approx 39k a year.

HotChoc10 · 16/11/2019 13:35

PR, £43k.

heidbuttsupper · 16/11/2019 13:35

University administrator. 32k. No degree. Hoping to move further up the ladder.

justcly · 16/11/2019 13:35

@ Biggobyboo

I'm not sure what point you're trying to make but you sound really envious. If you're trying to call people liars, why not be direct? For obvious reasons, I am now not prepared to disclose my job or my salary.

Tink1990 · 16/11/2019 13:35

£22,000, admin in customer services. Don't know these days whether that is good or not!

Thehop · 16/11/2019 13:38

Early years practitioner in a nursery. 15 years experience, 40 years old and have a relevant degree.

Minimum wage. 😭

CottonSock · 16/11/2019 13:38

36k, but about 25k pro rata as 25 hours. Environmental manager. It's taken almost 20 years so not one to choose for money!

Snoopdogsbitch · 16/11/2019 13:41

No you can't ask- it's rude.

MsRomanoff · 16/11/2019 13:44

No you can't ask- it's rude.


Biggobyboo · 16/11/2019 13:46

justcly - this is Mumsnet, it’s full of liars and trolls. It’s an anonymous Internet forum where anybody can say anything.

I have a Master’s degree and I’m a qualified teacher who is fortunate enough to work part time. DH has a good salary but we don’t earn six figures between us. I’m really not envious - someone having a different opinion doesn’t make them jealous. Confused I would never want a “high powered” job making loads of money but obviously some people do and that’s also fine.

Have a perfectly nice, very comfortable lifestyle thanks - for all you know I could be a millionaire. Wink

dottiedodah · 16/11/2019 13:47

dalmatianmad Good choice of name BTW! Guess who Im named after! 39k is not great for F/T Night work .My friend earns about the same .Should be earning more IMO!

MsRomanoff · 16/11/2019 13:49

It's amazing isnt it.

Woman who do earn decent money ALSO go on mumsnet. Shock horror!

I would never want a “high powered” job making loads of money but obviously some people do and that’s also fine.
So if someone offered you or dh twice as much to do the same job, you do now you would say no?

And you are questioning how honest people are? Really?

Frequency · 16/11/2019 13:49

Trainee network technician £14.5k p/a rising to £25k p/a after completing two years training. I'll be job hunting shortly after completing training as most local companies pay between £28k p/a and £32k p/a for the same job.

I'm also doing a degree in web design. Local companies pay between £30k p/a and £50k p/a depending on experience for web engineers.

dottiedodah · 16/11/2019 13:49

TheHop Can you not change to a Teaching Post if you have a degree ? More money there surely

Biggobyboo · 16/11/2019 13:49

justcly - you can write your job and salary if you wish - your choice. I’m not accusing you of lying and nor have I singled out anybody by username.

But I do wonder how much of this is people either: making things up completely, embellishing the truth or enjoying basking in the superiority of earning a high salary?

BeThere · 16/11/2019 13:51

Marketing manager 58k

Biggobyboo · 16/11/2019 13:53

MsRomanoff - not sure what point you are trying to make.

No, I have no interest in having a very demanding job like being a City banker for example - even with a six figure salary. That type of work wouldn’t suit me personally and I have no wish to work in a corporate office.

Inliverpool1 · 16/11/2019 13:53

I wouldn’t say midwifes are badly paid, never going to make you rich but it could be far far worse

LoveB · 16/11/2019 13:53

I don't know much about it, but could you aim for private midwifery? Not working at private hospitals, but completely private, round here they seem to do lots of homebirths. They charge an awful lot! Although fairly I think.

goodwinter · 16/11/2019 13:53

Reporting analyst (title doesn't really match job description though!). £30k.

MyNewBearTotoro · 16/11/2019 13:55

Special Education Teacher - £31k

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