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To ask what you do and what you earn?

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ChaiTeaChai · 16/11/2019 12:36

Apart from the fact I'm curious, making a career change. My heart is in midwifery but the pay is bad. I'm money motivated so know I could do something I'm less passionate about if it meant more money.

Currently doing an access course.

OP posts:
Shuckle · 16/11/2019 13:55

Marketing Manager - 23k. Sounds low compared to a lot of people on here but as I live in the north east where wages and living costs are reasonably low (£300 a month mortgage on 2 bed house) my 23k stretches pretty far, can't complain Grin

Frequency · 16/11/2019 13:55

Part of the replies might be due to OP's wording. I'm also a p/t care worker on 15p per hour above NMW but didn't mention that in my reply because OP is looking for a well paid job so won't be remotely interested in the pay of or requirements to become a care assistant.

SimonJT · 16/11/2019 13:58

Investment actuary (department manager).

£80k basic part time salary, with bonuses available depending on how my team performs.

MsRomanoff · 16/11/2019 13:59

No, I have no interest in having a very demanding job like being a City banker for example - even with a six figure salary. That type of work wouldn’t suit me personally and I have no wish to work in a corporate office.
You said you wouldnt want a high powered job making loads of money.

My company has a head office but most of us work from home on site. I am expected to do 40 hours. No more. Sometimes I choose to, if ds is at his dads.

My point is that you would take a job earning loads of money if suited.

justcly · 16/11/2019 14:06

@ Biggobyboo:

Suggesting that people are lying isn't "having a different opinion". In fact, I'm struggling to understand how you can express a different opinion on someone's salary. You either accept that they are truthful, or you don't. It isn't a matter of opinion.

Biggobyboo · 16/11/2019 14:07

MsRomanoff - I’m quite happy doing what I’m doing thanks and I’m glad you are too.

Fortunately we don’t know each other in real life so it’s impossible for you to say what I would or would not choose. The glorious part about humans is that we are all different and would make different choices.

Plus my ex was a city banker and earned six figures and worked 70 hour weeks. Not for me thank you.

Biggobyboo · 16/11/2019 14:09

justcly - okay, well those are your thoughts. I have mine and your comments haven’t made me think differently about these kinds of posts. I still don’t think that everyone tells the truth. It’s the internet - hardly anything is real.

Once again - the beauty of humankind is that we don’t all have to think the same or agree with each other.

Biggobyboo · 16/11/2019 14:11

Anyway, off to get ready for real life now so logging off for the day in order to do fun things!

Enjoy the salary discussions! 😂

muddledmidget · 16/11/2019 14:11

Pharmacist, was employed for 42 hours a week and on £53k a year, now working as a locum so have complete flexibility and earning between £23 and £40 per hour

TwinMum89 · 16/11/2019 14:14

Lawyer. £51k

Washingfordays · 16/11/2019 14:14

Nurse 26k been qualified 3 years

AsMuchUseAsAMarzipanDildo · 16/11/2019 14:15

LoveB Private/Independent midwifery is currently possible (very rewarding, although little job security because the of insurance and NMC conditions - I think in 2017 they were suddenly told insurance wasn’t adequate and couldn’t practice for a year while it was ironed out). They charge a lot because their insurance premiums are extremely high - thousands of £ per birth.

NannyPear · 16/11/2019 14:28

Vet. £39k pro rata.

24hourshomeedderandcarer · 16/11/2019 14:28

carer to disabled children, i get income support and carers allowance £95 a week

sweetkitty · 16/11/2019 14:31

Teacher 40K if I was full time after our recent pay rise

Ginghamricecakes · 16/11/2019 14:34

I would say that 30k is a good wage, I live in the NW.
These threads make me think I'm loosing the plot.

I'm a teacher, and personally I'm chuffed with my salary, there's scope to keep on climbing if I choose to.
I've always thought teaching to be fairly paid, it's just that if you choose not to progress past UPS3, then it is stagnant - but even M6/ups is a good wage to me!

PrincessHoneysuckle · 16/11/2019 14:49

School dinner lady £200 per month 😊

Rosehip10 · 16/11/2019 14:51

Thread like this are usually just a excuse for (not so stealth) boasting and bashing those who "don't work hard" etc

Penners99 · 16/11/2019 15:07

IT Architect, contractor. Up to £3.5k per day

QuestionableMushroom · 16/11/2019 15:14

PT practice nurse, 3 days, £26k

peanutbutterkid · 16/11/2019 15:14

Business analyst in the NHS (band 7) so on about £37k.
Any numerate or computing degree is relevant, but many colleagues only have A-levels or even just BTECs.
I turn counts of people into numbers into charts, basically, and comment at meetings about whether the way we counted the people is meaningful.

Toddlerteaplease · 16/11/2019 15:15

Peadiatric nurse. Band 5. 30k

NoIDontWatchLoveIsland · 16/11/2019 15:19

£90k basic, £105-110k inc bonus in a typical year. Chartered accountant specialising in a particular technical area. Full time in London.

Progression wise, there are 2 rungs above me on the career ladder, and it takes around 8-10 years to get to my role. Starting salaries are around £30k, rising to £45-50k when you pass all your exams and are qualified.

Generally speaking, a good degree in a fairly academic subject from a well regarded university (ie one with high entry requirements) are the norm in my career path.

hopeishere · 16/11/2019 15:22

There's missing variables here like age and location.

I work in PR and earn about £60k and I am 49. Not in London.

NabooThatsWho · 16/11/2019 15:28

Community care assistant, £8.25 per hour. It’s fucking shite.
The only positive is the lovely clients....sorry, ‘service users’. Can’t have people thinking it’s a money making business now, can we? Hmm

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